What Does Shipped Mean? Fully Explained

what does shipped mean

What does shipped mean? One of the most important steps in the online shopping process is shipping. You’ve probably seen this word countless times, but what exactly does it mean when an item is “shipped”?

Let’s break it down and explore the shipping process in online retail.

What does shipped mean?

Shipped means that the seller has given your package to a courier. It’s the second step in the logistics process, which starts with order processing. During this step, the seller prepares your item for shipping and attaches the necessary labels.

After that, they send it to a courier like UPS, FedEx, or USPS. The courier then takes your package to your address, either directly or through last-mile delivery.

This final stage involves getting the package to a local facility or postal office near you, from where it’s delivered to your doorstep. Shipping is a crucial part of the logistics process.

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What does it mean when your order is out for delivery?

When your order is “out for delivery,” it means your package has reached a shipping transit location near your address and has been loaded onto a truck for final delivery.

This stage indicates that your package will arrive later on the same day. While shipping encompasses the entire journey from the seller to your location, “out for delivery” specifically refers to the phase where the package gets closer to your home, ensuring its timely arrival.

Is shipped the same as delivered?

“Shipped” and “delivered” are not the same. When your order status changes from “processing” to “shipped,” it means the package has left the seller’s location and is in transit to your address.

On the other hand, “delivered” signifies that the courier has successfully brought the package to your door, completing the shipping process.

So, the transition from “shipping” or “out for delivery” to “delivered” indicates that your package has reached your house and is in your possession.

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What does in transit mean?

“In transit” refers to the movement of someone or something from one location to another. When a package is in transit, it is in the process of being moved from one point, such as a warehouse or distribution center, to its final destination, which could be the customer’s home address.

Various package delivery services like UPS and FedEx use similar terms to denote this stage in the shipping process.

It typically means that the cargo has been loaded onto a vehicle, such as a truck, and is en route from the terminal to its ultimate delivery location. Companies use these terms to inform customers about the package’s status and its progress in the shipping journey.

What is the difference between in transit and out for delivery?

The key difference between “in transit” and “out for delivery” lies in their tracking statuses during the shipping process.

“In transit” indicates that your package is currently en route to its destination. It could be at one of the courier company’s depots, possibly awaiting the next scan, and may not necessarily be on a moving delivery vehicle at that moment.

On the other hand, “out for delivery” represents the final stage of the delivery process. It signifies that the package is on the last leg of its journey and is typically the status update generated by the final processing facility or local post office just before the delivery truck arrives at the recipient’s address.

This status indicates that your package is very close to being delivered.

What does it mean when your order has been shipped?

When you receive a notification that your order has been shipped, it doesn’t mean the item is already at your doorstep. There’s a process that precedes shipping, starting with order processing.

This step can take time, especially if the seller is handling numerous orders or creating custom-made items. Order processing includes production (if necessary) and payment verification.

Once the product is ready, the seller packages it and labels it for shipping. At this point, your order status changes to “shipped.” However, this signifies that the seller has transferred the package to a courier, who is now responsible for transporting it to your location. In essence, it’s on its way to you.

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How long does shipping take?

The duration of shipping can vary based on factors like the type of business, the item being shipped, the chosen shipping service, and the customer’s location.

Typically, standard shipping can take anywhere from a day to a week to reach its destination. Larger items may require more time.

In essence, the shipping duration is influenced by the shipping method selected and the time it takes for the item to be processed and delivered to the customer’s address.


How long does it take to deliver from shipped?

Delivery times vary widely depending on the shipping method you choose. It can range from 1 to 8 business days for domestic USPS delivery.

Is shipped the same as delivery?

No, “shipped” means the package is in transit, while “delivery” indicates it has reached its destination and been delivered to the recipient.

Does shipped mean dispatched?

Yes, “shipped” and “dispatched” are often used interchangeably in the context of sending items or products to their destination. They both imply the process of sending something out.


Understanding what “shipped” means is crucial for online shoppers. It marks the beginning of a product’s journey from seller to buyer, with several stages involved before it’s finally delivered.



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