Unveiling Adminting.com: A Comprehensive Review

With the numerous online platforms promising monetary rewards for simple tasks, Adminting.com has emerged as a contender. This review aims to explore the intricacies of Adminting, from its inception to user feedback, covering various aspects such as how to join, ways to earn, legitimacy, and more.

Making money online is one easy way to get some extra cash to take care of yourself and escape these difficult times.

Considering the rate at which the prices of things are going up these days, you’ll need an extra source of income no matter what you do.

If you’re a salary earner, a student, or even a self-employed person, an extra source of income would be very valuable to you. Interestingly, you can now make money online even while you do your regular jobs or go to school and this is why we have made this review to help you.  

Who is Adminting?

Adminting is a reward-based website that allows users to earn money by performing social tasks. From following social media pages to participating in surveys, members engage in various activities to accumulate earnings. Adminting, operates as a reward-centric online platform, empowering its members to generate income by engaging in straightforward social media activities  that drive engagement and virality for brands, such as asking their users to share brand or advertisers’ posts on their personal social media timelines, engage by commenting or liking advertisers post, subscribing to their pages and more

These tasks are curated by entrepreneurs seeking individuals to undertake specific actions on their behalf, compensating them accordingly. Entrepreneurs utilize this platform for advertising their products or services, as well as delegating tasks to be executed by the user community.

What sets this platform apart is its no-cost membership, enabling individuals to seamlessly join and commence their earnings journey. Vigorous participants can accumulate earnings ranging from N1,000 Naira and beyond on a daily basis through adminting, all accomplished through these tasks using their smartphones and from the comfort of their residences.

 But who stands behind Adminting, and what’s the history?

History of Adminting:

Adminting launched as a platform officially in July 2022, the company is founded in Nigeria, with a growing team of young creatives.

Adminting was born from the need to create more impact by helping people earn and helping businesses grow. It all started as an idea between office colleagues in an internet service company, “We were looking for a way to help our community earn with us by providing value for others – and then we found Adminting”.

Prior to this, as an internet service company, we offered advertisements to our users in exchange for free or cheap unlimited data, as we thought of the scale we found adminting.
The platform has gained attention for its unique approach to user engagement and earnings.

What Do They Do?

This question holds significant importance, one must gain a thorough knowledge of a platform before embarking on doing business with them. Whether you are encountering Adminting for the first time or not, the answers below will help you understand the platform better.

Adminting operates as a reward-based online platform that facilitates the connection between businesses and their target audience, enabling them to prompt specific actions. Users play a crucial role in assisting advertisers and businesses in spreading their message and receive compensation in return.

This online money-making platform, known as Adminting, comprises two distinct categories of individuals:

  • Advertisers or Admintizers.
  • Users or Mintizers

Advertisers or Admintizers:

Businesses or individuals acting as advertisers on Adminting utilize the platform to accomplish specific goals, such as expanding social media reach, advertising services, and products, hosting surveys and giveaways, and fostering viral growth. Advertisers remit payment to Adminting for the publication of these tasks to their users or mintizers.

Users or Mintizers:

Upon registration as a user on the platform, a personal dashboard is provided, displaying tasks tailored for performance. After completing these tasks, users accumulate Adminting tokens that can be exchanged for cash and subsequently withdrawn.

The more tasks a user can undertake, the higher their rankings ascend, resulting in faster earnings compared to those in lower ranks. In essence,

Adminting.com receives funds from businesses, advertisers, and entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve their objectives.

Users can also earn by downloading apps, completing surveys, and participating in giveaway challenges. This section elaborates on the diverse ways users can monetize their time on Adminting.

How to join adminting.com?

To Join adminting you can do that in 4 Simple Steps:

  • 1. Visit: Adminting.com
  • 2. Click on the Get Started Button
  • 3. Fill in your details and create an account
  • 4. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you can start to perform tasks

How to make money on adminting.com as a Mintizer

There are several ways to make money on adminting. Below are some of the most popular ways to make money on adminting.

1. Performing social tasks

On your dashboard, you can earn money by completing your daily tasks which may include:

  • Following social media pages
  • Liking social media posts
  • Retweeting
  • Commenting

2. App Downloads:

Members on adminting can be asked to download an app, and they’ll be paid for it.

App download has the highest payment on adminting and active members can see it as a task on their dashboard.

3. Complete Surveys:

Adminting will pay you for completing surveys. This may require you to answer a list

of questions on the survey. If this task is available, it will appear on your dashboard amongst your list of tasks. After you’ve completed it, your Adminting account will be credited.

4. Follow and like:

On adminting, you’ll get paid for liking or following a particular social media page. The social media pages that you’ll be expected to follow will be provided by the website as a task for you to perform. The more people you follow, the more you earn.

5. Commenting:

This task allows members to comment on different social media platforms and earn for each comment they make. The post you’ll comment on will be automatically generated for you by the website. The more you comment, the more you earn.

6. YouTube channel subscriptions:

Adminting will pay you to subscribe to a YouTube channel. The more YouTube channels you subscribe to, the more money you make from the platform.

You’ll be provided with a link to the YouTube channel where you’re expected to subscribe. After your subscription, your adminting balance will increase. The more YouTube subscriptions you make from the channel, the more you earn.

7. Facebook posts share:

Adminting may ask you to share a Facebook post on your Facebook profile. After you’ve shared the post assigned as a task to your Adminting dashboard, you will earn some money. The website will provide these tasks for you, and the more you share the more you earn.

8. Adminting Referral:

This is one of the quickest ways to make some real money in Adminting. Every member of Adminting has a unique referral link that can be used to share the website with others.

The more people that register on the platform as members through your unique referral link, the more money you earn for referring them.

How to get your adminting referral link?

To find your referral link, all you need to do is check your profile, and you’ll see your referral link at the top of your profile. You can copy it and share it with your friends to join the platform and earn with you.

9) Join Giveaway Challenges

As a user, you can join giveaway challenges, posted by brands and businesses, so as to chance of winning prizes, for businesses, this can help you drive more engagement for your social media and brand.

The type of Ads, Advertisers can run on Adminting:

There are 11 ad options for advertisers to choose from based on your objectives. They include:

  1. Social Media Engagement
  2. Giveaways
  3. URL redirect/ Traffic
  4. Polls
  5. Surveys
  6. App download
  7. Lead Generation/ Messages
  8. Job placement
  9. Podcast: Premium
  10. Election Campaign ads
  11. Healthcare Medication Ads

How to Place Ads on Adminting as an Advertiser

To place Ads on Adminting, you’ll need to create an Advertising Account. Follow the steps below to create an account

  1. Login to Adminting using this link [Link Here] if you don’t have an account yet, Create one by clicking [Link to create an Account]
  2. At the top right corner of the home page, click on your profile icon.
  3. Click on the “Create Ad” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the requested information and click on submit to create your “Advertiser Account”
  5. Then proceed to choose from the list of available advertising options depending on your objectives.

What is the cost of Ad on Adminting:

Adminting charges advertisers using two bidding types:

  1. CPC Bidding: The minimum bid for this ad type on the platform is  150 naira.
  2. CPA Bidding: This is dependent on the type of actions you want your target audience to take. Between 200-300 naira.

However, your total cost of advertising on the platform depends on the goals of your business and what you wish to achieve with the platform. Different Advertising Objectives and campaigns have different costs.

Does Adminting charge to sign up as a user?

Adminting will not charge mintizers or users who perform these tasks, as long as you are verified, you can start earning from the work done.

How to withdraw on adminting.com?

To withdraw money from adminting, follow these simple steps:

  • • Click on “earnings” on your dashboard
  • • You’ll find two buttons which are ” coin swap” and “withdraw”
  • • Click on “coin swap” and swap any amount of ADMs you wish to withdraw from your dashboard

After you’ve done that, click on “withdraw” and input your account details, you will receive your money on the stated payment day

How does Advertisers See ad insight:

At the end of the campaign, advertisers get insights on their mail or dashboard on actual work done.

Pros of Adminting:

They offer a range of tasks, you are sure real users are the ones driving engagement, the prices for CPA are the cheapest so far, and they have a verifiable method that tracks actual tasks done especially for CPA kind of tasks.

Cons of Adminting:

No platform is without its drawbacks. Since it’s a growing platform, tasks take about 24-72 hours or more to be completed, depending on the volume of requests, this delay is due to the fact that real humans are the ones that engage in these tasks. Another shortcoming is that it’s still web-based, they have announced that they will soon launch their mobile app.

Is adminting.com legit or a scam?

The platform is a transparent platform where you see everything as it happens. You can monitor your earnings and also report any complaints or challenges you have by using the report icon or chatting them up on WhatsApp. They also have a vibrant engaged WhatsApp community for their users.

Upcoming Updates on Adminting


 The new features that adminting will be released once the mobile app is launched

Ability to segment ads, and build targeted demography for advertiser

A pay-as-you-go wallet system.

Daily insights on how the task is performed in real-time

Ability to boost your ads from your wallet

Ability to run personalized giveaways for your brand and have real data of users who participated and can remarket to them,

Ability to create, polls, surveys, q/a and have winners show on the leaderboard

Ability to create events and have users at your offline event, engage with your events, by dropping comments on your live events, moderating, and also having data of users who engaged at your offline event.

Adminting sure has been cooking!!


Adminting is a reward-based website that pays members for performing simple social tasks like commenting, sharing, following, reposting, etc.

The more of these tasks you perform, the more you can earn. adminting also helps businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach more people through ads and other tasks available on the site.

You can benefit from the site as either a user or an advertiser. adminting is totally free to become a member.

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