Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram?

Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram

Do you know you can see who views your highlights on Instagram?

In the age of social media, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing moments, stories, and highlights.

In this article, we’ll explain how to see those who view your highlights on Instagram.

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Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

Do you want to know how to see who viewed your Instagram highlights? Well, you’re not alone in this curiosity, but it’s essential to understand that Instagram doesn’t offer a direct way to reveal the identities of your viewers. Nonetheless, you can still enhance your Instagram experience and take safety precautions.

Firstly, remember that while you can’t precisely see who viewed your highlights, Instagram does provide insights through Instagram Insights, especially if you have a business or creator account. These insights reveal valuable data about your audience’s interactions, which can help you gauge your content’s reach and impact.

In privacy settings, it’s a smart move to set your Instagram account to private. A private account allows you to control who can follow you and view your posts, adding a layer of security to your Instagram experience.

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How to See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights on Mobile

Want to know how you can see who views your Instagram Highlights on your mobile device? It’s very easy.

Now, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to enhance your Instagram experience.

  • Access Your Profile: Open your Instagram app on your mobile device, and tap on your profile picture located at the bottom right corner.
  • View Your Highlights: Scroll down to find the “Highlights” section on your profile. These are collections of your previously shared Stories. Tap on the highlight you want to check the viewers for.
  • Check Insights: Once you’re inside the highlight, tap on the ellipsis (three dots) icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Select “Viewers”: In the menu that appears, you’ll see an option that says “Viewers.” Tap on it.
  • Explore Your Viewers: Now, you can see the list of users who have viewed that particular highlight.

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How to See Who Views Your Instagram Highlights on Desktop

You can also see who views your Instagram Highlights on a desktop computer. Instagram’s desktop version provides limited functionality compared to the mobile app, and this is one feature that’s not readily available on the desktop site.

However, there’s a workaround to get insights into your Highlight viewers.

  • Open Instagram on Your Browser: Launch your preferred web browser and go to Instagram’s website. Log in to your account if you aren’t already.
  • Access Your Profile: Click on your profile picture or your profile name to access your profile.
  • View Highlights: You can see your Highlights displayed on your profile, but you won’t find an option to check the viewers directly.
  • Use Mobile Emulation: Here’s where the workaround comes in. You can enable mobile emulation on your browser, which makes the Instagram site appear as it would on a mobile device.
  • Right-click and Select “Inspect”: On the page, right-click anywhere and select “Inspect” from the context menu. This opens the browser’s developer tools.
  • Toggle the Mobile View: In the developer tools, look for a small mobile device icon, often located at the top left or top right corner. Click on it to enable mobile emulation.
  • Refresh the Page: After enabling the mobile view, refresh the page. Instagram will now appear as if you’re accessing it from a mobile device.
  • View Your Highlights: You can now click on your Highlights and access the ellipsis (three dots) icon to see “Viewers.”

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Can You See Who Views Regular Posts?

While you can’t see the specific individuals who have viewed your posts, Instagram does offer some insight into the engagement and reach of your content.

When you view your post’s likes and comments, you can often see the usernames of those who engaged with your content. This gives you an idea of who found your posts interesting or worth interacting with.

Furthermore, Instagram provides metrics like “Impressions” and “Reach” for your posts, especially if you have a business or creator account. These metrics reveal how many times your post has been seen and the unique number of accounts that have viewed it.

It’s important to understand that Instagram’s focus on privacy and security prevents the platform from providing detailed information about who views your content. Instagram’s policies are designed to create a safe and secure environment for users.

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Can I see who views my Instagram Highlights?

No, Instagram does not provide a direct way to see who views your Highlights. The platform focuses on privacy and security, which means this feature is not available.

Can I see who views my regular Instagram posts?

No, Instagram does not provide a direct way to see who views your regular posts. You can see the usernames of those who like and comment on your posts, but individual views remain private.


Instagram does not offer a built-in feature to see who views your highlights. Privacy and security are paramount, so focus on creating content and enjoy the platform responsibly.



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