What is Rothy’s Washing Instructions | 5 Simple Guidelines to Follow

rothys washing instructions

Rothy’s shoes have taken the fashion world by storm with their sustainable, stylish, and comfortable designs. However, maintaining the quality of these unique shoes requires special care.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the What is Rothy’s Washing Instructions and provide you with five straightforward guidelines to ensure your Rothy’s remain in pristine condition.

Whether you’re a long-time Rothy’s enthusiast or a newcomer, these tips will help you keep your shoes looking as good as new.

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1. Ensure you Understand Rothy’s Materials

When it comes to caring for your Rothy’s, understanding the materials they’re made from is crucial. Rothy’s shoes are crafted from recycled plastic bottles and marine plastic, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. This unique material, known as RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), is durable and easy to clean.

2. Always Be Gentle During Washing and Cleaning

To maintain the vibrant colors and structure of your Rothy’s, it’s essential to clean them gently. Follow these steps for proper cleaning:

  • Fill a basin with lukewarm water.
  • Add a mild detergent.
  • Gently scrub the shoes with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • Allow them to air dry naturally.

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3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When cleaning your Rothy’s, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. These can damage the fabric and cause discoloration. Stick to mild, eco-friendly detergents to ensure your shoes stay in top condition.

4. Handling Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains can be a common issue with shoes. Here’s how to tackle them effectively:

  • Mix a solution of water and mild detergent.
  • Apply the mixture to the stain and gently rub with a soft cloth.
  • Rinse and air dry.

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5. Ensure You Store Properly

Storing your Rothy’s correctly is essential for maintaining their shape and preventing odors. Follow these storage tips:

  • Allow your shoes to air dry completely before storing them.
  • Use shoe trees or shoe shapers to maintain their shape.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my Rothy’s?

You should clean your Rothy’s as needed. If they’re visibly dirty or stained, it’s time for a cleaning. Otherwise, a gentle wipe-down after each wear can help maintain their appearance.

Can I machine wash my Rothy’s?

It’s not recommended to machine wash Rothy’s, as the agitation can damage the fabric and sole. Stick to hand washing for the best results.

Are Rothy’s suitable for outdoor activities?

Rothy’s are designed as casual and everyday shoes. While they are comfortable and versatile, they may not be the best choice for rigorous outdoor activities.

Can I use a fabric protector on my Rothy’s?

Yes, using a fabric protector designed for eco-friendly materials can help repel stains and keep your Rothy’s looking cleaner for longer.

How can I prevent odors in my Rothy’s?

To prevent odors, make sure your shoes are completely dry before storing them. You can also use odor-absorbing insoles or shoe deodorizers.

Can I recycle my old Rothy’s?

Yes, Rothy’s offers a recycling program where you can send back your old shoes, and they will be recycled into new pairs. It’s a great way to continue their sustainability efforts.


Caring for your Rothy’s is a simple yet essential task to ensure they remain stylish and comfortable for years to come.

By following the Wha is Rothys Washing Instructions and these five easy guidelines, you can preserve the quality and appearance of your Rothy’s while contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Enjoy the comfort and eco-friendliness of your Rothy’s with the confidence that they will always look their best.



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