Bright Health Insurance Review In 2022

Why wouldn’t you want to pay for your health? Health is Wealth is a true saying because when you are healthy you have the power to do anything you want.

 Bright Health Insurance is here to do just that. They want to keep you healthy and happy. They provide affordable healthcare for customers in different states. Although, some reviews might say otherwise. 
 Bright Health Insurance has of now has very high complaints and low ratings. Higher than average despite its low cost.

Let Bright Health Insurance Reviews share with us all we need to know about this startup.

What Is Bright Health Insurance?

Bright Insurance provides affordable health insurance built around benefits that are made for use. At Bright Health Care quality health care is available, simple, and cheap. The services, options, and benefits provided make health insurance easy to understand.

The insurance program is easily accessible, free of confusion and chaos. A well-built benefit-packed plan that delivers a very low rate so you can focus on staying healthy and happy.

Bright Health Care can execute these plans through the help of the Care Partners. The care partners are a carefully selected group of doctors, clinics, and hospitals that provide the best healthcare available to everyone.

They work with a selected network of specific doctors and hospitals to suppress the cost of health care for those in their insurance and to facilitate coordination of care. The company joins forces with the higher-up system in a market to begin the network.

 Bright HealthCare is only just growing and still has limited availability throughout the country. Bright HealthCare is functional in 14 states however coverage isn’t always statewide. Because of the narrow network of providers, some regions may have limited access to care than others. It operates in 99 markets.

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Legit Or A Scam

 Bright Health Care is an American Insurance company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a private, scam-free organization that can come into existence in 2016.

 Founded by three brilliant individuals, the company has continued to grow since 2016. It has evolved by involving in different partnerships all over the state of the countries and marketing has also increased.

In 2021, the company Bright Health Care announced record membership growth, providing coverage to more than 500,000 customers. The company also announced their acquisition in California, Central Health Plan of California inc, further growing the medicare advantage plan.

As of April 2021, the company provides virtual in-person care to more than 220,000 patients. The company has three technology components. They are a user interface, a data analytic module, and a platform that works with electronic medical records and telemedicine companies.

Is Bright Health Care Worth My Money?

Bright Healthcare offers health plans for you and your families, small businesses and employees, and medicare advantage plans for you.

The company offers health plans in Alabama, Arizona,  California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee.

 The major medical plan called the Affordable Care Act(ACA) has 10 important benefits. Which are preventive care, surgeries and hospitalization, mental health, physical therapy, prescription, emergency services, and lab work, etc.

The ACA’s higher costs are linked with better coverage, while lower premiums tend to equate to more out-of-pocket costs.

The Individual And Family Plan

The plan is compatible with the affordable cost care act, the main features of the free preventative care coverage for pre-existing conditions, and free pediatric dental vision. Because of the carefully curated network of care partners.

This means that rather than trying to provide a broad selection of in-network providers it strategically selects affiliate providers and facilitates in each market.

Insurance benefits are limited to these in-network providers and out of network healthcare services are not covered

Bright Healthcare Help Secure Cheaper plans

There are low monthly costs but some phases have zero deductible helping to reduce the total amount you spend on medical care. like most health insurance plans, the monthly cost increases based on age and the number of people covered.

For instance, an Expanded Bronze plan from Bright has an average cost of $400 for a 50-year-old and $788 for a 60year old.  The monthly cost will increase based on coverage level.

The company offers a variety of plans for small businesses including the BHE platinum 15 copay plan and also the medical Advantage plan for seniors.

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Bright Health Insurance Reviews- What Are The Member Benefits

Bright HealthCare prides itself on its Care Partners, which it describes as a carefully curated network of doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

Many of the healthcare providers the company contracts with feature no referrals, 24/7 nurse phone lines, same-day appointments, after-hours appointments, and predictable (or even $0) costs.

The company also has an intelligent technology platform that provides members with online bill pay, online scheduling, wait-time notifications, text reminder,s and more. 

All of Bright HealthCare’s major medical plans include:

  • Protection from Financial Crisis in the case of severe illness
  • No exception because of preexisting conditions
  • Coverage on a parent’s plan until the age of 26
  • Coverage for the ACA’s Essential Health Benefits

Equal monthly premiums regardless of gender8

Bright HealthCare members also have access to phone or video appointments through the company’s partnership with Doctor on Demand, a video telemedicine company. 

After Hour Conveniences

The company provides its members with conveniences such as 24/7 nurse phone lines and same-day and after-hours appointments.

Bright Insurance Customer Review

 Bright HealthCare Insurance despite its low-cost insurance provisions still has a large number of unsatisfied customers and its rate of complaints is 7 times higher than the national average.

From the Better Business (BBB) though the company has an A-plus rating its customer review still sucks very much. 

The customer complaints have the following in common what customer service frustration about limited network billing problems and outdated list of provider networks and more.
 before joining customers should check if there are medical providers in your region that are covered by the insurance.

Although it is cheap bright health care has managed to acquire a very high rate of dissatisfied members and this can be one of the red flags to look out for.

Bright HealthCare Insurance Review- How to cancel

If you purchased Bright HealthCare Insurance through or your state’s health insurance marketplace, you must cancel your policy through the marketplace, rather than canceling directly through the company.

In other cases, use the Bright HealthCare phone number to cancel because you can’t cancel online.

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Bright HealthCare Unique Features

The reviews let us know that apart from offering very low insurance costs there are other benefits you can get only as a member.

Some of these features are not available in all states. However, these benefits can improve the value you get from your insurance plan.

  • Telehealth
  • Mental Health Coverage
  • A national network of urgent care centers
  • Free visits to a primary care doctor
  • Free generic description
  • Rewards for healthy actions
  • Prescription delivery and rides to the doctor for Medicare enrollees

How is Bright HealthCare Rated?

 As a new health insurance provider, Bright Healthcare’s ratings are limited. It has not been rated by A.M best and Standards & Poor has yet to rate the company and so has consumers’ affairs.

Of course, it has been rated in other places by consumers on customer satisfaction and the number of patients’ complaints.


  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Very Affordable
  • Low-cost insurance


  • Poor work-life balance 
  • Lack of organization and communication
  • Restructuring is very much needed
  • Limited choices of doctors 
  • Highly chaotic and poorly managed 
  • High turnover and burnout
  • Unhappy overworked staff

How Do You Enroll in Coverage With Bright HealthCare?

Customers can enroll in coverage online on the company’s website or call 844-667-5502. Coverage is also available for purchase through a licensed insurance agent.

The company also has Bright HealthCare Authorized Enrollment Centers, which are local offices where potential members can meet in person with a licensed agent or broker to sign up for Bright HealthCare Medicare Advantage plans.

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 Bright Health Insurance Company might not be the best opinion for you if you are looking for a stress-free insurance company but if you can handle it, it might just be what you are looking for.

Make sure to ask questions and get answers about the insurance company so you can be fully aware of what you are getting into.



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