DHL Exception Meaning and How to Respond As An eCommerce Store

dhl exception meaning

As a customer or seller, have you ever had a product you put out for delivery take longer than expected to arrive? We refer to that as an exceptional delivery. So, in this article, we will discuss the DHL exception meaning.

An exception occurs when a shipment or load encounters an unforeseen situation that may change the day of delivery.

Address omission, package damage, and failure to obtain a signature are a few examples of exceptions.

Although the length of delivery exceptions varies, it is feasible for them to continue to be an issue for several days.

To avoid a negative consumer reaction, it is obviously in your best advantage to handle the exception as soon as you can.

Let’s know about the DHL delivery exception meaning in more detail.

What is the Meaning of the DHL Delivery Exception?

When a shipping business modifies the delivery date because of an unplanned event or circumstance, this is known as a delivery exception.

When this happens, a notification advising the customer that their order has experienced an unforeseen delay is sent.

Delivery exceptions can occasionally be attributed to shipping errors, but they are typically caused by a recipient’s absence, delays at customs, or unfavorable weather.

Regardless of the root cause, eCommerce businesses need to have a system in place to handle shipping exceptions.

Although they are unintentional and bothersome, you must ensure that your customers are not harmed.

Learn more about the many delivery exceptions you may experience, how the major carriers handle them, and how you should handle them by reading on.

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How and Why Do Delivery Exceptions Occur?

Delivery exceptions are inevitable whether you’re working with FedEx, USPS, or another service.

In reality, delivery exceptions impact 11% of all shipments. Of course, since the outbreak, shipment delays have greatly increased.

Despite the increasing revenues of e-commerce enterprises over the previous year, fewer orders are being delivered on time.

Regardless of the cause of the delivery exception, the customer will surely become irate if their anticipated delivery is missed or if they receive a delayed package.

The customer might then get in touch with the retailer, or company, or post a complaint on social media, none of which are good for your brand.

Does DHL Delivery Exception Mean I Won’t Get My Package?

An exemption to delivery policy does not always imply that a shipment won’t arrive at all.

Despite one or more anomalies, DHL deliveries are typically delivered in the end.

It can indicate a delay in the delivery of your package.

If and when the package is delivered will depend significantly on the kind of exception and how many exceptions there are.

DHL makes it a priority to ensure that all packages are delivered on time, although they are occasionally unable to do so for all shipments.

If you discover an anomaly, keep an eye on the tracking data or even get in touch with DHL to ask if they know when the problem will be fixed and when you may expect to receive the shipment.

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How to Respond to DHL Exceptions

Not to worry. There are remedies even if the exception leads to a delivery being delayed, returned, or lost.

Speak with the Carrier

DHL will be able to inform you of the circumstances surrounding the requirement for the delivery exception notice, the location of the goods, and any potential problems.

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Reach out to the client

Inform the customer of the current status of the package. If the address label is the issue, be sure to collect the right delivery information so DHL can deliver the product to the right place.

Refund the customer or resend the package

Inform the consumer that you can send them a refund or another shipment if the package was lost, damaged, or returned.

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FAQs – DHL Exception Meaning

What should I do if I receive a DHL exception notification?

If you receive a DHL exception notification, contact the sender and provide them with the details of the exception, so they can take steps to resolve the issue.

How long can a package be in DHL exception status?

The length of time a package can be in exception status varies depending on the type of exception that occurred. In most cases, they will resolve the issue and deliver the package within a few days.

What steps can I take to prevent DHL exceptions?

To prevent DHL exceptions, be sure to provide accurate shipping information, double-check that the address on the package is correct, and be aware of any customs requirements for the destination country.


You want things to arrive as soon and safely as possible when you need to order anything or ship something to someone else.

The majority of the numerous shipping firms and carriers offer remarkably comparable services.

German logistics firm DHL provides services to more than 200 nations.

Many online and eCommerce stores utilize DHL because it is quick, dependable, and inexpensive, also it specializes in international shipping.

Like any other carrier, DHL may encounter issues, which could delay the delivery of your shipment.

Among these is a situation known as a delivery exception.



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