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Top 15 Quick Certifications That Pay Well In 2023

One of the easiest ways to get a promotion, increased wages, or switch jobs is by acquiring a quick certification. Certificate programs can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job.

These days, you can complete a certificate course from a reputable university even in the comfort of your home without quitting your current job.

Numerous certifications pay well, offered through renowned providers in various disciplines. We will highlight the top 15 that will get you started on a good note and increase your earning potential.

Carefully follow the contents outlined below and apply for the option that best suits your demand.

Why Choose A Quick Certification?

Certificate programs are short-term training programs that often take less time than a degree. They are alternative degree programs that can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job.

The benefits of completing a certificate program include the following;

  • You can earn certificates in as little as a couple of months.
  • Quick certifications cost less money to enroll in than a degree program.
  • A certification will boost your skills and abilities and make you stand out in the job market.

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How Can I Find A Quick Certification That Pay Well?

Taking a quick certification to learn a new skill, or even just as a refresher for the skills you already have, is an outstanding action to exercise.

However numerous programs are available online and on campus, but not all are worth it.

The following sources will help you how to get started.

  • Use the CareerOneStop Certification Finder
  • Talk to Your Current Employer
  • Ask Your Contacts
  • Find a school accredited by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education.
  • Find a Program that Works With Your Schedule, and check the program cost and duration.
  • Talk to Alumni
  • Consult your Professional Association or Union

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What is the Quickest Certification to Get?

For many working professionals, earning a certification is a worthwhile investment. Certificates offer several advantages that can help you advance in your chosen field.

Understanding these straightforward certificates to include on your resume can help you advance in your job.

Depending on your business and profession, you can consider adding numerous certificates to your CV.

However, Human Resources Certification is the quickest and easiest certification in 2023.

Here are the other 10 quickest certifications that pay well for various roles and industries:

  • Language certifications
  • Information technology (IT) certifications
  • First aid certifications
  • Software certifications
  • Notary public certification
  • Marketing certifications
  • Project management certifications
  • Forklift operator license
  • Government certifications
  • Programming certifications

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What Is The Duration For Quick Certifications?

The length of certificate programs varies according to schools or course providers. However, some schools offer coursework that can be completed in as little as 2 to 5 weeks, while others don’t have to be finished within a year.

A typical quick certificate course lasts 4 weeks. Some may take up to 6 weeks with classes in the evening, on nights, on weekends, and online; these courses will provide you with the advanced skills required to succeed in today’s workplace.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Quick Certification That Pays Well?

Certification costing is based on the type of program you want to do; however, a few courses are available for free.

A quick certification program usually costs between $2,500 and $16,000 to enroll in. However, there might be additional fees that constitute

Textbooks and course materials. If you have difficulty with finances, apply for car title loans online. You can pay off the loan with time, which is easy to obtain.

Before you hurry to pay, let’s quickly look at the list of certification programs that are best for you.

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Are there Easy Certifications to Get Online that Pay Well?

If you’re seeking online certification programs that lead to high-paying jobs, this article will assist you in your search.

Certifications can be obtained for various vocations that do not require a four-year college degree.

Consider online certifications if you’re seeking credentials to assist you in acquiring entry-level work in your area.

Several online schools offer accessible certification programs to meet different needs. By implication, you can advance in your career.

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in online certificates. During the epidemic, there has been a two fold increase in interest.

These online certification programs listed here concentrate on a specific skill set in demand in many industries. In most situations, they take six months to a year to complete.

They’re also inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to get ready for a well-paying job. Individuals who choose these can obtain valuable qualifications that will help them land employment quickly or advance in their current careers.

We’ve compiled a list of online certificate programs that are both reasonable and lucrative. Many colleges, as well as some industry-led groups, offer them. We have discussed and shortlisted courses that lead to well-paid jobs in this article.

Courses That Lead to Well Paid Jobs

  • Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanic – Average salary per year: $55,120; Average program cost: $6000
  • Computer Support Specialist – Average salary per year: $60,620; Average program cost: $4000
  • Real Estate broker – Average salary per year: $100,514; Average program cost: $2000
  • Sheet Metal Worker – Average salary per year: $38,039; Average program cost: $1000
  • HVAC Techs – Average salary per year: $42,602; Average program cost: $2600
  • Bookkeeper – Average salary per year: $44,044; Average program cost: $1500
  • Industrial Engineering Technician – Average salary per year: $47,796; average program cost: $4000
  • Audio and Sound Technician – Average salary per year: $33,526; Average program cost: $2000
  • Architectural and Civil Drafter – Average salary per year: $45,500; Average program cost: $2000
  • Building Inspector – Average salary per year:: $53,725; Average program cost: $2,000
  • Restaurant Management – Average salary per year: $55,084; Average program cost: $1500
  • Industrial Engineering Technician – Average salary per year: $47,796; Average program cost: $4000
  • Court Reporter – Average salary per year: $58,413; Average program cost: $5500
  • Massage Therapist – Average salary per year: $52,379; average program cost: $4000
  • Dental Assistant Average salary per year: $39,265; Average program cost: $4,000

List of Quick Certificate Programs That Pay Well

You can complete a wide range of certificate options depending on the jobs you want to pursue. Some certificate programs can last two or more years, while others can be completed in six months or less.

These programs allow you to find and acquire jobs faster so you can begin earning more quickly. 

We have compiled a list of 15 free quick certifications that pay well. Our selection criteria for these programs are focused on the duration and benefits offered. We also considered the quality of education, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and other relevant factors.

As you read further, you will get detailed information on the various programs offered by the free online schools listed below.

There’s a peck for you still; get authentic help with your assignments while bagging your certifications.

  • Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide
  • Web Development
  • Phlebotomy Tech
  • Surgical Technology
  • Industrial Engineering Technology
  • Electrician
  • Flight Attendant
  • Carpentry
  • Pharmacy Technician Professional
  • Medical Front Office Administration Specialist
  • Electroneuro diagnostic Technology
  • Behavioral Technician Specialists
  • Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) and Paramedic
  • Welding
  • Professional Coder

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#1. Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide is listed as one of the best certificate programs that pay well. It is a promising career that offers quick schooling.

These professionals work with physical therapists to help patients recover from an illness or possible injury. Their role is to set up equipment, move patients, and work on administrative tasks.

By enrolling in this program, you will benefit from the following;

  • You will work in the growing healthcare industry
  • Work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, home healthcare services, outpatient clinics, and health practitioners’ offices
  • Work full or part-time.

 The US Training Institute provides this program, you require a state’s licensing to get started.

Median Salary: $45,290
Program Length: 1 month
Career Outlook: The U.S. Department of Labor projects the growth for Physical Therapy Aide jobs to increase 23% by 2028


#2. Web Development

This is the most common type of certification program that pays well. Web Developers create and design websites.

They also maintain the site by constantly checking its performance, speed, and capacity.

Web developers have access to a wide range of job options. Some work with computer systems design companies, and others in marketing firms or departments or be self-employed.

Salary: $69,430 per year
Program mode: Online
Employment Outlook: much-faster-than-average job growth of 13% through 2028


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#3. Phlebotomy Tech

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field, a phlebotomy technician may be the job for you. 

Phlebotomist spends days drawing blood from people. Their role is to collect blood for individual testing, research, or possibly for donations.

They must explain to patients why and how they will take their blood.

There are a lot of employment opportunities to consider for phlebotomists. They can work in labs, donor centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

 Median Salary: $32,710
Program Length: 1-2 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 25% – much quicker than normal

This program is available at Contra Costa Medical Career College Online and Phlebotomy Training Center


#4. Surgical Technology

One of the quickest certificate programs that pay well is Surgical Technology. These professionals assist in operating rooms in hospitals. They help prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, sterilize patients, and help doctors during surgeries.

Salary: an average of $47,300per year
Program Length: a few months to two years
Employment Outlook: much faster-than-average job growth of 13% through 2028

If you want to complete a certificate program in surgical technology, click on the button below to get started.


#5. Industrial Engineering Technology

This is another quick certification that pays well, which you can consider. 

Industrial engineering technicians assist industrial engineers with revising methods of operation at manufacturing plants and other industrial sites.

Their role is to help revise methods of operation, equipment layout, and more to make a factory run more smoothly.

Salary: $55,460 per year
Program mode: Online
Employment Outlook: Little job growth through 2028


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#6. Electrician

If you desire to work in the power sector, you can take a quick electrical course that pays well.

An electrician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and fixing electrical wiring in homes or buildings.

They also monitor electrical systems, smart gadgets, cameras, and more.

As an electrician, you will constantly work in a different location or job in this position and at extreme temperatures to finish a job. It is one of the quickest high-paying certifications to acquire.

Salary: $52,720
Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 9% – about average

You can enroll in the program at Ashworth College.


#7. Flight Attendant

If you are searching for a career with travel benefits, consider becoming a flight attendant.

Your duty as a Flight attendant is to serve aircraft passengers food and drinks and assist. You will have the opportunity to travel worldwide free of charge.

In this career, you will have a varied schedule, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays, because traveling always happens.

Median Salary: $48,500
Program Length: 3 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 10% – quicker than normal

You can obtain this certification at Inflight Institute The The Travel Academy


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#8. Carpentry

Carpentry is an excellent example of a high-paying job you can earn with on-the-job training and minimum education requirements.

As a Carpenter, you will build homes and frameworks for other structures. You will also do a lot of repairs.

This career requires physical strength and stamina. You will also spend the majority of your time working outdoors, in the elements.

Median Salary: $43,600
Program Length: 5 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 8% – about average

Pensacola State College is an excellent destination for this career. Click on the button below to enroll.


#9. Pharmacy Technician Professional

Pharmacy Technician is another recommendable certification that pays well.

These professionals work under the supervision of a pharmacist to help prepare and fill medical prescriptions.

They handle most customer interactions except for explaining medications, which are handled solely by the pharmacist.

Pharmacy Technicians work in either a retail pharmacy or a healthcare facility.

Salary: $30,753 per year
Program length: 24 weeks
Employment Outlook: much faster-than-average job growth of 13% through 2028.


#10. Medical Front Office Administration Specialist

Medical Front Office Administration Specialist(MFOAS) certification offers many opportunities. They are an essential part of any medical practice.

Just like a receptionist, MFOAS act as the first point of contact for patients checking in at the front desk and performing various administrative tasks.

Their role includes compiling medical records, scheduling appointments, transferring lab results, and operating office equipment. This position is perfect for organized individuals with great people skills.

Medical Front Office Administration Specialists can find work in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.

Salary: $30,000 per year
Program length: 13 weeks
Employment Outlook: Grow 23% from 2018 to 2028


#11. Electroneuro Diagnostic Technology

Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists help calm patients having neurodiagnostic testing while explaining the procedure. They primarily work in clinics or labs, sleep centers, and hospitals. Their job is to monitor patients during surgery.

Salary: $41,070
Program Length: 17 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 19%, much faster than normal


#12. Behavioral Technician Specialists

Behavioral Technician Specialists typically work in mental health facilities, medical centers, schools, and childhood development centers.

They work under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)to create the most impactful changes to a patient.

Their job is to provide treatment plans for patients living with autism. The children’s language and communication skills, daily living skills, and more while recording and analyzing data

Salary: $31,522 per year
Program Length: 11 weeks
Career Outlook: Employment is projected to grow 22 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.


#13. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedic

One of the best trades to get into if you enjoy helping people and can handle a high-stress environment is EMT and Paramedic.

These professionals help to stabilize patients, deliver babies, manage fractures, insert IV lines, and more. They also provide oxygen as well as deliver CPR. It is a career that offers a level of excitement that is not common in the workforce.

Median Salary: $32,670
Program Length: 3 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 15% faster than normal


#14. Welding

Welding is one of the quick certifications that are highly rewarding. It requires a lot of training.

As a Welder, you can work in various fields, including sales, project management, engineering, and more. You start first as an apprentice, and with time you rise to a senior welder or underwater welder.

To obtain this certification, you can enroll in Lincoln Tech, College of Southern Nevada, and many other schools that offer this program.

Salary: $39,390
Program Length: 9 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 6% – about average


#15. Professional Coder

A Professional Coder organizes and reviews a patient’s medical records and assigns codes for each diagnosis and treatment.

Their duty is to prepare coded information for health care insurers or research. They usually work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Median Salary: $32,670
Program Length: 20 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 20% faster than normal


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More Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Other degree programs that can help increase your chances of finding a high-paying job.

Quick Certification that Pays Well in the USA

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Systems Security
  • Dressmaking & Design
  • Restaurant Management
  • Insurance Appraiser For Cars
  • Massage Therapist
  • Language Interpreters
  • Embalming

Information Technology IT

Other Certifications


Acquiring professional certification comes with a lot of career satisfaction. It entails growing your career at your own pace. If you want to go far, consider some of the mentioned certifications.

Do not just sit at your desk and waste years in the same job role. Take up the challenge and pursue the certificates. Various certificate programs pay well; you get started with the ones on our list by following the guidelines we’ve provided.

Frequently Asked Question On Quick Certifications That Pay Well

Can I choose a quick certifications that fits my schedule?

Yes, you can choose a schedule that fits your job.
There are a variety of quick certifications that pay well. they include; Web development, Assistant doctor, Pet trainer, and many others.
A quick certification program is open to anyone including those currently employed. It will help improve your skillset.
Quick certifications are alternative degree programs. 

References- Quick Certifications That Pay Well

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