How Tall is Moana? Details on Disney Princess Height

how tall is moana

So, you’re curious about how tall Moana is, huh? Awesome! Get ready, because we’re diving deep—not into the ocean, but into the heights of our fave Disney princesses!

From Moana to Elsa, we’re going on a fun, height-checking adventure. It’s going to be so cool, you won’t need a telescope to see it! Sit tight and let’s catch this wave together!

How tall is Moana?

Moana is the fearless islander and Wayfinder from the Disney movie of the same name. Now, let’s get to the point: How tall is she?

Drumroll, please… Moana isn’t real, so her height can be tricky to pin down. But, in the realm of animated characters, she’s designed to be a teen with realistic proportions.

Fan estimates put her at about 5’7″, making her one of the taller Disney princesses! So, while she might not be as tall as the coconut trees in Motunui, she definitely stands tall in spirit.

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What is Moana’s weight?

Like her height, Moana’s weight is a bit of a mystery since she’s an animated character and not a real person. Disney doesn’t release official stats on their characters’ weights, but Moana was designed to have a more athletic, realistic body type compared to other Disney princesses.

She’s got the build of someone who could realistically paddle across the ocean and take on a lava monster! So while we might not have a number, we know she’s strong, fit, and ready for adventure!

Is Moana 16 years old?

Yep, you got it! Moana is 16 years old in the movie. This teen Wayfinder sets out on a daring mission to save her island, proving age is just a number when you’ve got courage and determination!

She joins the ranks of other 16-year-old Disney princesses like Ariel and Aurora. What makes Moana special, though, is her passion for both her people and her own self-discovery.

She may be young, but her spirit is as vast as the ocean she sails. So, 16 and sensational? You bet! See more info: How Old is Moana? Information on the Character’s Age

How tall is Maui from Moana?

Maui, the shape-shifting demigod from Moana, is one tall dude! Since he’s an animated character, his height isn’t officially listed, but fans estimate he’s a towering figure, probably around 7 feet tall! That’s like, one and a half Moanas!

His larger-than-life height matches his big personality and even bigger adventures. Whether he’s pulling up islands or singing about being a hero, Maui’s height adds to his awe-factor.

So next time you watch Moana, just remember: Maui is tall enough to touch the sky!

How tall is Elsa in Moana?

Hold on! Elsa in Moana? Now, that’s a crossover we’d love to see! But let’s set the record straight: Elsa is from “Frozen,” not “Moana.” Now, if you’re wondering how tall Elsa is, fans estimate she’s around 5’7″, similar to Moana.

Though these two awesome princesses never actually meet in their movies, can you imagine if they did? Two strong, independent leaders each with their own unique powers!

They may share a similar height, but their adventures are worlds apart—one in icy Arendelle and the other in sunny Motunui!


How old is the real Moana?

Actually, the Moana we know from Disney isn’t a real person. She’s inspired by Polynesian myths and legends, so there’s no “real” age for her. She’s forever 16 in the movie world!

Why is Moana age restricted?

Moana isn’t age-restricted; it’s a family-friendly Disney film rated PG. The rating is for “peril, some scary images, and brief thematic elements,” but it’s generally suitable for all ages.

Is Moana a tall tale?

Moana isn’t a tall tale in the traditional sense, like Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed. But it is a fictional story inspired by Polynesian myths, filled with larger-than-life adventures and characters!


And there you have it, folks! Moana stands tall—not just in height but in bravery and spirit, too. From her island of Motunui to the big screen, she’s a towering figure in more ways than one. So next time you’re watching Moana’s epic journey, you’ll know just how tall this adventurous princess really is!



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