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Ajah Excel, the Founder of Picca, States How to Achieve Virality, Sales, and Brand Ambassadors With One Picca

In today’s technologically advanced world, reaching a broader target market audience is vital to success. The ability to reach a wider audience significantly increases the likelihood of getting your target market and achieving success.

The success of events and programs heavily relies on the power of technology.

While there are many ways to reach your target market, one of the most cost-effective methods is turning your customers into your ambassadors. And virality and traffic play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Picca. Co, a cutting-edge solution that helps you promote your event and gain a massive audience, makes this process easier and more cost-effective.

Who is the Founder of Picca?

Mr. Excel Ajah, the founder of Picca, is a renowned expert in turning challenges into products. Excel is the CEO of Silicon African Technologies and has founded notable problem-solving tech products like, a platform that allows you to find the perfect writer for your content.

While narrating the story of Picca’s inception, Excel explains that the idea arose during the maiden edition of Smfest, a regional tech event focused on leveraging technology for business success.

He noted that Smfest had faced the challenge of tracking ticket sales and generating virality for the event.

Unable to find a single web tool that could combine all the necessary solutions into one, he led his team of 36 passionate and innovative individuals committed to achieving excellence and driving technological innovation to develop a solution afterward. This product combines these functionalities into one easy-to-use platform.

What is Picca?

Picca is a sleek and user-friendly tech product that allows users to create and share personalized graphics about themselves, their events, and their campaign in seconds while accessing unique customer data.

The platform allows users to merge virality, sales, and brand influence effortlessly. The beauty of Picca lies in its ability to turn your audience and customers into brand ambassadors, amplifying the reach and impact of your event or campaign.

Excel opines that his team succeeded in creating a unified tool that empowers users to design their unique narrative and share it with their audience. With just a few clicks, customers can replicate the design and reduce graphic designers’ need for extensive alterations and edits.

Picca has received much positive feedback for its remarkable capability to achieve three essential goals with just one Picca. Utilizing a single Picca can simplify ticket sales, nurture brand advocates for your event, and increase virality all in one go. This will save you valuable time and resources.

Picca Reviews

An event organizer was thrilled with her experience using Picca commended Picca for positively impacting event planning and promotion.

She stated how they could boost event sales by designing a compelling design and creating a clear plan of action on the platform. With this, customers were able to purchase tickets with ease, without requiring any extra assistance.

Upon registration, they were also encouraged to share an event flyer, which turned them into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. This led to a noticeable decrease in marketing efforts, as each ticket sold meant reaching an even larger audience.

What Can I Do With

In a recent interview, the founder of Picca, Excel Ajah, enlightens users on the Picca types. He noted offers a range of services you can tailor to achieve your unique goals and needs. There is Picca for

  • Event registration and Ticketing: This type boosts virality and engagement for your event.
  • Completion Certificates: Award certification for completing classes, programs, or seminars.
  • Celebrations: Commemorate milestones and achievements in style.
  • Support: Show solidarity for causes, movements, or campaigns.
  • Religion: Share beliefs with like-minded individuals and attract more followers.
  • Reviews: Gather feedback on products and services.

Highlighting how to achieve more with one Picca further, he opines that getting started with Picca is straightforward:

  • Sign in to Picca. Co.
  • Click on “Create Picca.”
  • Choose a Picca type.
  • Fill out the necessary details for your Picca type.
  • Optionally, create a ticket.
  • Collect data from participants.
  • Preview your Picca.
  • Create and launch your Picca.

Excel proudly shares that Picca has played a significant role in the success of numerous mega-events in Owerri and Africa.

He emphasizes that collating user data has never been easier than the Picca form. Looking ahead, he envisions continuous innovation to meet global demands and needs.

He commits to aligning Picca with technological advancements, seamlessly transforming event organization and audience into brand ambassadors.

Picca is a game-changer in event organization and brand influencing. It empowers users to reach a broader audience, increase sales, and turn customers into passionate advocates.

He encourages all and sundry to get started by turning their audience into ambassadors of their ideas. Sign up now at Picca. Co.