15 Best Paying Jobs Out Of College | 2023 Ranking

The unemployment rate for college graduates was just 2.2%, according to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Compared to college graduates, the unemployment rate for high school graduates is 4.5%, and 4.3% for those without a high school diploma.

College graduates typically make twice as much money as those with only a high school diploma. However, earnings for college graduates can differ.

Trying to find a job after college can be overwhelming. College students are carefully weighing the prospective earnings of their degrees, considering the escalating expense of higher education and the debt that most graduates rack up.

 Is it hard to find a job after college? What are the Best Paying jobs out of college? These are some of the questions we’ll be covering in this post.

Is it Hard to find a Job after College?

 Is it hard to find a job after college? This is one of the most popular questions among recent graduates or college seniors. How easily you find a job after college usually depends on your Major and several other factors.

Competitiveness is one of the main things that make it challenging to find a job after graduation. Since 2010, the percentage of public university graduates has risen by 15%.

 Graduates are struggling to stand out to employers as college degrees become more and more prevalent.

College students who either did not complete an internship as part of their field studies while pursuing their education may find the competition to be even more fierce.

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Tips for Getting a Job after College

 With all these figures, you might feel the odds are not in your favor. Below are some tips for increasing your chances of getting some of the Best Paying jobs out of college.

College Experience

 College comes with clubs and organizations, going to functions and seminars, and picking up new abilities.

Besides looking fantastic on your resume, each of these can help you discover more about who you are and improve what you offer.

Use your involvement in a club or organization as employment experience if you didn’t have a job while in college.

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Research &Network

 Because of the lack of listing for at least 70% of open employment, networking is extremely crucial for finding some of the Best Paying jobs right out of college.

Making contacts with others within your major and professional groups might be a fantastic approach to get things going.

 Examining various job fields can assist you in focusing your job search, much like conducting research for a college course.

You can improve your chances of getting hired by learning about the different jobs available in that industry, how a typical day runs, the job market, and the qualifications.

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Career Fairs

 Before every career fair, research the organizations on the list so you’ll be ready with questions for the recruiters.

This is a fantastic method to hone your interviewing skills and discover more about other businesses and employment prospects.

Internships or Part-time Jobs

 An excellent method to test the waters and see what possible employment in that industry would look like is to find an internship or part-time job.

Employers consider internship experience to be one of the most important criteria for evaluating candidates, according to 50% of employers.

 Pursuing part-time work can assist you in developing your skills and connections, even if it is not in your industry. You can also gain experience and possibly a job by finding a part-time job in your field.

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 Adding some flavor and creativity to your resume is one way to stand out from the crowd.

As a job seeker, you need to make your resume stand out from the competition because some job postings frequently receive hundreds of applications.

To achieve this, experiment with various resume formats, colors, and even the addition of a fun facts section.

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Best Paying Jobs Out of College in 2023

 If you want a career with a nice salary soon after graduation, seek positions in profitable industries.

Even though you might not have much work experience when you first graduate from college, you still have the chance to make a good living.

Here are some of the Highest Paying jobs out of college:

#1. Pediatricians

 After the time and money spent in medical school, it makes perfect sense that pediatricians are one of the Highest Paid Jobs out of college. Pediatricians make an average yearly salary of $115,638 in the United States.

 Pediatricians treat and care for kids of all ages. They examine their psychological, physical, or behavioral problems.

Also, they also evaluate a child’s physical growth and prescribe drugs. They offer parents guidance on how to provide for the health of their children at home.

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#2. Anesthesiologists

 It’s a no-brainer that most of the Best Paying jobs out of college are in the medical field. The Covid Pandemic served as a reminder of the crucial roles medical professionals play in society.

It is only fair that they earn fairly for their services. Anesthesiologists make an average yearly salary of $232,403 in the United States.

 Anesthesiologists keep a patient under observation before, during, and after surgery. Prior to surgery, they create anesthesia plans and deliver anesthetic.

Before, during, and after surgical treatment, anesthesiologists employ their expertise in pain control and critical care medicine to guarantee the safety and comfort of the patient.

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#3. Mechanical Engineers

 With a national average salary of $80,118 per year, mechanical engineering is one of the Best Paying jobs right out of college. Between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 7% increase in mechanical engineer employment.

 Mechanical engineers build and test power-generating machinery. They also put in or contribute to the improvement of several automated systems and parts. Throughout the design and construction process, they combine their problem-solving abilities with their scientific knowledge.

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#4. Financial analyst

 Are you a numbers person? A career as a financial analyst can be financially rewarding. People with professional degrees usually earn more in the industry.

Financial analysts assess the recent and current financial performance of an organization. Based on their analysis, they evaluate financial data, produce reports, and make projections.

Financial analysts research investment opportunities and predict possible implications for corporate decisions. They have a median salary of $83,660, making it one of the Highest Paying jobs out of college.

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#5. Electrical Engineers

 Electrical engineers are essential to society because they plan, create, test, and oversee the production of electrical apparatus.

They work in a wide range of businesses, including engineering services, manufacturing, telecommunications, research and development, and the federal government.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an electrical engineer is $101,600. Electrical engineering is one of the Best Paying Jobs Out Of College.

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#6. Surgeons

 Surgeons are one of the Best Paying jobs out of college. Basically, Surgeons work as the team’s leaders as they get patients ready for surgery, carry it out, and take care of them afterward.

Also, Surgeons educate their patients about the dangers associated with surgery and monitor their patients’ post-operative recovery. The national annual average salary for surgeons is $194,948.

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#7. Registered Nurses

 Registered nurses provide and oversee patient care, inform the public about various health issues, counsel patients and their families, and offer emotional support. As the population ages, there will probably be a continued high demand for nurses.

 The educational level and the area of specialization have a significant impact on the starting pay for nurses. Not simply monetarily, a career in nursing can be tremendously satisfying.

You will have the chance to help provide care and healing for people. With an average salary of $82,750, Nursing is one of the Highest Paying jobs out of college, with nurses in California earning as high as $124,000.

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#8. Civil Engineers

 With a national average salary of $82,280 per, civil engineers are one of the Best paying jobs out of college.

In both the public and commercial sectors, civil engineers conceptualize, design, build, supervise, run, and maintain infrastructure projects and systems, such as highways, buildings, airports, water supply and sewage treatment systems, and more.

Over the next ten years, there will be, on average, 25,000 opportunities for civil engineers.

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#9. Actuary

 Actuaries work in various industries. They calculate the possibility of various events connected to accidents, illnesses, consumer demand, and investments using complicated formulas. They crunch numbers using specialized software to produce tables, graphs, and reports about their results.

 The actuarial information they produce is crucial to a company’s ability to successfully manage enterprise risk. To reduce their overall financial risk exposure and guarantee the stability of their business operations, organizations must continuously adjust their business, R&D, and marketing operations.

As one of the Highest Paying jobs out of college, Actuaries have a national average salary of $111,932 per year.

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#10. Industrial Engineers

 What do industrial engineers bring to the labor field? What advantages do industrial engineers have in the workplace? How are Industrial engineers one of the Highest Paying jobs out of college?

 Industrial engineers decide how to employ the basic production factors in the most efficient way possible to create a good or deliver a service. They outline strategies for getting rid of profligacy.

In a range of industries, including manufacturing and transportation. Industrial engineers try to improve a system’s efficiency, hoping to raise output, quality, and general safety. With an average annual salary of $78,626 per year, Industrial engineers are one of the Best Paying jobs out of college.

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#11. Statistician

 Researchers and academics have traditionally relied on statisticians for their work. The average salary for statisticians has increased because of the recent surge in demand for them. This rise in demand has made statisticians one of the Highest paying jobs out of college. 

 Statisticians evaluate data and reach conclusions using their mathematical prowess. They analyze datasets for patterns, develop procedures and strategies for gathering data, and share their conclusions with relevant parties.

Statisticians assist businesses in enhancing their organizational and business plans. The typical annual salary for statisticians is $97,117. 

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#12. Management Analyst

 Management consultants or analysts make suggestions about how to boost organizational effectiveness.

They offer management guidance on how to boost income and cut expenditures to make businesses more lucrative.

Companies work with consultants to create strategies for breaking into and remaining competitive in today’s market.

A management analyst makes, on average, $80.572 per year. This makes them one of the Highest paying jobs out of college.

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#13. Pharmacists

 With an average annual salary of $127,035 per year, pharmacists are undoubtedly one of the Best Paying jobs out of college.

Pharmacists are essential in assisting patients in feeling better and recovering as quickly as possible. Because pharmacists are the medication experts, patients benefit most when they have pharmacists in their healthcare teams.

 They assess patient pharmacological regimens, prepare prescriptions, and interpret doctor’s orders.

They provide patients with the right dosage, guard against dangerous drug combinations, and instruct patients on how to use their prescriptions properly.

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#14. Software engineering

 With the world slowly transitioning into the tech field, a career in software engineering is one of the Best Paying jobs out of college.

The burgeoning field of software development offers a career path with limitless options, advancement, and, depending on how well you do, respectable income. Software developers make an average yearly salary of $127,567.

 Programming languages and engineering are areas of expertise for software engineers. They produce software and computer games, guarantee the smooth operation of network control systems, and contribute to their improvement by detecting common problems.

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#15. Aerospace engineers

 Aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles are the main objects that aerospace engineers design. Aerospace engineers work in fields where people design or construct spacecraft, missiles, national security systems, or aeroplanes.

Manufacturing, analysis, research sectors, and the federal government employ most aerospace engineers. They receive an average yearly pay of $84,755.

Aerospace engineers typically receive top-notch benefits, such as health and life insurance, vacation, sick leave, holidays, and retirement plans, besides their competitive salary.

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How to find the Best Paying Jobs out of College

 It’s normal if you’re still trying to figure out which resources to use for your job search. Below are some of the best websites for finding your ideal job.


 One of the best tools you can use to land your dream job is LinkedIn. It is most known for being a network for business professionals. To create a network centered on your career, you can connect with coworkers and people in your field.

LinkedIn is a tool that recruiters frequently use to find candidates and investigate applicants. In addition, you may take talent tests, view salary ranges, create job alerts, and check the number of applicants for each post.

The resume building feature verifies how your resume formatting works by applicant tracking systems. You can message job postings, identify positions for which you might be a top applicant, compare your profile to those of other applicants, and know who has visited it if you purchase a premium membership.



 One of the most often used tools for job seekers is Indeed. With many new opportunities listed every day, it is one of the biggest employment portals. Every second, you’ll find new job postings on Indeed’s website.

 You can choose your ideal location, pay, job type, benefits, and experience level using the filter option. There are some positions with an “Easy Apply” designation that you’ll see after uploading your CV to Indeed.

This shows that Indeed will email the employer your Indeed profile and application with a single click. A skills evaluation you get after taking the Indeed skills tests may also be in your profile.


College recruiter

 For recent college graduates, College Recruiter offers more specialized opportunities. Most of the jobs listed on this website are entry-level. You’ll find many part-time, seasonal, and internship position listings.

You can look for a job by major or by a particular job title. Using the search feature, you’ll find job opportunities from top players like Amazon and Google, as well as startups or small companies.

College Recruiter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Paying job that doesn’t require a college degree?

Sales representatives and executive assistants are one of the Best-Paying jobs that do not require college degrees.

What is the highest paying industry for college graduates?

The medical and engineering fields are some of the highest paying for college graduates.

Is it possible to make six figures straight out of college?

Yes, depending on your field, you can earn six figures straight out of college.

Is it hard to get a job after college?

The job market is extremely competitive. Your field and level of experience will determine the ease of landing a job after college. 

How long does it take to get a job after college?

Getting a job after college can take from 3 to 6 months.


The final few months of your senior year can feel daunting if you’re concerned about landing a job out of college.

In order to assist you in navigating the process efficiently, this piece reviews some of the Highest Paying jobs out of college.



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