Accredited Physician Assistant PA Schools In Arizona 2023

Suppose you are seeking a rewarding and challenging career that truly makes a difference in the lives of others. In that case, you can start a career in a rewarding, high-demand sector of health care by enrolling in the top pa schools in Arizona.

Earning a PA degree in these schools can offer you a vast range of career opportunities in the healthcare job market, making a perfect option for you.

Not just that, the Physician Assistant Program in Arizona offers you a student-centred environment in which you can develop skills as a compassionate, competent PA in an ever-changing healthcare environment. 

In fact, PA schools in Arizona provide faculty mentors, interprofessional education, and self-directed learning services such as patient diagnoses, minor surgical procedures, emergency medicine, and health counseling and education.

Enrolling in one of these colleges will be a superb choice to make. The good news is, we have put together the information that will guide you on how to get started. The table of content will help you navigate the options.

Who Is A Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistant is a medical professional with a license who is trained in a medical school model curriculum. Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals supervise them to perform various tasks on patients.

The role of a Physician assistant includes reviewing patients’ medical information, conducting basic examinations, giving treatment, and educating or counseling patients according to their needs.

They also diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, assist in surgery, and provide patient education and counseling.

Why PA School In Arizona?

Arizona Schools are the world’s most prominent and world-renowned large research institutions. They rank in annual publications such as the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly, and many others.

Arizona has top well recognized PA schools that have a long history of quality Health Sciences education. These schools are well equipped with the world-class Health Sciences Education Building with up-to-date technology, simulation center, and inter-professional learning environment, and in supervised clinical experiences. (  

PA schools in Arizona are also loaded with experienced staff and also have the latest technologies for students to gain knowledge and experience.

Besides the academic benefits, there are many opportunities for you to explore Arizona. After graduation, you will have the skills to help those in need and make a real difference in people’s lives. 

How Much Does It Cost To enroll In Good PA School In Arizona?

The total average cost of acquiring a PA degree vary according to school. However, the tuition of PA schools is not the same and other fees.

The cost of enrolling in a PA school in Arizona can range from $65,000 to $200,000. Despite the costs, the Physician Assistant degree is generally considered as one of the most promising within the healthcare field.

How Long Does It Take to Complete PA Schools in Arizona?

PA schools in Arizona are higher institutions that offer you the degree to become a Physician Assistant. They offer this program for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Undergraduate coursework typically takes two to five years, while postgraduate coursework takes two to three years.

You start your training with a solid science and medical field training foundation. For 2 years, you can expect to take lecture and lab sciences classes where you study such subjects as anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, physiology, and other content relevant to osteopathic medicine.

To become a physician assistant, you need the right education and experience. However, some certain characteristics and skills will make you more successful and pave the way for a rewarding career.

First, you must be emotionally stable, as you will deal directly with illness, high-stress, and death. Here, maintain a personality that will help you get through the emotional rigours of a physician assistant career.

Another way to get through in your career is to develop a strong sense of compassion, this will help you be the best physician assistant possible.

You need to help solve people’s medical problems and being able to listen and communicate effectively so that you can diagnose and treat patients.

PA Schools Accreditation

A good PA school must have accreditation from the Accreditation Review Commission for The Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).

The ARC-PA offers Accreditional-Provisional, which is an accreditation status, to qualified PA schools. This status shows that the school’s PA program meets the ARC-PA standards. It also shows that the school continues to comply with the standards.

The top PA schools in PA which we are sharing with you all have the ARC-PA accreditation. This is part of the reason they make a list, and why apply to them.

How Do I Apply for PA Schools In Arizona?

All the Arizona PA schools we’ll discuss require you to apply for admission using the Central Application Services for Physician Assistants (CASPA) portal.

However, you have first to visit your preferred school site to view their requirements before proceeding to CASPA.

If you meet your school’s requirements, hurry to the CASPA official site and create an account.

After the account creation, complete the “college attended section”, and the “evaluations section.”

Follow through with all the requirements on the portal, then submit your application. After that, your completed and verified application will be reviewed. Finally, you will get a call for an interview if you qualify for it.

List Of Top PA Schools in Arizona 

Below are the top PA schools in Arizona. These schools offer programs that aim to produce professionals who will enter primary care and needed specialties in the healthcare industry.

However, the basics of our selection of these schools are their rankings, accreditation, acceptance rate, tuition, graduation rate, and other relevant factors.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools. Below is the list of the schools; read further to get information on the various degree programs offered, tuition info, and program options for these schools.

  • Northern Arizona University
  • A.T. Still University Arizona School of Health Sciences
  • Midwestern University

#1. Northern Arizona University

Tuition: $25,828

NAU offers one of the best pa programs in Arizona. The program collaborates with the University of Arizona–Phoenix College of Medicine. Fully accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA).

The school offers a high-quality didactic and clinical experience designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge for professional growth through a commitment to excellence.

Upon graduation, you can take a national certification examination developed by the National Commission on Certification of PAs (NCCPA). 

To earn a master’s degree from this school, you must complete a planned group of courses from one or more subject areas, comprising at least 30 units of graduate-level courses.

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#2. A.T. Still University Arizona School of Health Sciences

Tuition: $26,503

A.T. Still University Arizona is a great pa school. They offer their program through the School of Health Sciences.

The Accreditation Review Commission fully accredited the school on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) and offered a 26-month course of study that leads to a Master of Science degree upon successful completion.

The school of health science at AT Still trains students to be competent, caring, and able to adapt to a changing medical environment.

Additionally, ATSU also offers a distance learning Master’s degree option.

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#3. Midwestern University

Tuition: $51,583

Another top-ranked institution in Arizona is Midwestern University. The school offers a 27-month professional curriculum awarding a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS) designed to prepare you through quality academic and clinical training to be a PA with a license. 

The school PA program grooms you with the knowledge and skills required to perform your role reliably. It also instills professionalism in your mind while expanding your knowledge beyond primary care.

At Midwestern, it requires you to complete a didactic course dedicated to the development of critical thinking skills and the application of evidence-based practices. 

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How Much Do Graduates From The Best PA Schools In Arizona?

The PA average annual wage is $108,430. Becoming a Physician assistant a very lucrative career choice to make.

What Is The Job Outlook Of Graduates | Best PA Schools In Arizona?

When you are considering the best PA school for you, ensure that you consider the job outlook for that position as well.

That being said, technological advancement will play a big role in employing physicians and assistants.

Demand for physician assistants is expected to grow 30% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, because of the growing population, there will be a need for more health care.

Job opportunities for PA are expected to be good, especially in rural and low-income areas. Some of these areas do not have enough doctors. 


The Physician Assistant profession is in-demand in the healthcare job market, and opportunities to enter the field are multiplying at a rate outpacing the national average.

If you are considering a career as a physician assistant, take advantage of the top pa schools in Arizona highlighted on our page.

These accredited schools offer programs that will give you the skills and experience you need to function effectively in healthcare.


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