How Much Are Build-A-Bear? Daily Update

how much are build a bears
how much are build a bears

Build-A-Bear Workshop stands as a beacon of creativity and imagination. For years, families and individuals have flocked to their stores to create their personalized furry friends. However, one common question prevails: How much does a Build-A-Bear actually cost?

In this daily update, we will lead you into the latest pricing trends and special offers, ensuring that you can embark on your Build-A-Bear adventure fully informed.

How Much Are Build-A-Bear?

Build-A-Bear stuffed animals are priced between $10 and $25, offering a range of customizable options. These bears, made by customers themselves, can be dressed up and personalized with various accessories. While the basic bear comes with a small red heart inside, additional items like clothing and accessories are available for purchase separately.

Sometimes, most stores offer special deals, including free outfits or accessories with specific purchases. The stuffed animals come in various characters, making the experience truly unique for every customer.

What is the Cost of Build-A-Bear Clothes And Accessories?

The cost of Build-A-Bear clothing and accessories varies, ranging from $3 to $50. Basic items like brushes, sunglasses, visors, and bows are more affordable, starting at $3. Full outfits are priced between $15 to $40, while larger accessories such as furniture, skates, and wagons can cost $50 or more.

It’s important to note that specific accessories might only be available seasonally or with certain character releases. Prices depend on the complexity and size of the accessory chosen.

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How Much Does it Cost to Add a Scent to Build-a-Bear?

Adding a scent to your Build-A-Bear stuffed animal costs an additional $3. This feature allows customers to personalize their bears by choosing from a variety of scent options.

The scents are provided in the form of plastic pieces shaped like different objects. Customers can select their desired scent type and place the corresponding plastic piece inside the bear during the stuffing process.

While adding a scent is not mandatory, it serves as an optional feature for all Build-A-Bear customers, enhancing the uniqueness and personal touch of their stuffed animals.

Are the Prices the Same Everywhere?

Build-A-Bear prices are consistent across most of their stores. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

While they might offer limited edition animals and accessories, these can be pricier than those found in regular stores, although sometimes basic options are available at a more affordable rate.

Additionally, there’s a Build-A-Bear shop in Disney Springs that provides a broader selection of animals and exclusive Disney licensed accessories.

In this store, prices are higher compared to other outlets due to the specialized offerings. These exceptions aside, prices for stuffed animals and accessories tend to be relatively uniform across their standard retail locations.

Are They Cheaper Online?

The website offers a wide array of bears and accessories on their website, often at more affordable prices than in physical stores. Throughout the year, the website features special deals and discounted online pricing, usually aligning with holidays and specific occasions. Additionally, there’s a dedicated clearance section on the website where customers can discover reduced-price Build-A-Bear stuffed animals and accessories.

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How much do basic Build-A-Bear stuffed animals cost?

Basic Build-A-Bear stuffed animals typically range in price from $10 to $25, depending on the specific bear and any additional features.

Do Build-A-Bear stores offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes, Build-A-Bear stores occasionally run promotions, especially on specific days of the week. These promotions can include discounts on certain bears, clothing, or accessories.

Is there an additional cost for stuffing the Build-A-Bear animal?

No, there is no extra charge for stuffing the animal.


By keeping an eye on these daily updates and promotions, you can plan your visit strategically, ensuring you get the most adorable companion without breaking the bank. Remember, prices can fluctuate based on location and ongoing promotions, so always check with your local Build-A-Bear Workshop for the most accurate pricing information.



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