15 Best Insurance Companies In Philadelphia in 2023

If you reside in Philadelphia and wish to know the best insurance company to meet your needs, congratulations, you are in the right place. I have compiled a list of the top 15 insurance companies in Philadelphia with details on them.

I also answered specific other queries related to life insurance and all you need to know before picking an insurance company. So, let’s get straight to it without wasting any more time.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

As to how much insurance you should get, it is usually advised to get insurance equal to 10-12 times your annual income and make it a life policy that lasts 15-20 years.

This is because your life insurance would support your family if you die and help give your family that much-needed financial support.

It gives your kids the much-needed time to finish college and supports them post-college. 

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What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance covers or provides coverage in the eventuality something was to happen to you, maybe death.

It provides those you left behind with some financial support to aid them in coping with the loss. Using the 10-12 times rule for insurance, you are assured that your loved ones get 10-12 times your annual income if you die.

It would aid in covering the bills and expenses, and your loved ones need all that’s to get by due to your loss.

15 best insurance companies in Philadelphia

When you speak of insurance companies, they are so many insurance companies all over the united states and much more in the state of Philadelphia than you might think.

Each serves a different purpose or meets certain criteria that some could not meet.

However, in this article, I have compiled the top 15 insurance companies in Philadelphia to help make your search easy.

So, let’s get right into the 15 best insurance companies;

ABCO Insurance Agency

ABCO Insurance Agency has existed for the past 40 years and has served as a risk management expert in Philadelphia.

It provides multiple policy options from more than 25 carriers.

ABCO Insurance Agency also assists in life insurance which covers short-term debts and losses in case income issues arise.

ABCO Insurance Agency is affiliated with Plymouth Rock, Progressive, Hartford, and MetLife. It is rated A in reputation and professionalism.

CBM IFS Insurance

CBM IFS Insurance has provided the tri-state area of Philadelphia with insurance for the past 30 years.

IFS CBM Insurance which Bradon Baffone owns, has existed since 1998 and represents multiple carriers that offer a wide range of insurance packages.

It delivers life insurance plans through its CBM dentist insurance services segment. CBM IFS Insurance also provides auto insurance.

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Daniel Insurance Agency

Daniel Insurance Agency which Alan Daniels founded, has been a top insurance company for over 35 years.

This Daniel Insurance Agency offers a range of term life insurance products like cigarette smokers’ term life insurance, obesity term life insurance, diabetics term life insurance, and heart disease term life insurance to residents of Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

It also offers pilot’s term life insurance and doctor’s term life insurance.

Ferullo Insurance Agencies

Ferullo Insurance Agencies has been providing life insurance solutions since 1990 to the residents of Philadelphia.

Insurance Agencies is headed by John Ferullo and provides a variety of life insurance coverages like the term, unit-linked, participating, and non-participating plans. Ferullo Insurance Agencies also provides homeowners’ insurance plans and auto insurance plans.

They also offer commercial auto and business insurance.

Ferullo Insurance Agencies is also known for participating in community causes, including The Purrfect Companion and Phil abundance food drives.

Ferullo Insurance Agencies is also affiliated with concierge services, such as Campli Photography and Bell Beverage.

Gannon Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gannon Insurance Agency Incorporation is known for its personal and business clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The Gannon Insurance Agency’s personal services include arranging individual life insurance that covers all required, including final expenses and generating a retirement income.

They also offer policies that cover costs for major commitments, such as mortgages, when the holder suffers a long-term disability.

Gannon Insurance Agency also offers policies that complement the deficits in Medicare.

Goebel Insurance Agency

Goebel Insurance Agency was founded by Chris Goebel and has served the people of Philadelphia for more than 24 years.

It is known for its life insurance policies, including final expenses, fixed annuities, individual life insurance, and mortgage protection.

Goebel Insurance Agency is affiliated with several other insurance carriers like AIG, Erie Insurance, and Grange Insurance.

These affiliations offer clients a wider range of insurance coverage options.

Hardenbergh Insurance Group

Hardenbergh Insurance Group, which is family-owned, has existed for more than 60 years. The Hardenbergh Insurance Group provides the people of Philadelphia with various personal and business insurance policies.

Hardenbergh Insurance Group offers various life and health insurance types, like designing group benefits plans for employers.

Hardenbergh Insurance Group also provides independent advice, a thorough knowledge of state and federal regulations, and offers annual policy assessments.


Insurance 5000 is a health insurance company that offers its services to the people and residents of Philadelphia. Insurance 5000 provides an array of diverse policies to its members and has agents who would explain each policy to you and aid you in making the right choice.

Some of the services provided by Insurance 5000 include family and individual health insurance policies. Included in their policies are high deductible plans for medical and dental.

Insurance 5000 also delivers disability, long-term care, life, and mortgage protection coverage.

Insured by Steph

Insured by Steph LLC is a small insurance agency with an unbelievably wide variety of policies that could cover your personal and business needs.

The Insured by Steph LLC offers its services to the residents of Philadelphia and is affiliated with some big-shot companies like Progressive and Plymouth Rock.

These affiliations enable them to provide top-notch services to their clients. Insured by Steph LLC provides life and health insurance products.

It also offers services like managing risks in situations of a long illness and paying for a child’s education.

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Jay Zazzera

They offer an array of policies with the aid of numerous and esteemed insurance carriers. Jay Zazzera insurance is an agent at the Goosehead Insurance Agency.

Jay Zazzera insurance covers various items ranging from home, food, auto insurance, and even motorcycles, RVs, and boats. It provides coverage and protection for residents of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. 

The John A. Saracino Insurance Agency is a household name in new jersey, Delaware, and Maryland and offers services in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

John A. Saracino Insurance Agency

They are known for their individual life and health insurance. It has agents who aid customers in tailoring out the right policy suited for the customer.

John A. Saracino Insurance Agency offers various personal and business insurance policies.

Mitros Insurance

Mitros Insurance was founded in 2007 with multiple carriers. It provides one of the best life and health coverage for its members.

It is an independent agency with years of experience and offers policies that provide full mortgage protection, covers long-term care costs, and pay the policyholder’s funeral and burial expenses.

Mitros Insurance includes various property, liability, and auto insurance packages.

Moore Insurance Group LLC

Moore Insurance Group LLC is an independent insurance agency that has served Philadelphia’s people since 2003, providing both individuals and business coverage throughout the area.

This Insurance offers term, universal, and whole life insurance policies and final expense policies as a substitute for old life insurance.

Other coverage options Moore Insurance offers include long-term care and individual disability policies. 

Peterson Insurance Services

Peterson Insurance Services has offered life insurance to the residents of Philadelphia since 1998.

Its works are affiliated with trusted carriers like MetLife, American Modern, Erie Insurance, and Grange Insurance.

Peterson Insurance offers various coverage like auto, home, and business coverage.

PK Financial Group

PK Financial Group is an independent health insurance company in Philadelphia known for its various forms of insurance, some popular ones like Fidelio for group dental plans and UnitedHealthcare for medical insurance.

The PK Financial also offers insurance policies for short-term and long-term disability. PK Financial provides life insurance policies tailored specifically to individuals and employers.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pennsylvania law requires you to carry liability insurance on any registered vehicle.

The recommended life insurance is term life insurance which offers lower monthly premiums than permanent life insurance plans. 

The general cost of life insurance is dependent on age, health, and lifestyle


The list above gives you some insight into the popular and recommended insurance companies and agencies, which you can check out in Philadelphia.

All insurance companies and agencies are ranked A and A+ in the AM grading for performance and professionalism.

So all you need do is make a choice based on the list and get that insurance just how you would want it.



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