How to Draw Boobs: Anatomical Illustration Accuracy

how to draw boobs

Ever wanted to draw those wonderful curves, those delightful mounds, those perky peaks? Well, if you’re looking for how to draw boobs, we’ve got you. Here, we will explore the art of capturing these beautiful forms in all their glory.

No matter if you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this guide will take you through the basics with ease. We’ll start with the simple shapes, and then gradually add details until our creations come to life.

So, grab your pencils, get comfy, and prepare to unleash your inner Picasso as we embark on this exciting journey of artistic expression.

Tools to draw boobs

If you’re looking for tools to create art or illustrations of the human body, including breasts, there are several software and traditional art supplies you can use.

Digital art software like Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or Clip Studio Paint can be used with a graphic tablet for precise digital drawings. For traditional art, pencils, charcoal, and watercolors on paper are common tools.

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How to draw boobs: step-by-step

To draw boobs, follow these steps:

Sketch the Torso:

Begin by loosely sketching an oval shape for the rib cage with a concave curve at the bottom. Draw the pelvic area as a trapezoid with slightly curved sides. Leave some space to separate the rib cage from the pelvic area. Add centerlines and lines for love handles. Keep in mind that the hips should appear wider than the upper body to maintain a feminine look.

Clavicle and Shoulder Blades:

To depict the clavicle, draw simple lines that are angled at about 20 degrees. For the shoulder blades, draw upside-down triangles, keeping them relatively simple and proportional.

Sketch in the Boobs:

Once you have the basic torso, add the breasts. Draw two egg-shaped forms on the rib cage, angling them toward the center of the clavicle. Ensure there is some space between the breasts and the rib cage. The bottom of the breasts should end slightly above the bottom of the rib cage. Add centerlines to guide the shape. You can also include the belly button, which should be located around the top or slightly above the pelvic area.

Drop Layer Opacity:

If you’re working digitally, reduce the opacity of your sketch layer to around 30%. For traditional artists, ensure that your initial sketch marks are light.

Refine Sketch:

For digital artists, create a new layer on top of your sketch and switch to a black brush. Refine the details of the boobs, clavicle, and overall torso shape on this layer. Be selective and focus on the areas that need refinement, omitting unnecessary guidelines. Traditional artists can achieve refinement by pressing firmer with their pencils.

Add Shadows:

Create a new layer (digital) or continue working on your illustration (traditional). Add shadows to the torso and breasts. Consider casting a shadow below the breasts to create depth and make them stand out from the rib cage. Additionally, add lighter shading below the clavicle around the upper edge of the torso for a realistic effect.

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How to draw breasts under clothes

Drawing breasts under clothes can be a bit tricky, but here’s a simplified guide:

  • Outline the Torso: Start by drawing the basic shape of the torso and the clothing that covers it. Pay attention to the folds and contours of the clothing, which will help define the shape of the breasts underneath.
  • Position the Breasts: Sketch the general position of the breasts within the clothing. Keep in mind that breasts have volume, so they may create slight bulges in the fabric.
  • Indicate the Clothing’s Texture: Use light lines to indicate the texture of the clothing. For instance, if it’s a T-shirt, lightly sketch the fabric’s wrinkles and folds over the breasts.
  • Refine Details: Add more details to the breasts and clothing as needed. Adjust the clothing’s folds to follow the contours of the breasts, creating a realistic appearance.
  • Shade and Highlight: Use shading and highlights to emphasize the shape of the breasts and create the illusion of depth. Consider how the fabric’s shadows and highlights interact with the breasts underneath.

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How can I make breasts look natural in my artwork?

Pay attention to anatomy, practice regularly, and observe real-life references.

What’s the best way to draw cleavage?

Depict cleavage by emphasizing the area between the breasts with shading and highlights.

How do I add shading to breasts for a 3D effect?

Use soft shading to create volume and highlights to define curves.


Drawing boobs is a skill that combines anatomy knowledge, practice, and artistic interpretation. By following these steps and tips, you can create realistic and proportional breasts in your artwork, whether for realism or stylized depictions. Keep practicing and refining your techniques to achieve the desired results.



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