How Much Does A Tanning Bed Cost? (20 Examples)

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Tanning is the process of darkening skin with sun exposure. Some people find it so appealing that they opt for artificial methods to get the tan. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and tanning beds are available to cater to this demand.

If you find yourself heading to the tanning salon quite often, you may want to consider purchasing a tanning bed.

Keep reading to find out how much different tanning beds cost.

What Is A Tanning Bed?

A tanning bed, commonly referred to as a sunbed, is a device that simulates the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays to give users an artificial tan. Although some modern versions exclusively generate UVA, the usual tanning bed emits 95% UVA and only 5% UVB. Manufacturers have developed several filters that appear to block UVB rays and make the beds safer because UVB rays are thought to be harmful.

UV lamps or bulbs are used to create UV radiation. They cause melanin to be produced more quickly than it would in the sun, giving your skin its golden hue.

Typically, a tanning bed has 10 to 15 bulbs attached beneath the bed. Each of these bulbs needs 100–200 watts of electricity to illuminate. To control the amount of current passing through the bulbs, a choke ballast inductor is attached inside each one. The bulb begins emitting a significant quantity of UV radiation, including UVA and UVB, as soon as the current is turned on.

What Is A Tanning Bed Used For?

A tanning bed is a machine that produces UV radiation to tan (darken) people’s skin. If someone spends too much time in the tanning bed, it can potentially burn their skin, much like the sun. There are many different types of tanning beds.

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How Much Does A Tanning Bed Cost?

Prices for indoor tanning beds can range from around $2,000 to well over $6,000. The number of bulbs, design, and optional features will all have an impact on the final price.

Whether it is a business or domestic tanning bed will also affect the cost. The more frequently used the tanning bed is, the better it is to go down the commercial route.

The lights in a residential or home tanning bed will quickly burn out if they are used more frequently than is recommended.

If you prefer a tan that develops very quickly, a commercial bed will usually take 10 to 15 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes for a domestic bed.

Overall, the cost of the tanning bed you choose ought to make sense given how much use it will receive.

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How Much Does Tanning Cost? (20 Examples)

A basic tan that lasts between 7 and 20 minutes often costs $7 to $25 for a single session at a nearby tanning parlor. If the tanning bed is more expensive, the cost can be greater.

Tanning salons may charge by the month, which permits you to tan as often as you like, or by the bulk minute bundle, which requires you to renew when your minutes are used up. The cost of using a tanning bed monthly might be anything from $20 to $125.Most people spend between $20 and $55 each month on average.

Tanning beds can often be found at gyms as well.  Some franchises, such as Planet Fitness, may include it in its memberships, other gyms, such as Anytime Fitness, may charge an additional $20 per month, but this all depends on the gym’s owner as each one is independently owned.

1. Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bed in Black With Face Tanning – 110V

Solar Storm 24S Home Tanning Bed In Black With Face Tanning – 110V

The Solar Storm 24S is priced at $2,495. This black device is made with a lot of strength and durability.

For an at-home tanning bed, having 24 lamps is very typical. You’ll see that adding face tanning is a rather common feature in these at-home models.

In the Solar Storm 24S, the full tanning process should only take you approximately 20 minutes, while you could finish in as little as 15 minutes if you wish to take into account the additional power bulbs.

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2. ESB Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed for Home Use

ESB Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed For Home Use

For a 20-minute at-home tan, the Galaxy 18 Tanning Bed will deliver 1,800 hours of watts of electricity. Of course, you could use this model to tan people for a living, but it is more effective as a unit for use at home.

For individuals on a tight budget, the ESB Galaxy 18 is a wise option. You will pay $1,849 for this model because it is a little smaller.

3. The ProSun Renuvaskin S420 Stand-Up Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

The ProSun Renuvaskin S420 Stand Up Red Light Therapy Tanning Bed

These Red Light Therapy tanning beds cost $7,299 and have all the features you could want. If you enjoy all the extra features associated with red light treatment, you can use the Renuvaskin in a professional setting. Standing tanning beds are another option in addition to conventional tanning beds where you can lie down.

4. ESB Solar Wave 16L

ESB Solar Wave 16L

The ESB Solar Wave is one of the most economical at-home tanning options, costing $1,899 overall. The ESB Solar Wave is not only a more cost-effective choice, but it is also relatively inexpensive to operate.

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5. ESB Avalon 24

ESB Avalon 24

The ESB Avalon 24 costs $2,849. This model will cost somewhat less than the Avalon 32 Tanning bed and is in the middle of the price range.

There is some excellent bulb technology to take into account with the Avalon 24. In addition to the four pink and blue face/arm body swirl lamps, there will be eight pink and blue swirl lamps.

6. Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe

Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe

The total cost of the Wolff Sunfire is $2,195. Given its capabilities and ideal size for home use, this is a fantastic choice to consider acquiring.

The Wolff Sunfire 16 Deluxe has a cooling fan available to users so they may regulate the temperature.

7. Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 32-Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed

It will cost a little under $3,000 to purchase the Solar Storm 32 Lamp 110V Home Tanning Bed.

This device, which has 32 separate bulbs placed in thoughtfully chosen positions to encourage a more equal tan, costs $2,999.

8. SunFire 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed

SunFire 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed

The Sunfire 24 Deluxe Home tanning bed is priced at $2,499.Despite the fact that this costs a bit less than some of the other products on the market, bear in mind that the 24 light is often a little less costly.

Because this particular type just needs to operate and maintain the 24 lights, the cost will stay cheaper over time.

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9. Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed (SL16B) – 110V

The Wolff Sunfire 16 Basic Home Tanning Bed is priced at $2,095.You can tell from some of the other options on the list that this is one of the more economical options you will find for a tanning bed for home use.

10. ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed – 110V

ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed – 110V

The price of the ESB Avalon 32 Tanning Bed is $3,500. The price is a little higher for a residential model than for certain other variants available.

11. ProSun 32 110V Home Tanning Bed

ProSun 32 110V Home Tanning Bed

With a price of $3700, the ProSun Jade is a more expensive model of tanning bed. The ProSun is fantastic since you receive an effective tan and an attractive machine for the money you pay.

12. Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth – 220V

Solar Storm 36ST Commercial Tanning Booth – 220V

If you want to employ really advanced technology, go no further than a professional tanning booth. A professional tanning booth and a home tanning bed are slightly different in terms of power and cost.

You must be assured that you will use this model regularly enough to make the $4,999 investment in a personal at-home tanning salon worthwhile.

13. Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed With Face Tanning – 110V

Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed With Face Tanning – 110V

The cost of the Solar Storm 32S Residential Tanning Bed is $3,000. For the 32S size tanning bed intended for home use, this is standard.

When other systems appear to err on the side of skipping this region a little, you will discover that Solar Storm 32S does a fantastic job with the face tan.

14. ProSun Onyx 2 32 SLI

ProSun Onyx 2 32 SLI

ProSun Onyx, priced at $4,299., is another expensive residential model. This type costs extra because of its elegant design and the fact that it is thought of as a commercial tanning bed.

You are welcome to purchase one of these gadgets for use at home notwithstanding the commercial branding. Simply said, they need to be configured correctly.

15. ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy

ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy

It will cost $1,800 to purchase the ProSun Renuvaskin 12V Portable Bed Red Light Therapy.

This model is perfect for individuals who want a tanning experience that is quite comparable to one in a conventional bed but also offers a lighter sensation and a little more movement.

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16. ProSun High, Intense Level V3, Standing Tanning Booth

ProSun High, Intense Level V3, Standing Tanning Booth

The high-intensity commercial tanning booth shown here costs $7,500 and is made by ProSun.

17. ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

ProSun Onyx Level 1 32

The ProSun Onyx Level 1 is a commercial tanning bed that costs $2,799 to purchase. As this is an older ProSun model, you might still have time to find a new one.

Despite being built quite similarly to the residential versions, the Onyx has a little shorter tanning time.

ProSun is a well-known brand in the industry for creating high-quality goods that are built to last for many years.

18. Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth

Solar Storm 48 ST Commercial Tanning Booth

Another commercial tanning bed is the Solar Storm 48 ST, which costs $7,000.

Even while you could consider it to be among the market’s greatest options in terms of practicality and appearance, it is undoubtedly an expensive purchase.

Because it makes use of more sophisticated, quick, and technologically advanced equipment, this design will stand out in salons that see a lot of clients.

19. Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed

Costing $3,295 is the Solar Storm 32C Commercial 220 Volt Tanning Bed. Although this is one of the smaller units you are likely to find for commercial usage, the price will be on the lower end for buying a tanning bed.

The Solar Storm comes in three distinct colors, and one of its amazing features even includes face tanning.

20. ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed

ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed

The ESB Galaxy 14 Tanning Bed, which costs $1,499, is one of the most affordable at-home tanning alternatives on the market.

With the Galaxy, a quick 20-minute tan may be obtained at home. The device is powerful and easy to use.

Is It Worth Buying Your Tanning Bed?

Whether it’s worth buying your tanning bed depends on various factors, including your tanning habits, budget, and health considerations. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Buying Your Tanning Bed:

  1. Convenience: Owning a tanning bed allows you to tan at your convenience, without having to schedule appointments at a tanning salon or deal with wait times.
  2. Cost Savings: Over time, owning your tanning bed can be cost-effective if you tan frequently. You’ll avoid paying for individual tanning sessions at a salon.
  3. Privacy: Some people prefer tanning in the privacy of their own homes rather than in a public setting.
  4. Consistency: You can control the type and strength of the bulbs used in your tanning bed, ensuring a consistent experience.

Cons of Buying Your Tanning Bed:

  1. High Initial Cost: Tanning beds can be expensive to purchase, and you’ll also need to consider installation costs and maintenance.
  2. Space Requirements: Tanning beds can be quite large, so you’ll need adequate space in your home to set one up.
  3. Health Risks: Tanning beds emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can increase the risk of skin cancer and other skin conditions. Using a tanning bed without proper precautions can be dangerous.
  4. Maintenance and Upkeep: Tanning beds require regular maintenance, including changing bulbs, cleaning, and ensuring safety features are functioning correctly.
  5. Limited Variety: Home tanning beds typically offer limited options in terms of bed types and bulb strengths compared to professional salons.

FAQs On Tanning Beds

Are Tanning Beds Safe?

Tanning beds emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can damage your skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. They are not considered safe, and their use is associated with health risks.

Is Indoor Tanning Safer Than Outdoor Tanning?

No, indoor tanning is not safer than outdoor tanning. In fact, some studies suggest that indoor tanning may be even more harmful because it exposes users to concentrated UV radiation in a short amount of time.

What Are Some Alternatives to Tanning Beds?

Safer alternatives to tanning beds include self-tanning lotions, spray tans, and bronzing makeup products. These can provide a tan without the risk of UV radiation exposure.

How Can I Protect My Skin While Using a Tanning Bed?

If you choose to use a tanning bed despite the risks, you should wear protective eyewear, follow the recommended exposure times, and avoid overexposure. Regularly check your skin for unusual moles or changes and see a dermatologist for skin exams.


If you are wondering whether it is wise to invest in a tanning bed or not, it is imperative to understand your requirements and monthly tanning salon costs. In case you visit a tanning salon regularly to get a smooth and evenly tanned look, you might benefit in the long run by buying a tanning bed.  


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