How to Send a Job Offer Acceptance Email | Writing Tips and Examples

how to send a job acceptance email
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After being accepted in a company, how to send a job acceptance email in respond to the offer can be many time easily forgotten, as the joy of getting to start a new job can make you forget you are supposed to reply them with an acceptance email.

It can be exhilarating and stressful to look for a new career. You might have to wait weeks for a response to your application, let alone to begin speaking with hiring managers, depending on the recruiting process. But after a few weeks, you eventually ace the interview, send a cordial follow-up email, and get a job offer. What comes next?

Now is how to send a job acceptance email. Regardless of your level of experience, we have some advice to help you write an email that is suitable, formal, and straightforward.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking a new position or taking your first job, take the time and attention necessary to develop a compelling message that convinces the company they made the correct choice in hiring you.

What Does it Entail to Accept a Job Offer?

An official acceptance email is sent in response to a job offer. This dialogue makes sure that everyone has agreed to a reasonable wage, work schedule, and start date. You’ll probably also accept a start date, which officially kicks off your employment.

If you are a chosen applicant, your prospective employer will probably call to extend the offer. Discussing pay and other forms of remuneration at this time is a terrific idea. When they await your response, they will also give you a written offer of employment.

Give it some thought before you react. Examine the contract and the offer email for any differences. If there are any terms of employment that you have questions or concerns about that weren’t answered over the phone, It is now appropriate to bring them up.

Before issuing you a contract, some businesses will ask you to accept an offer. Others will include a contract with their offer that they expect you to sign and accept. In either case, you’ll start the onboarding process after returning the signed contract. Allow the anticipation of beginning a new professional chapter to rule.

How to Send a Job Offer Acceptance Email

The following step is to put together a formal message to indicate your acceptance to the company after you’ve done your research, reviewed the contract terms, and signed the paperwork.

This succinct note plays a key role in outlining the initial conditions of employment and establishing the working dynamic with your hiring manager. Being kind, professional, and competent in your communication will help you establish a favorable impression.

Fortunately, if you take your time and write a wonderful message, it’s easy. Eight steps are listed below for a strong acceptance email:

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You should refrain from using unsuitable or informal language in business communications. Use a formal salutation and include the name of the recruiting manager or recruiter you are speaking with. A few good options are “Hello […], I hope you’re well” and “Dear […], Thank you for your message.”


In order to keep everyone on the same schedule, be sure to include your start date confirmation in your job acceptance email. Although it will probably be included in your contract, it’s still helpful to have it in writing.

Contact Details

It’s advisable to include your phone number in each email you send so that recruiting managers or employers can reach you. Check this post: Where Can I Cash in Coins For Free (Or Cheap)

Conditions Attached to The Contract

The most crucial action you can take before accepting an offer is to thoroughly read the contract. Verify that it is reasonable, satisfies your needs, and is consistent with the employment offer. Tell the employer that everything appears excellent and that you are prepared to sign.

If there are any differences, make an effort to arrange a conversation to discuss them before signing. You can accept the offer on the condition that certain requirements—such as salary expectations or other elements of compensation and benefits—are met; otherwise, one or both parties may reject it. You’ll get on the same page quicker if you do this over the phone.

Add “Thank You”

Say “thank you” to the hiring manager for the offer. Keep it formal and concise, but make sure to express your gratitude and excitement. Your new employer will value your manners. And you should thank everyone who helped you apply for the job successfully, not just the hiring manager—whether it was a buddy who put your name forward or a recruiter who got you an interview.

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An acceptance letter must be both concise and clear. If your prospective employer receives a message filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, they can begin to doubt their choice to hire you.

You don’t want to start off in your new position that way. Take a 30-minute break from your email before sending it, then reread it with fresh eyes.


After you have verified all the information and are confident with the offer and your response, sign off on your message digitally. You are prepared to press “Send.”

There are a lot of things to keep in mind, but if you are careful and attentive, you can write an acceptance email that will make your prospective company even more eager to hire you.

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Acceptance Email Writing Tips and Examples

Subject: Acceptance of Job Offer [Date] — [Your name]

Hello […],

I’m writing to express my gratitude for considering me for the post of [job title] at [business name]. I’m glad you responded, and I’m eager to see where this new position takes me.

I have read the contract’s terms of employment and agree to accept my beginning pay of [salary] for this position. I also agree to the company’s conditions and regulations as outlined in the offer letter.

My start date at [name of firm] will be [beginning date], as agreed, to allow my old employer a suitable period of time to adjust.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need anything more right now. If you’d want to talk further about any points of the contract or my acceptance, I’m also available for a phone call or an online chat.

I’d want to express my gratitude for the invitation to join [business name] once more. As a member of your team, I am looking forward to this exciting new chapter.


[Your name] [Your phone number] [Your email].


How can you accept a job offer in a respectful manner?

Subject: Accepting Offer for [Position] by [Your name]I’ll be happy to get started on [Start Date] after accepting your offer. After learning so much about [Company Name] throughout the interview process, I am eager to join the team and get things going.

In what format should you send email acceptance?

Dear Mr. or Mrs. [Name of Recipient], I want to express my gratitude for the employment offer from “Title” that you extended to me. I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to work for [Company name]. Please use this email as my official letter of acceptance.

How can one convey acceptance?

When a person expressly accepts your offer in writing or verbally, this is known as express acceptance. This one is simple and easy to understand: it occurs when you expressly accept an offer exactly as it is.



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