22 Most Affordable Online Marketing Degrees 2023

An Online degree in Marketing can open exciting doors for youwhether you’re entering the field for the first time or wanting to advance your business career. Here below are the most affordable and cheapest marketing degree schools you can start today.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of advertising and behind every marketing campaign are teams of marketers: researching, strategizing, and crafting the reputation of their products.

In this article, we shall explore what universities offer online marketing degrees and the cheapest marketing degree schools on the internet. But before we dive in, here’s the table of contents below. Take a look at some of what to expect in the article.

Online Marketing Degree Programs

The field of Marketing is one of the fastest-growing business areas today and there has never been a better time to get an online marketing associate degree.

People who understand how to use the internet and traditional media to communicate their message and attract customers will go far in the business world.

In this writing, we shall explore what universities offer online marketing degrees and the cheapest marketing degree schools online.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to attend a traditional four-year college and spend hours per week on campus. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary to get a high-level education.

What are the Most Cheapest Online Marketing Degree Schools?

After developing a list of all accredited institutions in the country that offer courses in Marketing, we restrict the selection to include only those who offer their programs in a 100% online format.

Of the remaining colleges, only the twenty-one with the lowest tuition rates entered this article. It is important to note that for public schools, we calculate the estimated tuition rates by averaging them in and out of state.

Many of these cheapest marketing degree schools are also impressively high-quality and have received the best grades from the US News and World Report, Princeton Review, College Prowler, and more.

What are the requirements for online marketing degrees?

Like any traditional bachelors degree, you will need to transfer or complete multiple general education credits. Once resolved, you can immerse yourself in your business and marketing courses.

How much money do people earn with Online Marketing degrees?

With a degree in Digital Marketing in hand, you can find work in a variety of industries and fields. From corporate businesses to nonprofit management, everyone needs an online marketing expert who can draw attention to the organization and its mission.

Because the applications for the degree are very varied, so are the average salaries. However, the field is lucrative: marketing managers earn, on average, more than $127,000 per year.

Not only are marketing managers bringing good money home, but they are always in demand. It is projected that the need for people with a BS degree in Digital Marketing will increase by another 9 percent only in the coming years.

Where can I find affordable online marketing Degrees?

There are so many schools that offer you the opportunity to pursue online marketing degrees at almost no cost. Here in this section, you’ll find some of them. See the list below.

List of the Most affordable online marketing Degree

#1. Affordable, Flexible, Accredited Marketing Degrees Online with IU

For the huge and diverse world of marketing, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) offers a range of degree programmes at bachelor and master levels. While IU doesn’t currently offer a straight marketing bachelor programme, you can choose a bachelor in International Management to gain business and management expertise and opt for electives such as social media and marketing.

Similarly, at master level, you can choose a 60-credit Master of Management or Master of International Management worth 60 or 120 credits and specialize specifically in marketing topics.

For excellent business and management skills combined with marketing expertise, students can take advantage of the 90-credit MBA that IU offers, which provides the opportunity to specialize in marketing topics as electives.

The key aim of IU is to support as many students as possible with access to globally recognized education to get into great careers. It offers very competitive scholarships compared to other universities based on your individual situation. You could save up to 80% as an online student studying a marketing-focused masters or MBA with IU.

Tuition: From $139 per month (with scholarship)

#2. American Public University

Bachelor of Arts in Online Marketing

If you are interested in sales, advertising, and promotion and fantasize about working in a fast-paced environment and wish to achieve that through obtaining an online marketing degree, then a BA in Marketing from American Public University may be for you.

The APU, which is regarded as one of the cheapest marketing degree schools, attracts military veterans and other adult students who want to take classes in International Marketing, Marketing Management, Hiring and Negotiation, Public Relations, Strategic Internet Marketing and more.

American Public University has been ranked as one of the best online bachelor programs by U.S. News and World Report. You can imagine that it is also an affordable online marketing degree.

Tuition fee: US $ 6,400 / year

#3. Thomas Edison State College

BSBA in Online Marketing

Thomas Edison State College offers a reliable and affordable online marketing degree program for students seeking a career in business. Learn about product development, brand management, and sales, wholesale, public relations, and market planning and analysis through the Thomas Edison State College Marketing Concentration in Business Administration.

This cheap online marketing degree program is designed for people who are already working in marketing and are interested in developing additional knowledge in certain functional areas.

All students can showcase their knowledge and integrate much of the information they have learned into a final project.

Tuition fee: US $ 5,700 / year (in-state) US $ 8,395 / year (out of state).

#4. Granite State College

Online Marketing (B.S.)

Granite State College offers an affordable online marketing degree. The marketing degree is actually free so students can work for their online bachelor’s.

When you graduate from Granite State College with an affordable online marketing degree, you will be able to identify all the basics of marketing and develop strategies and marketing objectives.

When you get your marketing degree online, you’ll practice studying marketing trends, developing effective brands, and building powerful advertising messages.

Classes are available online, but you can also take classes on campus or in a flexible “hybrid” campus / online format. Lessons are also available in intensive weekend sessions to accommodate the working adult.

Tuition fee: US $ 7,065 / year (in-state) US $ 7,545 / year (out-of-state).

#5. Western Governors University

B.S. in Online Marketing Management

Western Governors University offers a bachelor’s degree in reliable and affordable online marketing degree for students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree directly from their computer.

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Western Governors University is perfect for business people and experienced professionals who are looking to increase their existing education with a degree in Marketing.

Students create a foundation in product management, promotion, strategic marketing, sales, distribution, and pricing while learning about important business principles such as finance, information systems, accounting, and economics.

With an online marketing degree from WGU, you’ll be prepared to be a successful marketer and an effective leader.

Tuition fee: US$ 6,070 / year

#6. Bellevue University

Degree in Marketing Management – Bachelor of Science in Online

Bellevue is a highly decorated university, being awarded as one of the top 20 online bachelor programs and one of the top 10 online bachelor programs for veterans of U.S. News and World Report.

Students can take the Bellevue Marketing Management degree program in an accelerated and cohort format, which allows them to graduate early and use a useful network of colleagues.

You’ll go step-by-step through the sales, advertising, ethics, law, quality management and consumer curriculum step by step before you complete the program by developing a comprehensive marketing plan.

This course is ideal for students who have previous work experience and who can be applied to obtain credit for their diploma.

Tuition fee: US $6,300/year

#7. Mount Washington College

Online Business Administration Bachelor: Marketing Concentration

Mount Washington College has a bachelor’s degree in reliable online marketing for students seeking a career in business.

Combining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing gives you all the flexibility of a bachelor’s degree in Business with all the specialized skills that come with training in advertising, sales, and promotions.

Students take classes in Business Principles, Business Ethics, Advertising, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and more before moving on to careers in business, finance, office management, and advertising.

You can also get 100% teaching coverage through the school DREAMers scholarship initiative. Mount Washington College is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A + rating.

Tuition fee: US $ 8,016 / year

#8. Baker College

Marketing – Bachelor of Business Administration Online

Baker College understands that in order to be competitive in the marketing market it is necessary not only to have a coveted degree in Marketing but also to enter the field fully prepared to take on responsibilities with the least amount of additional training.

That’s why the school has developed a comprehensive program that allows students to find significant work as marketing managers making attractive salaries even as a new graduate.

The program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegial Business Education (IACBE) and involves team activities, real business simulations, and individual projects. It’s easy to see how Baker’s graduates succeed when you look at statistics – in fact, 97% of them are currently employed.

Tuition fee: US $8,100 / year

#9. Colorado State University-Global

Online Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

One of the unique aspects of the Colorado State University Bachelor of Science in Marketing is that you have the option of specializing in an additional area relevant to your career.

Some of them are quite traditional choices, like Business Administration or Finance, but you can also make a more exclusive selection, such as Criminal Forensic Analysis, Emergency Management or Medical Care Informatics.

When you get your marketing degree online, you will take classes such as consumer behavior, international and multicultural marketing, and promotion and public relations, and then complete a final Capstone project that challenges you to put your new knowledge into practice.

CSU was named “Best Online College” by SuperScholar as well as the “Best Online Bachelor Program” by U.S. News and World Report.

Tuition fee: US $8,400 / year

#10. New England College of Business and Finance

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: Marketing or Digital Marketing

The New England College of Business and Finance offers a reliable online marketing program for students interested in business. At the New England College of Business and Finance, you have the option of choosing between a Business Administration course in Marketing or a Bachelor of Digital Marketing.

By choosing the BSBA program, you can learn about business and at the same time be trained in how to build relationships with customers, conduct market research, and take on management roles.

Many graduates become marketing experts, sales managers, and advertising representatives. Students in the Digital Marketing program learn about media strategies, digital content, Web 2.0 advertising, and virtual operations.

These graduates become creative developers, webmasters, and SEO experts, among other things. The school has over 200 corporate partners that enable them to offer more “real world” business and marketing classes.

Another affordable online marketing degree.

Tuition fee: US $ 9,235 / year

#11. University of Maryland College College

Major Online Marketing

Taking online marketing courses at the University of Maryland University College is simple as all courses are conducted online and can be accessed on any computer with internet access.

By enrolling in the University of Maryland University College, you can get all the benefits of one of the most trusted names in Mid-Atlantic education with the convenience of an accredited online marketing degree.

Students learn about information technology, laws, operations, and customer relationships, which gives them a broad foundation in business principles.

Highly respected teachers also provide training in scenario planning, customer profiles, market intelligence, and competitive analysis so you can secure a position on-demand in the public or private sector.

Tuition fee: US $ 6,552 / year (in-state) US $12,336/year (out-of-state)

#12. Dallas Baptist University

Online MBA Marketing Concentration

Dallas Baptist University offers an online MBA degree in marketing that focuses on both domestic and international perspectives. Students learn about different marketing strategies and practical applications that can be used to satisfy customers’ demands.

Topics include implementation issues, distribution channels management, integrated communications, consumer behavior, and outcome-based marketing systems.

Students can complete a single concentration in Marketing through 36 credit hours or can add a second concentration in an area such as Entrepreneurship or Finance for an additional 12 hours. U.S. News considers DBU both a top college for veterans (ranked #13) and the best college in the West (#35).

Tuition: $13,410/yr

#13. Capella University

Online Master of Business Administration Marketing Specialization

Capella University’s accredited online MBA in marketing helps students succeed in a competitive business environment while meeting the latest marketing challenges. Courses focus on product design, market research, customer relationship development, consumer behavior, and more.

The curriculum also integrates useful simulations and a capstone course to help learners synthesize all the information they have learned. Students can also take advantage of “MBA Central,” a resource that offers news, updated information, networking opportunities, and access to faculty advice.

The latest statistics show that students with a master’s degree from Capella earn nearly $30,000 more in their careers than those without such a degree.

Tuition: $13,338/yr

#14. University of Phoenix

Online MBA degree in marketing

The University of Phoenix is a popular online college with a top online MBA degree in marketing. The program is available to those new to the business and those with past professional experience.

Students learn to evaluate risks, motivate personnel, leverage technology to make companies more successful, and solve problems systematically. Those who choose the Marketing concentration also take courses such as Consumer Behavior and Applied Business Research.

All School of Business faculty members hold at least master’s degrees, and together have an average of 20 years of experience in executive-level leadership.

Tuition: $13,060/yr

#15. Marist College

Online Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication

Rather than an MBA program, Marist College offers a master’s degree in marketing online that is just as useful. The 100% online, asynchronous program focuses less on general business principles, choosing instead to offer classes more specifically directed at marketing professionals.

Both part-time and full-time students can take advantage of such courses as Advertising Management, Social Media Strategies and Tactics, Marketing Research, Brand Management, and Global Consumer Insights. U.S. News currently lists Marist as the 11th best college in the North and has praised its online business program as one of the Top 50 in the country.

Tuition: $12,960/yr

#16. Walden University

Online M.S. in Marketing

Walden University’s innovative online master’s degree in marketing features interactive, hands-on learning opportunities through the latest digital platforms and virtual resources. Students investigate the foundations of consumer behavior and even study persuasion and storytelling as a way to aid in content development.

Walden’s program is one of the best online marketing degrees in management because it includes a graduate certificate in digital marketing while also preparing students for Google AdWords and Analytics certifications – valuable tools in a world focused increasingly on e-commerce.

The university also partners with Google to host the Google Online Marketing Challenge each year, a rare opportunity for students to learn from one of the biggest companies in the world.

Tuition: $11,814/yr

#17. Regis University

MBA Marketing Degree Online

Regis University’s online MBA degree in marketing is available over the web, in the classroom, and/or in an accelerated format. This flexibility means that students can choose to take classes wherever it is convenient for them and also adjust the pace to their schedule.

U.S. News consistently ranks Regis as one of the top schools in the West, and graduates regularly find work as VP of marketing, brand directors, advertising managers, product managers, public relations supervisors, and more.

Ambitious students have the option to augment their degree with a certificate in Strategic Human Resource Integration, Executive Leadership, or Executive Project Management.

Tuition: $10,890/yr

#18. University of Saint Mary

One Year Online MBA: Marketing and Advertising Concentration

The University of Saint Mary is a private institution offering an affordable online MBA in marketing, capping tuition at less than $10,000 a year. Moreover, the entire degree program is only a year-long, meaning that budget-conscious students can get a high-quality education with minimal investment.

Graduates enter the job market with confidence, armed with the skills to collaborate with sales associates, price products competitively, develop effective marketing strategies, analyze consumer data, and design creative advertising campaigns.

FindTheBest gives USM an impressive 90/100 “Smart Rating,” thanks to the school’s affordable price tag and excellent academics.

Tuition: $9,900/yr

#19. Liberty University

Online Master of Science in Marketing

Liberty University’s online master’s degree in marketing provides students with a unique blend of communications training and religious education. A Christian school, Liberty grounds its teaching in spiritual principles and offers advice on how to integrate one’s faith with his or her career.

The curriculum also covers digital marketing, project management, public relations, and sports marketing, and students can choose to focus on just one of these “cognates.” This is a great option for goal-oriented learners who already have a clear vision of their future career path.

In addition to being ranked by U.S. News, Liberty has also received recognition from Barron’s Profile of American Colleges and has been rated one of the 10 most conservative universities by Young America’s Foundation.

This is one of the affordable online marketing degrees we have.

Tuition: $8,820/yr

#20. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University’s online MBA degree in marketing is the perfect choice for, particularly impatient students. Those who are eager to acquire a graduate degree and climb the corporate ladder will appreciate the school’s accelerated format, which bestows diplomas upon students in just one year.

The 12-month long curriculum is packed with useful information and includes concentration courses in Brand Management, Global Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, Marketing Research, Sales Management, E-Marketing, and Marketing Innovations and New Product Development. As with other schools on this list, SLU is a U.S. News-approved school, earning a top regional (South) ranking.

Tuition: $7,596/yr

#21. Post University

Online MBA with a Concentration in Marketing

Post University is not only a top school, but it also has an online business program that is very highly ranked. This includes a very affordable online MBA degree in marketing, which will set students back less than $8,000 per year.

Students looking to make a difference in the business world can use this program to gain confidence in their skills and prepare for a marketplace that is increasingly competitive and challenging. The degree is ACBSP accredited, an honor bestowed only on the most reputable business programs.

Members of the program take all classes in the master’s degree in marketing online, participating in highly-interactive classes and completing well-organized “modules” as they progress.

Tuition: $7,390/yr

#22. Grand Canyon University

Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing Online

Grand Canyon University’s cheap online MBA degree in marketing is low on investment but high on return. For less than $7,500 a year, students gain access to a program that roughly 90% of graduates deem “valuable” and “meaningful,” on College Prowler.

This completely online degree examines services marketing, marketing management, the use of technology, and strategic management, as well as key concepts of leadership.

Classes give students the opportunity to practice and enhance their skills while also developing the ability to create connections on an interpersonal level. Distinguished faculty encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative expression while also emphasizing research and data analysis.

Tuition: $7,296/yr


Have you found out the most affordable online degrees we have?

You can go ahead and apply for them.


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