Does Gas Stations Sell Dry Ice? 10 Places

do gas stations sell dry ice
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The solid form of carbon dioxide is called dry ice. Do gas stations sell dry ice? Because CO2 sublimates is directly from the solid state to the gas state, and does not have a liquid state at normal atmospheric pressure, it is frequently used for short-term refrigeration.

It serves primarily as a cooling agent, but fog machines in theaters use it to create dramatic effects. Its benefits include a lower freezing point than water ice and the absence of residue (aside from incidental frost from atmospheric moisture).

When mechanical cooling is not an option, it can be used to preserve frozen foods like ice cream.

What are Dry Ice?


Carbon dioxide solids are frozen to -109 degrees to create dry ice, which requires cautious handling because it can cause frostbite. It bubbles like a witches brew and produces a spooky fog effect when added to liquids.

Do Gas Stations Sell Dry Ice? 10 Places

Both business and household uses exist for dry ice. While it can also be used to create smokey aesthetic effects, store medications, and mix specialized cocktail cocktails, consumers most frequently use dry ice to preserve and display frozen items in open containers.

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Even yet, it isn’t a need for daily life. Since dry ice won’t sell quickly, convenience stores and supermarkets can’t stock up too much of it.

You can’t just purchase it from any nearby store. If you require dry ice, we advise going to the following 10 Places where you can easily buy dry ice:

Petroleum Refineries and Convenience Stores

For dry ice, the majority of consumers would go directly to big-box stores. But contrary to popular assumption, many gas stations and convenience stores genuinely have dry ice in some places.

Do Gas Stations Sell Dry Ice? Below are a few places you can buy dry ice.

#1. Speedway

In 34 states, Speedway has more than 3,900 locations. You can fill up your automobile while shopping for necessities at its convenience stores, which frequently contain gas stations.

We appreciate Speedway’s wide range of merchandise. You can buy everything from little nibbles to unusual products like sacks of dry ice.

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#2. Sheetz

There are more than 660 Sheetz stores countrywide, with more than 290 of them in Pennsylvania. It is the perfect place to stop on a road trip because most of its locations contain gas stations, convenience stores, and deli bars.

Additionally, Sheetz offers its goods at reasonable pricing. For instance, it sells dry ice in one-pound bags for $2.00, while most convenience stores charge $3.00 for them.

#3. 7-Eleven

One of the largest chains of convenience stores worldwide is the 7-Eleven. You can find one of its 9,500+ outlets practically anywhere in the United States because they are spread throughout 37 states.

Unfortunately, not all stores stock the same items. But based on customer feedback, larger shops in busy cities are more likely to carry dry ice.

#4. Supermarkets

Go straight to big-box stores if you need to buy dry ice in large quantities or at a discount. Although stores may stock up on different items, national businesses typically work to keep a consistent inventory.

#5. Walmart

One of the biggest grocery store chains in the US is Walmart. You won’t have trouble finding a nearby location because it has a sizable supercenter in every state but Hawaii.

Walmart sells a variety of dry ice brands. Our study, however, indicates that the cheapest one is priced at about $1.80 per pound. Read more: Where Can I Cash in Coins For Free (Or Cheap)

#6. Costco

There are more than 800 Costco locations in 46 states. You must have a membership card to shop, however you may bring up to two visitors with you on one trip.

Dry ice is not available at every Costco location. If there aren’t many branches close to you, we advise phoning before going.

#7. Fresh Foods

There are more than 500 Whole Foods stores in the US. For anybody seeking organic, natural food products, it serves as the go-to location.

It’s true that $4.00 is a hefty price to pay for a pound of dry ice. But keep in mind that Whole Foods largely serves the upper middle class, so you may anticipate that its products will cost a little more.

#8. Kroger

There are 2,800+ Kroger outlets throughout 35 states. The company sells a wide selection of reasonably priced natural food products, the majority of which are self-produced.

No, it’s not as well-known as Walmart. However, we appreciate that it offers one of the most affordable dry ice products available.

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#9. Giant Food

There are 150+ Giant Food outlets in five states. Although it has fewer locations than the other businesses on this list, it nonetheless offers a wide selection of goods.

Dry ice isn’t available at every Giant Food location. On the other hand, several shops in busy regions sell them for a relatively high yet fair price.

#10. Hy-Vee

280+ sites in eight Midwestern states make up the employee-owned retail network known as Hy-Vee. It takes great satisfaction in its friendly, approachable customer service staff.

You will probably come across at least one Hy-Vee supermarket if you reside in or travel to the Midwest. Dry ice is sold in a lot of sizable places.

Where to Find Dry Ice in Store Sections

Either in the frozen food aisle or next to the store exit, establishments keep their dry ice. There is a unique container just for dry ice that you may find.

Before removing them from their coolers, make a request for help. Some shops forbid consumers from handling dry ice themselves because of safety concerns.

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Frequently Used Dry Ice Brands

Most customers don’t buy dry ice based on brand preference. Most likely, especially if you’ve already been to a few stores, you’ll grab the first bag or block you see.

Having said that, you might come across several well-known brands while shopping. Expect to find the following dry ice brands at a number of locations, even though businesses carry a variety of item brands:

  • Brico
  • Chemical Mie
  • Ice Techni
  • Thermafreeze

Frequently Asked Questions on Do Gas Stations Sell Dry Ice

Is dry ice costly?

Although the price of dry ice is often determined by weight, it varies from shop to retailer. The cost per pound often ranges from $1 to $3. On large purchases, some merchants additionally provide discounts.

Who purchases dry ice and why?

Dry ice can be used to solidify oil spills, flash-freeze food or biological samples in a lab, carbonate beverages, manufacture ice cream, halt ice sculptures and ice walls from melting, and carbonate beverages.

How much is dry ice per kilogram?

Only $10 per kilo applies to orders of 5 kg or more.

How long can dry ice stay?

How Long Is Dry Ice’s Lifespan? The size of the brick you have and how you’re storing it will affect how this turns out. Dry ice lasts for 18 to 24 hours in a cooler based on a whole, five-pound block (that is unbroken, not broken up). Dry ice should remain functional for up to 45 minutes in fluids and for roughly 3 to 5 hours outside.


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