USAA Insurance Reviews 2023: Everything You Should Know

USAA offers coverage for your car, home, personal belongings, and more. Plus, explore their health and life insurance options for you and your family.

The beauty of insurance is having your interests genuinely secured. No one wants to be robbed of his basic rights and since uncertainties must definitely arise in life, the best one can do is prepare. Over and again, insurance has proved to be very helpful.

In this article, I’ll provide a holistic USAA Insurance review that carefully spells out all you should know about USAA insurance.

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What is USAA insurance?

The military community and their families are well-served by USAA Insurance. USAA is ready to assist you in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, whether you’re active or retired military, a qualifying family member, a cadet, or a midshipman. Customer satisfaction ratings for USAA are generally high, showing that it is a corporation that values its clients.

If you’re a member of the military and looking for insurance, USAA is a good option. Consumer watchdog organizations, such as J.D. Power, consistently rank the company at the top of their lists.

For individuals who match USAA’s eligibility requirements, the company offers a thriving online community that gives help and support, financial advice, and a terrific location to learn about what’s going on in the military world. The online community now has over 614,000 members and is expanding on a daily basis.

Is USAA Auto Insurance a Good Deal?

Yes, for drivers who are eligible for USAA membership, USAA auto insurance is a viable alternative. USAA has the lowest average prices among the auto insurance providers we looked at, at $875 per year, and is ranked first in our Best Insurance study. Except for drivers with a DUI on their record, they have the lowest rates for practically every driver demographic group.

The reason that USAA came out on top in our survey wasn’t due solely to its rates. They also scored the highest marks in each of the subcategories we looked at, including customer service, claims management, and consumer loyalty.

Despite the low rates and strong survey scores of USAA auto insurance, not all drivers are eligible for coverage. To get insurance via USAA, you must be a member of the organization, which is only open to active and retired military personnel and their families.

If you don’t qualify for USAA membership and want to save money on auto insurance, Geico or State Farm can be a good option. They are ranked second and third, respectively, in terms of the lowest rates.

Types Of Auto insurance Coverage At USAA

  • Vehicle protection – Comprehensive and collision coverage protect your car from damage caused by a rollover or an accident.
  • Liability coverage – This covers bodily injury and property damage, protects you financially if you are the cause of the accident.
  • Passenger protection: Depending on your state’s rules and priorities, they may be required or optional add-ons. Personal injury protection, extended benefits coverage, and uninsured/underinsured coverage are all included in this package.

Basic plans such as comprehensive, accident, and liability insurance, as well as other forms of coverage, are available from USAA and can be purchased independently or as an add-on to other USAA policies.

By creating a USAA account or connecting to an existing USAA membership account, you can acquire a free pricing quote for insurance products like those listed below.

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • Personal injury protection
  • Extended benefits
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Rideshare driver insurance (in most states)

What Does USAA Car Insurance Cost?

In our research, USAA offers the lowest rates. The average motorist will spend around $875 per year, which is 34% less than the national average. Furthermore, USAA has the lowest rates for a variety of driver demographics, including teen drivers, older drivers, drivers with bad credit, and drivers with a speeding citation or accident on their record. State Farm, on the other hand, may provide somewhat lower rates to drivers who have been convicted of a DUI.

Keep in mind that rates can change according to your driving history, zip code, car, credit history, and age. If you’re thinking about getting USAA insurance, get a free quotation and compare it to the other top performers in our survey, such as Geico, State Farm, and Travelers.

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Car Insurance Discounts from USAA

Several typical discounts are available to drivers who purchase USAA insurance, including multi-policy discounts, student driver discounts, and safe driver discounts.

In comparison to the other insurers in our analysis, USAA offered fewer discounts. For example, USAA does not provide discounts for automobiles equipped with anti-theft or anti-lock brakes, nor for paperless billing. That isn’t to say that customers aren’t happy.

On average, 62 percent of USAA members are entirely satisfied with the discounts they receive. This is much more than the other insurers we looked at.

Keep in mind that discounts differ from state to state. Speak with a USAA representative to see if you qualify for any of the discounts.

Home Insurance From USAA

Your USAA homeowners insurance covers two areas: liability (your legal obligation if someone is injured on your property) and dwelling coverage (also known as hazard coverage), which will assist pay for repairs if a designated peril occurs. You may also have coverage for medical expenses, as well as optional coverage such as earthquake insurance, which you can select when creating your policy.

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What Does USAA Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Fire, smoke, and lightning:

This includes smoke damage, which is frequent following a fire, as well as lightning damage.


This coverage will protect you if your home is purposefully defiled or harmed in any way by another person or persons. Breaking into your house or stealing anything from your garage or property, such as motorcycles or sporting equipment, is considered theft.


This protects you from claims filed by those who were hurt on your property. Depending on your policy, it may also assist pay for medical bills, missed income, death benefits, and other expenses. Note that it covers dog bites, and if you have a dog breed that is known to be aggressive, such as a pit bull, your premium may go up.

Identity theft insurance:

As the number of cases of hackers stealing people’s identities rises, this sort of insurance is becoming more widespread. This could include legal fees or other expenditures associated with repairing your credit and regaining financial stability. If you rent your home through a sharing site like Airbnb, USAA offers home-sharing coverage to safeguard your guests while they are staying with you.

Earthquake coverage:

Homeowners in earthquake-prone areas can purchase earthquake coverage from USAA.

Replacement cost:

Your home and personal items are insured at today’s replacement cost, with no depreciation, with USAA home insurance.

Other structures:

USAA homeowners get coverage for constructions that aren’t attached to their homes. Detached garages, storage sheds, fences and gates, and roads are examples of such constructions.

Life insurance from USAA

Life insurance helps you financially sustain your loved ones or heirs. It can be used to supplement income, cover funeral costs, or pay off debts. For individuals deploying, actively serving, or leaving the military, USAA offers a variety of life insurance alternatives, as well as military-specific protection.

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How Does USAA Insurance Handle Claims?

USAA continues to receive high marks for claims handling, giving them a first-place finish in our poll. Around 81 percent of poll participants say USAA’s claims filing process is simple, and 74% are entirely satisfied with how their claim was handled. Customers at USAA are similarly pleased with claims-related communications, with 71% stating that they were completely satisfied with the updates they received during the claims handling process.

Despite the fact that USAA continues to lead in this performance category, Nationwide isn’t far behind. Overall, 74% of Nationwide customers are entirely satisfied with their claims process, providing some good competition for USAA.

Customer Loyalty at USAA

The high levels of customer satisfaction at USAA lay the path for similar levels of client loyalty. A little more than 76% of survey respondents said they are “very likely” to renew their USAA insurance, with another 15% saying they are “likely” to renew. In our Most Likely to Recommend category, USAA’s customer-first strategy earns high marks. According to the results of the poll, 86 percent of respondents would suggest USAA to other drivers looking for auto insurance.

Other insurers, such as State Farm, American Family, and Geico, have excellent customer loyalty ratings, but they all fall short when it comes to complete client satisfaction.

Other Insurance From USAA

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • ATV insurance
  • RV and motorhome insurance
  • Antique classic car insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Personal watercraft insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Farm and ranch insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Mobile phone protection
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Collectibles insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Accidental injury insurance
  • Medicare plans
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Special event insurance


USAA is not an insurance company for everyone, especially since it caters solely to service personnel, their families, and the military community. For individuals who satisfy the eligibility standards, however, it can be a terrific option for auto, house, renters, and life insurance, as well as other USAA benefits.

We hope you found this post very informative and we hope it helps your search for the best insurance option.

FAQs On USAA Insurance Reviews

How can members and qualified consumers obtain auto insurance?

By visiting the USAA website and starting the free quotation procedure, members and qualified consumers can obtain auto insurance. To acquire a policy, you can also call USAA by phone.

What is the best auto insurance company?

In our auto insurance analysis, USAA came out on top. Their average prices are lower than any other competitors, and they also come out on top in every performance category, including customer service, loyalty, and claims management.

What is the contact of USAA?

Mailing address: 9800 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78288
Customer service phone number: 210-531-USAA or 800-531-USAA
Customer service email address: USAA Secure Message Center (must have a USAA login).
Twitter: @USAA

Should people get auto insurance?

Drivers who are USAA members should think about getting USAA auto insurance. You must be an active or retired military person, or the spouse or child of a service member, to be eligible for USAA membership.

Does USAA offer competitively cost health insurance for members and their families?

Yes. In addition to the aforementioned subcategories of house, car, and life insurance, USAA also offers competitively cost health insurance for members and their families.

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