What Do Guys Like to Be Called? (Top 25 Names)

what do guys like to be called
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What do guys like to be called? Whether you’re in a relationship with a guy or just beginning wooing and flirting, you might be wondering what nicknames and pet names guys like to be called.

Knowing what to call your spouse or a man-friend might be difficult at times. You want to show them exactly the perfect amount of dedication without insulting them or making them feel like you’re not being real.

They may even develop a general distaste for a few words or phrases. Fortunately, there are a few slang terms and nicknames that you can use to address your boyfriend or male friend. Here are the top 25 names guys like to be called.

What Do Guys Like to Be Called

No matter how deep into a relationship you are, you never want to call him by the wrong nickname.

Perhaps you choose one too soon or in a way that makes him uncomfortable.

You must therefore be aware of the names that men prefer to go by and when it is appropriate to use them.

There are countless opportunities. Simply choose the option that works best for your guy and your present romantic situation.

#1. Bae

Although this moniker appears to be a condensed form of “babe,” it actually has a nicer connotation.

Its meaning, “before anything else,” is unavoidably alluring.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it because it gained popularity thanks to social media.

Girls began referring to their boyfriends as bae, and it appears that the guys don’t mind.

#2. Charmer

If you want to bolster your guy’s ego while you’re still flirting and nothing has been done on either side of the field, you can call him a charmer.

It implies to him that he is a skilled flirt and that his pick-up lines are effective.

His confidence will increase as a result, and he will be even more motivated to win you over.

#3. Cutie

Do guys even enjoy the term “cutie”? Is it not just for women?

Although it varies from guy to guy, the truth is that we all desire to be praised for our appearance or behavior. It is true.

Therefore, don’t hold back from calling your partner cute when he does anything nice and kind while you’re by yourself.

#4. Darling/Dear

If the two of you are already dating, this one would be better.

In that instance, one word, darling or dear, might convey tender love and caring.

Given that you don’t use this word frequently, it implies that you value him.

A guy will understand that he plays a significant role in your life when he notices that he is the only one you use this pet name for.

#5. Gorgeous

The term “gorgeous” fits in this category as well. It’s not just for girls and will boost your guy’s self-esteem (as long as you say it in private, of course).

He is reminded of your desire for him to be aware of how nice he looks.

But occasionally men would rather not be called this because they find it uncomfortable.

If that’s the case, just refrain from using this nickname for him.

#6. Good-Looking

Everyone enjoys it when someone compliments their appearance, especially if getting ready takes a little longer than normal.

Guys adore it too, despite the fact that they might not confess it.

So, when you compliment him on his appearance, you are both telling him that you think he is attractive and flirting with him.

He appeals to you, and you want him to know it. He will also feel good about himself at the same time.

#7. Champ

What does it mean to a man to be called a champ? Let’s put it this way, shall we?

Men enjoy chasing and competing, and the victor is referred to as the champion. So, by referring to him in this way, you are letting him know that he is the one who has won YOU.

Is the price any lower? Obviously not!

So you’ve accomplished two goals by referring to him as your champ.

#8. Boy

If you and your partner are just starting your romantic relationship, this pet name would be more fitting.

Even though you’re single, you want to give him a non-intrusive nickname that will make him feel more attracted to you.

Boy is a fantastic option in this. He feels more significant and like YOUR boy when you address him in this way.

And if you are his girl, then he is your boy. I assume that’s how things operate. Checkout this: How Tall is Trippie Redd? Everything About the Rapper

#9. My King

This one might sound corny, but that just makes it cuter and funnier. When your boyfriend hears you call him “my hero,” he will feel fantastic!

When her spouse has just saved her from harm or has just accomplished something noteworthy, this is what a girlfriend might remark.

Since few people can honestly claim to have a personal hero, you could even call him “my real life king.”

#10. Big Man

Guys prefer to feel powerful and tough, as we all know. He appreciates it when he serves as a deterrent for you. He gains the kind of authority that all men crave.

Because of this, calling him a huge guy is a safe bet. Enhancing his ego and self-assurance is a simple step.

#11. My Angel

Consider this. Angels stand for ideal beings and are a symbol of excellence and purity. This can give your partner the impression that he is great in your eyes if you use it.

Calling him by this nickname will let him know that you value him for all that he is, even though he is aware that he is far from perfect.

#12. Sweetie

Guys also enjoy the moniker “sweetie,” despite their attempts to make it seem as though it has little significance.

This one lets him know that you admire him and that you are filled with all the most tender feelings for him.

#13. Sunshine

Use a beautiful nickname like “sunshine” to show your appreciation for the guy who always makes you feel good about yourself and is there for you.

You’re telling him that he means as much to you as the Sun does to the Earth by doing this.

#14. One and Only

He wants reassurance that the woman of his dreams won’t leave him and that there is no need for him to be concerned.

One and only is undoubtedly one of the most genuine nicknames for a guy you can use.

#15. My Love

Calling him love, my love, or even mi amor in Spanish or mon amour in French can instantly ignite that flame in his eyes.

By giving him a sweet nickname that is anything but corny, you are expressing your love for him.

This one works better in a committed relationship when both of you are certain that you have fallen in love.

#16. Honey

This endearing moniker is ideal for couples who are clear about their relationship’s status.

When you see your partner as a nice and compassionate person and can’t help but love him for it, you’ll use this pet name for him.

#17. Hubby

The term “hubby” is one of the slang terms that has gained popularity in recent years.

It was once only intended for use by married couples, although people have been utilizing it since the initial stages of dating.

With this nickname, your guy will think you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

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#18. Hottie

Still curious about what guys like to be called? Another nickname that’s perfect for boys is hottie (also known as hot stuff or hot thing).

It conveys a clear message to your guy and is brief and easy to read.

Again, we all enjoy being viewed as desirable and appealing. Particularly by that one unique person we genuinely like.

#19. Stud

If your partner is a strong, manly man, he will feel more seductive when using this. It may be overused and perhaps considered a cliché, yet it still works!

One of the possible pet names with the most masculine connotations, but fear not—it’s also good for you! A stud is a man who draws a lot of female attention, and is likely the most well-known name on our list.

#20. Sexy

If you want to make him feel like a rock star, don’t be scared to use the word “sexy”! Being termed “sexy” is the highest form of flattery because it takes the focus off of his appearance.

This is a powerful way to convey your confidence in him and your admiration for him. When someone describes your partner as “sexy,” he feels like the most seductive thing in existence.

#21. Pumpkin

Use this endearing name while you’re snuggling up to your partner. It all comes down to wanting to be close and comfortable with one another. When you two meet up, I can give you this one!

When we initially start dating and have only been on one date, it can seem like things are moving too rapidly. But don’t worry—you can use nicknames like “pumpkin.”

#22. Tiger

Because “tiger” is such a strong nickname, your spouse will feel unique and gratified when you call him by that moniker. You can use the nickname “tiger” for him to show how proud you are of him.

It is a great title to use if he has finished a large project, won a significant competition, or accomplished something comparable. When you express your pride in him and refer to him as “tiger,” he will feel as though he can take on the world.

#23. Badboy

Badboy is the best illustration of this. When he next goes above and above to assist you, try telling him this. It will melt his heart! You are simply stating that he is being courteous to you, not disparaging him in any manner.

Call him that while you’re having fun with him alone, especially when you’re enjoying “sexy time,” to make it more exciting. Read More: How Big is 5 Inches? 6 Items with Accurate Measurement.

#24. My Boo, or Boo

When a couple is truly in love, they often call each other by their pet names. It is used to convey feelings of love and affection. Boo is another word for “baby,” and it’s not just for the spooky holiday, of course!

You can start using “boo” straight away, whether or not you’ve been dating for a while. On a first date, this is a great way to express your affection.

#25. Honeybuns

For a boy, the nickname “honey buns” is just too cute. It doesn’t matter that it has a long name. If you simply adore him and think he is the nicest thing in the world, you can call your mate “honey buns”.

It’s a way of letting him know how much you admire his attractive physique.

Frequently Asked Questions on What do Guys Like to Be Called

What other name do guys prefer to hear instead of cute?

The “tougher” descriptors gorgeous, babe, or huge guy may be preferred by a man. The word “cute” could make him feel undesirable. A man who is self-conscious about his appearance may feel that he lacks the rugged or macho image that society values in other men.

How should I address my lover?

It’s common to call your significant other by nicknames like bae, baby, my darling, boo, sweetheart, etc. while you’re in a relationship. It turns out that these pet names might actually be a really crucial aspect of your relationship, even though, okay, some of them might sound goofy.

What term describes being attractive to men?

Traditionally, the word “handsome” is used to describe a handsome guy.

Can a man be addressed as babe?

According to Sullivan, “the word babe has highly adaptable qualities.” Any gender can use it, and S.O.’s and friends alike frequently do. When addressing a spouse by name is insufficient to fully convey your feelings, we utilize this phrase. Its context determines whether or not its use has a romantic connotation.

In Conclusion to What do Guys Like to be Called

Still unsure of what guys like to be called?

The best course of action is to ask your partner directly how he would feel if you called him by a particular nickname.

Maybe some of these nicknames were used by his previous girlfriend. If that’s the case, he probably won’t appreciate you using the same nickname for him.

Additionally, if you want to be certain that you won’t get a bad reaction after using a nice nickname, be sure to try it out first when the two of you are alone and in private.

When friends are present, a guy may likely seem as though he doesn’t like the term even though he actually likes because men generally don’t like to appear weak.

Whatever it is, after you pick a name that suits your boyfriend, he might even grow to enjoy adorable nicknames if you start using them. Hope this was helpful!


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