Why do Titans Eat Humans? Major Reasons 

why do titans eat humans
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If you’ve watched the popular anime and manga series “Attack on Titan,” then you would have pondered why titans eat humans. In fact, the series will make you question its essence. 

The show’s central mystery revolves around these monstrous creatures devouring humans. 

In this article, we will explore the major reasons behind this gruesome behavior and explore this captivating series.

Why Do Titans Eat Humans? | Major Reasons

These are the major reasons why titans eat humans.

Survival Instincts

One of the primary reasons Titans eat humans in the world of Attack on Titan is tied to their survival instincts. Titans are depicted as mysterious, grotesque beings with an unquenchable hunger for human flesh. 

This hunger drives them to seek out and consume humans, presumably to sustain themselves.

Lack of Digestive System

Interestingly, the Titans in the series lack a proper digestive system. This peculiar anatomical feature raises questions about whether they consume humans for nourishment or if there’s another motive behind their actions. 

The absence of a digestive system suggests that titans don’t derive sustenance from their grisly meals.

Drive to Find Shapeshifting Titans

Another intriguing aspect of the narrative is the notion that Titans aim to consume specific humans with the ability to transform into Titans. This adds a layer of complexity to their motives. It is suggested that Titans hope to find these shapeshifters among the human population.

The Search for Freedom

Attack on Titan introduces the concept that Titans are humans who have been transformed through a mysterious process. 

Some fans speculate that Titans may consume humans in an attempt to regain their lost humanity or freedom. This theme adds depth to the story’s exploration of identity and the struggle for liberation.

Connection to Eren Yeager

The series’ protagonist, Eren Yeager, possesses the ability to transform into a Titan. This connection between Eren and the Titans plays a crucial role in the overarching plot.

Titans’ interest in consuming Eren raises questions about the origins of Titans and the mysteries of their existence.

A Bizarre Curse

Attack on Titan hints at a curse linked to the powers of the Titans. This curse could explain the relentless drive of Titans to consume humans. 

While the specifics of this curse remain shrouded in mystery, it adds an element of tragedy to the Titans’ actions.

A Larger Conspiracy

As the series progresses, viewers are exposed to a complex web of political and conspiratorial intrigue. The motives behind Titans’ actions become increasingly enigmatic, with hints of hidden agendas and power struggles within the world of “Attack on Titan.”

FAQs on Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

Can Titan’s attacks be reasoned with?

In the series, titans are typically portrayed as mindless creatures who act solely on impulse. Most efforts to reason with them have proved fruitless. Attempts to reason with them have been largely unsuccessful.

Do the Titans in the series have emotions?

The series suggests that Titans lack human emotions and consciousness. They act primarily on instinct.

Are there different types of Titans in the series?

Yes, Attack on Titan features a variety of Titan types, each with unique abilities and characteristics


The question of why Titans eat humans in Attack on Titan is at the core of the series’ intrigue. While survival instincts and the search for shapeshifting Titans are among the apparent reasons, the story unfolds to reveal deeper mysteries and complexities. 

As fans eagerly await the resolution of these mysteries, Attack on Titan continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling narrative and thought-provoking themes.



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