Is Home Depot Open On Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and gratitude for our nation’s heroes, often marks the unofficial start of summer in the United States. As families and friends gather to celebrate, many also look forward to tackling home improvement projects. In this article, we’ll explore whether Home Depot, the renowned home improvement retailer, keeps its doors open on Memorial Day, helping you plan your holiday projects seamlessly.”

Is Home Depot Open On Memorial Day?

Home Depot is usually open on Memorial Day. However, it’s a good idea to check their specific hours of operation for Memorial Day, as they may vary by location or year.

Working Hours For Home Depot On Memorial Day 

Home Depot usually runs the normal time of 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Memorial Day. 

Does Home Depot Online Orders Ship On Memorial Day?

Home Depot does offer online ordering and shipping services on Memorial Day, but it’s essential to consider that shipping times may be affected due to the holiday. You can place an online order, but delivery times and order processing may experience delays, as some shipping carriers might have modified schedules on holidays like Memorial Day. It’s a good practice to check Home Depot’s website or contact their customer service for specific details on shipping during the Memorial Day holiday.

Does Home Depot Have Any Memorial Day Sales Or Promotions?

Home Depot often runs Memorial Day sales and promotions, offering discounts on a wide range of home improvement products and appliances. These sales can include deals on outdoor furniture, grills, gardening supplies, and more, making it a popular time for homeowners to shop for their summer projects. To find out about the specific Memorial Day sales and promotions for this year, you can visit the Home Depot website, check their local ads, or inquire at your nearest Home Depot store. They usually announce and advertise these promotions in advance of the holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Home Depot open on Memorial Day?

Yes, Home Depot is open on Memorial Day. However, it’s advisable to check the specific hours for your local Home Depot, as they may vary by location and year.

Are there any Memorial Day sales at Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot often runs Memorial Day sales and promotions. These sales can include discounts on various home improvement products, outdoor items, and gardening supplies.

Can I place online orders with Home Depot on Memorial Day?

Yes, you can place online orders on Memorial Day. However, please be aware that shipping and delivery times may be affected due to the holiday, so expect potential delays.

Do Home Depot rental services operate on Memorial Day?

Home Depot’s rental services, such as tool and equipment rentals, are typically available on Memorial Day. 

Are Home Depot garden centers open on Memorial Day?

Yes, Home Depot’s garden centers are usually open on Memorial Day, making it a convenient time to shop for plants, flowers, and gardening supplies.

Do Home Depot online orders for curbside pickup work on Memorial Day?

Yes, Home Depot often offers curbside pickup for online orders, even on Memorial Day. Check with your local store for details on curbside pickup hours.


Home Depot typically remains open on Memorial Day, offering a convenient opportunity for shoppers to tackle their home improvement and gardening projects during the holiday. They often provide Memorial Day sales and promotions, though specifics may vary, and online ordering and curbside pickup options are available. 


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