How Many SCPs Are There? SCP Foundation Explained


In a hidden corner of the internet, beneath layers of classified information and a shroud of enigmatic tales, lies the SCP Foundation, where reality skews, anomalies abound, and the line between science and the supernatural blurs. It’s a realm where the unexplained is not just acknowledged but meticulously cataloged, contained, and explored. But as you venture deeper into this clandestine society, a burning question emerges: just how many of these anomalies, these Secure, Contain, Protect entities, actually exist?

In this article, we’ll uncover the astonishing answer to the riddle that has intrigued creative minds across the globe: How many SCPs are there? Prepare to be amazed, for we’re about to unveil the secrets of the SCP Foundation like never before.

What Is SCP?

SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect,” and it refers to a fictional organization and collaborative writing project known as the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation is a popular online community-driven creative writing project that revolves around the concept of a secret organization tasked with identifying, capturing, and containing anomalous objects, creatures, and phenomena that pose a threat to humanity or violate the natural laws of reality.

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About The SCP Foundation

The collaborative writing wiki project of the same name contains information about a made-up secret society called The SCP Foundation. The Foundation is tasked within the shared universe of the website with the capture, containment, and study of various anomalies or “SCPs” (supernatural, paranormal, and other unexplained phenomena), while also maintaining their secrecy from the rest of human society.

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Is The SCP Foundation Good Or Bad?

The SCP Foundation’s goal is unrelated to being the good or bad folks in the end. The foundation’s goals are to safeguard mankind, contain abnormalities, and secure them. When they do this, individuals may occasionally act morally well and other times unethically. As long as doing so keeps the public from finding that abnormalities exist, the Foundation has no problem keeping the cancer cure locked away.

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What SCP Is In The Game?

A free survival horror game called SCP – SCP-Containment Breach is based on the creations of the SCP Foundation community. Your objective is to leave a SCP Foundation confinement site by any means necessary.

How Many SCPs Are There?

There are over 6,600 SCP artifacts with more routinely added. However, the reports are written in a scientific style, and the material is frequently “redacted” or “expunged.” Over 4,200 short stories, known as “Foundation Tales,” may be found on the SCP Wiki.

The SCP Foundation is a made-up secret organization that is described in the same-named collaborative writing wiki project. 

The abbreviation means “Special Containment Procedures.”Within the website’s shared reality, the Foundation is entrusted with gathering and containing certain abnormalities, or “SCPs.”

Supernatural, paranormal, and other inexplicable occurrences are SCPs. In addition, they continue to keep their secret from the rest of human civilization.

What Does SCP 6969 Do?

SCP-6969-J looks like a “Tropical-Mango” Gatorade bottle in orange color. Unlike normal Gatorade bottles, it has hostile qualities that can suffocate anyone who swallows it and seriously harm their internal organs, as if they had drank a severely acidic substance.

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What Is The safest SCP?

There have been allegations of SCP-999 accidentally injuring individuals. The safest, in my opinion, are medications. SCP-500 is a collection of pills that, when taken, will cure you of the illness you are currently experiencing.

When Was SCP 035 Found?

035 was eventually sealed in a crypt in an abandoned house in Venice and was found by the SCP Foundation during the 19th century.

What Are The Coolest SCPs?

10 SCPs to Read if You Love Control

  • SCP-682 (The Reptile of Unknown Origin)
  • SCP-087 (The Staircase)
  • SCP-2521.
  • SCP-1609.
  • SCP-261 (The Vending Machine)
  • SCP-1048 (The Teddy Bear)
  • SCP-1425 (Star Signals)
  • SCP-1733 (The DVR)

FAQs On How Many SCPs Are There

How often are new SCPs created?

New SCPs are created on a regular basis by the SCP Foundation community. There is no set schedule for their creation, but you can find new entries and updates on various SCP Foundation websites and forums.

Are there any official limits on the number of SCPs?

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative project, and there are no official limits on the number of SCPs that can be created. Authors are free to contribute their own SCPs as long as they adhere to the project’s guidelines and rules.

Can SCPs be removed or retired?

Yes, SCPs can be removed or retired if they no longer fit within the project’s guidelines or if the community decides they are no longer appropriate. This is relatively rare but can happen to maintain the quality and consistency of the SCP universe.


In spite of the SCP’s certainly having good intentions, the Foundation has frequently committed several morally questionable or downright villainous acts throughout the mythos in order to accomplish their goals. Whether or whether an anomalous event poses a hazard, the Foundation records and contains it. Every SCP is subjected to testing and experiments on a daily basis..


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