Can Others Still See When You Delete a Snap from Your Story?

when you delete a snap from your story can others still see it
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We’ve all been there – you upload a Snap to your story, only to realize later that it might not have been the best idea. So, you decide to delete it. But here’s the big question: can others still see it even after you hit that delete button?

 In this article, we’re going to dive into this common Snapchat dilemma and give you the lowdown on what really happens.

What Happens When You Delete a Snap from Your Story

When you delete a Snap from your story, it’s like it almost never happened. 

Here’s what goes down:

1. Snap Disappears from Your Story

The good news is that the Snap you delete is gone from your story right away. 

Your friends and followers won’t see it there anymore, and it won’t be part of the chronological story sequence.

2. Friends Can’t See It, but…

Your friends won’t see the deleted Snap on your story feed. It’s like a magic trick – poof, and it’s gone for them. But wait, there’s a catch.

3. If They Already Saw It…

If your friends already saw the Snap before you hit delete, well, it’s a different story (pun intended). 

Deleting the Snap won’t make it vanish from their memory. They can still remember it, screenshot it, or chat about it.

4. Snapchat’s Memories

Snapchat has this cool feature called “Memories.” It’s like your personal archive of Snaps and stories. 

If someone saw your Snap and it’s in their Memories before you delete it, they can still access it. 

Your delete button can’t wipe their memories clean.

5. Group Chats Keep the Secret

If you posted the Snap in a group chat, and then you delete it from your story, the Snap will stay in the group chat. 

So, everyone in that chat can still see it. It’s like a secret club with a secret handshake.

6. Public Stories

If your story is public (viewable by anyone, not just friends), and someone already saw your Snap, they can still see it even after you delete it. 

It’s like a digital time machine.

7. Private Stories Are More Secure

Private stories are a bit safer. If you delete a Snap from a private story, it should disappear for everyone who viewed it. No digital time machine here.

When you delete a snap from your story can others still see it?

When you delete a Snap from your story on Snapchat, it will no longer be visible to others who haven’t already seen it. 

However, if someone had already viewed the Snap before you deleted it, they may still have access to it. It’s important to note that once a Snap is in someone’s 

Memories or if it was part of a group chat, it may still be accessible to them even after deletion from your story. 

So, while deleting a Snap removes it from your public story, it doesn’t erase it from the memories of those who have already seen it or saved it in some way.

FAQs on when you delete a snap from your story can others still see it

Can I see who viewed my story before I deleted the Snap?

Yes, you can see who viewed your story before you deleted the Snap. Just tap on your story and swipe up to view the list of viewers.

Can I remove a Snap from someone’s Memories?

No, once a Snap is in someone’s Memories, you can’t remove it. It’s there to stay, even if you delete it from your story.

Can I delete a Snap from a group chat?

You can’t delete a Snap from a group chat once it’s sent. It’s in there for everyone to see.


So, there you have it. When you delete a Snap from your story, it disappears for most people, but not for everyone. It’s a bit like cleaning up digital footprints, but some footprints can still be found if you know where to look.

Your friends will not be able to see it again, even if they have already seen it once. However, it is important to keep in mind that if a friend has taken a screenshot of the snap before you delete it, they will still be able to view it. 

It is also important to be aware that if you have deleted a snap from your story, but you have not yet cleared your Snapchat cache, the snap may still be temporarily stored on your device.

Remember, the best way to keep something truly private on Snapchat is to be careful about what you post in the first place. Once it’s out there, even the delete button can’t always save the day.


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