Nationwide Pet Insurance Reviews 2023

Having pets in the house has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression. Hence, their health is very important and should be insured. To secure a pet insurance company for your pet, we have chosen to make nationwide pet insurance reviews to help you decide if it is the best insurance plan to opt for. 

Nationwide pet insurance company is one of the best pet insurance companies that offer a wide and transparent service. It is a well-established and large company that offers different pet insurance options. 

Nationwide pet insurance reviews have shown that Nationwide is distinguished among other pet insurance companies because they offer policies that are straightforward with a single price attached. Although their price could be higher than other competitors, you get what you opt for. Unlike some other insurance companies with low prices and confusing plans that have some other hidden costs. 

In this Nationwide pet insurance review, you will get the necessary information on Nationwide Insurance. Carefully read through.


What Is Nationwide Pet Insurance?

Nationwide pet insurance is a certified company and one of the best pet insurance that does reimbursement for qualified vet expenses, according to coverage. They offer individual wellness, medical, as well as a complete care plan for pets including exotic kinds of coverage for cats and dogs. Not only do they provide insurance for cats and dogs but also offer coverage plans for amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, birds, and other uncommon pets, hence, their uniqueness.  

You get 90% coverage of your vet bills for qualified services and conditions if you go for Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness Plan. This plan includes illnesses, injuries, and congenital and hereditary conditions. Also, you get preventive care for your pets such as flea and tick treatment, yearly exams, and vaccines.  

Furthermore, Nationwide offers major medical plans that may help you cover the cost of diagnostic testing, examinations, hospitalizations, medications, and treatments. Although nationwide covers a lot of pet insurance, they exclude the coverage of certain conditions. Check through these nationwide

pet insurance reviews to know what others are saying about the company. 

Pros and cons of Nationwide pet insurance

Here are the pros and cons of nationwide pet insurance for you to know what is in for you in this insurance company. 

Pros of Nationwide pet insurance

  • Extensive benefits
  •  Available discounts
  •  Offers Coverage for most family pets

Cons of Nationwide pet insurance

  • Least plan customization
  •  Complex reimbursement structure
  •  Insufficient online service

Nationwide pet insurance plan

Nationwide pet insurance offers different insurance plans for pets. The plans are Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, and Avian & Exotic plans 

#1. Major Medical

These plans cover illnesses (including hereditary conditions and cancer) and accidents. It has a benefits limit-per-procedure or condition with a $250 annual deductible.

However, some conditions are not covered and they include hip dysplasia,

cataracts in dogs, or patellar luxation. For pets to be eligible for this plan,

they must be enrolled before their 10th birthday, afterwards, they are ineligible.

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#2. Major medical with wellness

This plan is similar to a major medical but also covers vaccinations, wellness exams, heartworm preventatives, fleas, urinalysis, and blood work. Similar to major medical, there are defined annual benefits with a $250 annual deductible. Pets must be below the age of 10 to be eligible. 

#3. Whole pet

This plan covers hereditary and congenital conditions, accidents, behavioral exams, illnesses, and cancer treatment. It has an annual benefit of $10,000 cap with an annual deductible of $250. You can select the level that matches your budget; It could be a level of 50% or 70%. Dogs that are over 5 years of age are not eligible for this plan but cats are eligible until they clock 10. 

#4. Avian and Exotic Pet Coverage

This plan is specifically made for small animals and birds. It covers diseases and

illnesses (excluding pre-existing conditions).  

Nationwide pet insurance Optional Features

Nationwide does not offer other optional features to their plans. This is because they offer several types of plans. To choose the best fit for your financial situation, with the different customization plans such as (getting reimbursement for a total or a percentage of your vet bill versus having a reimbursement for specific conditions). For instance, you can opt for Nationwide’s major medical coverage if you want to know the actual amount of reimbursement. But if you would like to be reimbursed for a percentage of your vet bill, you can opt for the Whole pet with wellness coverage. 

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Cost of Nationwide pet insurance

The cost of insuring your pet (either cat, dog, bird, small rodent, etc) varies. This is because of the difference in pet age, species, and pre-existing conditions. Your cost is impacted by the reimbursement you will receive when you select the whole pet wellness plan. This plan costs $60.52/month for a one-year-old mixed-breed female dog that weighs between 50 and 90 pounds. For dogs, the monthly premium range from $25 to $60 while the monthly premium rate for cats is between $15 to $35. There is a 5% discount for you if you have two or three pets. But if you have four pets you get a discount of 10%. Group insurance also gets a 5% discount.  

What is the Nationwide pet insurance waiting period?

There is a 14-day waiting period for both pet illnesses and injuries. What this means is that reimbursement on any treatment will not be possible until after two weeks you commence paying premiums. Although this waiting period is the standard waiting period for illnesses, it is rather too long for accident coverage. Other competitors offer accident coverage on pets after two or three days of the policy start date.  

Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Similar to other insurance policies, plans offered by nationwide pet insurance do not cover pre-existing conditions that your pet procures either before coverage starts or during waiting periods. However, Nationwide is distinct from other competitors because you may get coverage for a pre-existing condition provided that you have proof of a veterinary record that the preexisting condition was treated and cured for 6 months at a minimum. 

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What Are Nationwide Coverage Limits?

Nationwide pet coverage can be a little tricky. Major medical with wellness and major medical plans only defines the allowance on a basis of each procedure; it does not carry a policy annual limit. For instance, the annual chemotherapy benefits are $2400, but $235 will be paid annually by the policy for treating cataracts. For further reference, you can check the full list of coverage limits published by Nationwide. 

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Filing Nationwide Insurance Claims

There are different ways to file claims against Nationwide. You can either log into the account or directly submit claims using your phone or computer. 

Also, to make things easier, you can take the invoice picture with your smartphone. There is also a PDF claim form that is on the nationwide website. You can download this PDF claim and file your complaint by submitting it via fax, snail mail, or email.  

Customer service

There are limits to the customer service rendered by Nationwide pet insurance. Unlike other pet insurance that offers satisfying customer service using social media, web chat, text, etc. Nationwide only offers customer service through email or phone. Nationwide pet insurance reviews show that despite there being no adequate customer service channels, the available ones are not active 24/7. The calls and emails are only monitored during certain hours for six days a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Nationwide pet insurance cover spaying?

The Whole Pet with Wellness plan covers neutering/spaying. The Major Medical with Wellness plans, Major Medical, and Whole pet does not cover spaying. 

Are emergency visits covered by Nationwide?

Basically, it depends on the condition. if the condition requires urgent treatment such as illnesses and accidents, Nationwide pet insurance covers emergency visits. You can call their customer service agent for more advice.

Does Nationwide pet insurance have an annual limit?

Nationwide may offer an annual reimbursement limit or procedure limit, or an annual pack condition- this depends on the plan you choose. For instance, the Nationwide whole pet plan is capped at 10,000 dollars per annum.

What are the opening hours of Nationwide pet insurance?

Nationwide pet insurance opens from Monday to Friday between the hours of 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday between the hours of 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Is dental cleaning covered by Nationwide pet insurance?

Not all Nationwide pet insurance covers dental cleaning. But the whole pets with wellness plans and whole pets cover it. 


These Nationwide pet insurance reviews have shown that there are some shortcomings in Nationwide pet insurance, which is more evident in their customer service and claims. But yet, they offer amazing pet insurance services, especially to reptiles and amphibians. 


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