Best 20 Art Therapy Degree Online | 2023

Art therapy is a therapeutic approach that promotes healing by tapping into and revealing an individual’s deepest thoughts and feelings through arts. It is accessible to people of all ages, including those who do not consider themselves good at art.

Research has shown that it would be helpful for people with a wide variety of conditions. If you find other art therapy ineffective, art therapy could be a wonderful area of therapy for you to try.

The world, being saturated with people going into other forms of therapy, and getting an art therapy degree could be a stepping stone for you to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

In this post, we present to you, the 20 best art therapy degree online. This allows you not just to earn a therapy degree online but also learn how to promote healing through art.

See the table of contents below.

Table of contents

Is Art Therapy A Good Career?

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Expressing yourself artistically can actually help you resolve issues within yourself faster than you know, as well as develop and manage behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and even go as far as improving your self-esteem. Yes, it is that effective.

An art therapy career would allow you to combine creative processes with innovative counseling techniques to help others. You could help patients reduce anxiety and depression and learn the latest research methods.

If you are interested in helping people with different issues, mental or physical, then you should really consider a career in art therapy.

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Can you get an Art Therapy Degree Online?

Yes. You can get an art therapy degree online. Even though some schools require you run an on-campus curriculum for a while before going completely online; in some others, you can run the whole program online.

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Why Study Art Therapy Online?

Studying art therapy online would bring counseling together with visual arts practices. Online art therapy degree aims to build the skills and knowledge one might need to achieve this goal.

You also have to remember that studying art therapy online gives you time for yourself as you would be studying from the comfort of your home.

Is There A Demand For Art Therapists?

The overall job demand for art therapists has been deficient since 2004. However, recent, research has shown that demand for art therapists is expected to go up with an expected rate of 5870 new jobs to be filled by 2020.

Art therapists have had one of the fastest growth rates in recent years. In 2021, art therapists will be more in demand than ever.

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How Much Do Art Therapists Earn?

As an art therapist, your experience, location, and your ability to market yourself would largely influence your salary.

Research has shown that you will earn salaries as an art therapist working in areas of higher population density.

If you are an art therapist who falls under the category of recreational therapist, you would be expected to earn an average annual salary of $46,060. As a professional in the field, you could earn up to $69,230.

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How Much Does An Art Therapy Degree Online Cost?

Online art therapy degree programs consist of around 30 to 60 credit hours. Tuition is mostly set by each school and can range from around $300 per credit to more than $1,000 per credit hour.

Is Art Therapy Degree Online Program Accredited?

The commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and the Accreditation Council for Art Therapy Education with the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) accredits art therapy degree online programs.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Art Therapy Degree Online?

Without hitches, online art therapy degree takes about 2 to 3 years. Some schools offer a flexible option for students who may opt for an extended format and complete it in 3 years. Others may opt for the accelerated format and complete it in 3 years.

What Are The Requirements For Art Therapy Online Degree Programs?

  • You must have done well in English, social sciences and natural sciences.
  • Standardized test score from the SAT or ACT. GRE scores will also be accepted only if SAT or ACT scores are unavailable.
  • At least two letters of recommendation are required and must be submitted. They could be from academic instructors who can strongly attest to your academic ability; individuals, ideally health care professionals, who served in a supervisory capacity for you
  • A complete online application.

What Kind Of Degree Do You Need To Study Art Therapy?

The minimum educational standards established by American Art Therapy Association require all entry-level practitioners of art therapy to have a master’s degree from an institution of higher learning recognized by a regional accrediting body by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA)

What Are The Best 20 Art Therapy Online Degree Programs In 2023?

Our list of best art therapy online programs was selected based on affordability.

#1 Georgia College and State University- Arts Therapy MA

This program provides comprehensive art therapy education to aspiring clinicians, therapists, and teachers. You would get the transformative skills and knowledge to work in various settings.

This program would help develop art therapy clinicians who are involved in diverse communities. It is accredited by the AATA. The program is offered through the College of Health Sciences. Tuition per credit is $294.


#2 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville- Art Therapy Counseling MA

Studying at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville would provide experiential learning to foster creative practices in the application of art therapy counseling. You would have 60 semester hours.

This school is one of the best, especially where you are interested in studying online. They have a supportive online community of faculty, advisors, and academic resources. Tuition per 3 credits costs $1,019.


#3 Florida State University- MS in Art Therapy

Studying this program at Florida State University would prepare you for entry-level careers as an art therapist in the cognitive, psychomotor, and behavior learning domains.

The program is offered through the College of Fine Arts. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges also accredits the university. Tuition per credit costs $479.


#4 Saint Mary of the Woods College- MA in Art Therapy

This program provides a beautiful blend of counseling with spirituality and creativity to help make a difference in people’s lives. There are a lot of unique opportunities offered at this university.

It has not only to do with the size and beauty of the school, but in the way it always dares students to do more. It is ranked #7 in the schools where you should study art therapy. The program is offered through the Department of Graduate Studies. Tuition per credit costs about $496.


#5 Southwestern College and New Earth Institute – MA in Art Therapy/Counseling

This program emphasizes the visual arts as a therapeutic approach in clinical, community, educational, and rehabilitation settings. They offer both on-campus and online programs. This university is accredited by the AATA and the Higher Learning Commission. Tuition per quarter unit costs $590.


#6 Ottawa University- MA in Counseling- Expressive Arts Therapy

Ottawa University would equip you with skills needed for the therapeutic arts to efficiently and effectively work with various populations and age ranges.

The program blends counseling foundation coursework with art applications and approaches. You would learn all the techniques for a successful art therapy career. They offer on-campus and online programs. Tuition per credit is $635.


#7 University of Indianapolis- MA in Mental Health Counseling- Art Therapy

This program would train you to use the creative art-making process to improve and enhance individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Their format is on campus and they also offer evening classes. Tuition per credit is $650.


#8 Notre Dame of Mary land University- Art Therapy MA.

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. It perfectly blends advanced courses blending, counseling, and therapeutic techniques to help graduates become professional art therapists. Tuition per credit costs about $675.


#9 Emporia State University- Art Therapy Counseling MS.

This school combines clinical practice, theory, research skills, fine arts training to train students to become effective art therapists. This school is one of the best, especially where you are interested in studying online. They have a supportive online community of faculty, advisors and academic resources. Tuition per year is $21,931.


#10 Seton Hill University- MA in Art Therapy-Counseling.

This school has a history of specializing in counseling programs. The clinical and art-based programs lead to reflective, transformative, and collaborative learning. Tuition per credit is $811.


#11 Notre Dame de Namur University- MA in Art Therapy.

On graduating, you could work with diverse individuals across the lifespan. You would be taught skills that would enable you to practice in schools, mental health organizations, outpatient programs, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical fields. Tuition per credit is $850.


#12 Mount Mary University- Art Therapy MS.

This program integrates artistic inquiry with art therapy and counseling theories and techniques. It ensures that you as a student, reach your greatest potential. It is one of the best universities to study art therapy. Tuition per credit is $870.


#13 Lesley University- MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling- Art Therapy

In Lesley university, growth meets process, choice, and discovery. Students are encouraged to explore their voices beyond white default in art therapy.

You would be taught to address the changing needs of human beings across the lifespan as they understand how science underlies human behaviour. Tuition per credit is $900.


#14 Eastern Virginia Medical School- Arts Therapy and Counselling, MS.

This university provides students with a mentor-based, individualized, nonresident, and self-paced alternative learning system to produce competent professional art therapists. Tuition Per year is $29,547.


#15 Springfield College- Art Therapy/ Counseling MS.

This program provides clinical training and practice, studio art, and a completed research project. The Commission accredits the university on Accreditation of Allied Health Education program. Tuition per credit is $1,105.


#16 Drexel University- Art Therapy and Counseling MA.

Drexel University would provide you with extensive exposure to current psychological, developmental, psychotherapy, and art therapy theory and practice. You would be equipped with how real-life practice is and also be equipped with skills with which you use in the long run. Tuition per credit is $1,342.


#17 Alder University- MA in Mental Health Counseling- Art Therapy.

In studying Master of Arts in this Art Therapy Program at Alder University, you would gain 70% of the knowledge and skills needed to help people through art and change lives in the long run. If you pay attention, studying in this school can be a stepping stone for you in your career as an art therapist. Tuition per credit is $1,342.


#18 School of Visual Arts- MPS Art Therapy

This school’s interdisciplinary program integrates academic theory and clinical application with the experiential components of art therapy practice. In this school, you would be taught to pay attention to details. This would ensure you find smart ways to meet the needs of your patients. Tuition per credit is $25,200.


#19 School of the Art Institute of Chicago- MA in Mental Health Counseling-Art Therapy

Offering an MA in Mental Health Counselling-Art Therapy, the school would give you all the opportunities you need and more to explore the relationship between life experiences and art-making. You would be strictly prepared to help people recover emotional clarity with artistic expression. Tuition per credit is $1798.


#20 New York University- MA in Art Therapy

This school integrates psychotherapy and visual arts for clinical assessment and treatment. You can become a competent entry-level art therapist in the knowledge, skills, and behavior learning fields upon graduation.

The school takes out time to perfectly blend clinical research and scholarly research to ensure you achieve your purpose of the study. Tuition is $1,867 per credit.


Frequently Asked Questions

What would I learn in an art therapy degree online?

You would learn to explore your personality in a way you have not, to create art as a means for self-healing and self-discovery, to use art for active medication; amongst other things.

What skill is required to become an art therapist?

Artistic skills and ideas, excellent communication skills, to work with people from all walks of life, to reflect on your emotions, business skills for private practice.

Would getting an art therapy degree online prepare me to become a board-certified art therapist?

Graduation from a program approved by the Educational Programs Approval Board or accredited by the commission on accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs will fully prepare you to meet the education requirements necessary to seek board certification through the Art Therapy Credentials Board.

Where do art therapists work?

As an art therapist, you can practice in various traditional settings including hospitals, rehabilitation care units, assisted living centers, psychiatric facilities, senior communities, and schools.

What is a master’s degree in art therapy curricula like?

The curricula usually include the history of art therapy, assessment procedures, art therapy techniques, characteristics of disabilities and illness, psychology, human development, and psychiatric terminology.


Suppose you are thinking of getting an art therapy degree online. In that case, you must have a strong understanding of visual arts because, during study, you would embrace various art forms, such as sculpture, painting, drawing, and others.

Studying online is also not always a bed of roses. You must be willing to sit up and pay attention to everything you would be taught.


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