How to Draw Charizard: Fantasy Creature Artistry


Charizard is the final evolution of Charmander, the salamander-like starter Pokemon. The majestic fire-breathing dragon has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its awe-inspiring appearance and powerful attacks.

Learn how to draw Charizard from Pokemon with this step-by-step guide to draw yours immediately.

How to Draw Charizard: A Step-by-Step Guide

To draw a Charizard, take the steps below:

  • Outline the Body: Start by lightly sketching the basic shapes of the Charizard’s body, including the head, neck, torso, limbs, and wings.
  • Refine the Head: Draw the eyes, nostrils, and mouth, adding details like the jagged teeth and curved horns.
  • Define the Limbs: Shape the arms and legs, adding muscles and claws for a powerful look.
  • Construct the Wings: Draw the wings, using smooth curves and sharp angles to convey their leathery texture.
  • Tail and Flame: Add the long, tapering tail and the iconic flame at its tip, making it dynamic and fiery.
  • Details and Shading: Enhance the drawing with details like scales, wrinkles, and shading to create depth and realism.
  • Outlining and Inking: Once satisfied with the sketch, carefully outline the drawing with a darker pencil or ink.
  • Erasing and Refining: Erase any remaining light pencil marks and refine the lines for a clean and polished look.
  • Coloring: Bring Charizard to life with vibrant colors, using traditional mediums like paints or markers or digital tools.
  • Final Touches: Add highlights and shadows to enhance the three-dimensionality of the drawing.

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What is Charizard’s role in the Pokemon anime?

One of the most prominent roles of Charizard in the anime is as Ash Ketchum’s loyal companion and powerful Pokémon. Charizard is also notable for its ability to undergo Mega Evolution, a temporary transformation that enhances its power and abilities.

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What are some effective ways to color Charizard?

Here are some effective ways to color Charizard:

  1. Use a variety of orange, yellow, and red shades to capture the intensity of Charizard’s flames.
  2. Use a gradient to create a sense of depth.
  3. Use a black wash to add shadows.
  4. Use a white gel pen to add highlights.
  5. Use a variety of textures to create interest.
  6. Use a reference image to help you choose the right colors.
  7. Use a variety of mediums to color Charizard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to practice drawing Charizard?

Start by drawing simple shapes and gradually progress to more complex details. Use reference images to capture Charizard’s proportions and features accurately.

How can I make my Charizard drawing stand out?

Experiment with different poses, expressions, and backgrounds to bring a unique personality to your Charizard. Add dynamic elements like smoke or sparks to enhance the visual impact.

How do I make Charizard’s tail look dynamic and fiery?

Use a variety of line weights and shading techniques to create a sense of movement and fiery glow.


Drawing Charizard requires careful attention to detail, from its imposing wings to its jagged horns and powerful tail. By following the step-by-step guide and practicing regularly, you can bring Charizard to life.



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