How to Use Boob Tape: Fashion Fix for Outfit Confidence

How to Use Boob Tape

Irrespective of your breast shape, you can attain confidence with boob tapes. Breast lift tape is a double-sided adhesive tape that is specifically designed to provide support and lift to the breasts.

Women who want to wear low-cut or backless tops and dresses without the worry of revealing too much or feeling insecure about their cleavage usually use boob tapes.

They are usually water-resistant and sweat-proof and can be worn for up to 12 hours. If you already got a boob tape and wondering how to use it, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use boob tape. You should read to the end.

How to Use Boob Tape for V Neck

To use breast lift:

  1. Clean and dry your breasts thoroughly. This will help the boob tape adhere to your skin properly.
  2. Cut a piece of boob tape to the desired size and shape. You can use scissors or a razor blade to cut the tape.
  3. Peel off the backing paper from the boob tape. Be careful not to touch the sticky side of the tape.
  4. Apply the boob tape to your breasts, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Use a lifting motion to create the desired shape.
  5. Smooth out the boob tape to ensure that there are no wrinkles. This will help prevent the tape from peeling off.
  6. Put on your top or dress.

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How to use boob tape for strapless dress

To use a breast lift for strapless dress, you need a breast lift, scissors, a mirror, talcum powder, and a blow dryer

Follow the steps below:

  1. Prep your skin: Cleanse and dry your breasts thoroughly to ensure the tape adheres properly.
  2. Cut the tape: For strapless dresses, you’ll typically need shorter strips compared to regular bras.
  3. Apply the first strip: Starting from the bottom of your breast, gently apply the first strip of tape, pulling it upwards to lift your breast.
  4. Add additional strips: Repeat step 3, applying additional strips of tape in a diagonal or crisscross pattern to provide more lift and support.
  5. Secure the sides: Cut two shorter strips of tape and apply them horizontally along the outer edges of your breasts, extending slightly towards your back.
  6. Check for symmetry: Use a mirror to check for symmetry and make any necessary adjustments to the tape placement.
  7. Apply nipple covers (optional): If you’re wearing a low-cut dress, consider using nipple covers to prevent chafing and maintain a smooth appearance.
  8. Put on your dress: Carefully slip into your strapless dress, ensuring the tape is positioned correctly.

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Is boob tape sweat proof?

Boob tape is considered sweat-proof, but it’s not completely impervious to moisture. If you’re sweating excessively, the tape may start to loosen and may not be as effective at lifting and supporting your breasts.

You don’t want to get embarrassed in your even when your breast starts dropping. So, to help prevent this from happening, you can use a waterproof primer or spray to help the tape adhere to your skin more effectively.

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What is the best boob tape for large breasts?

Finding the best boob tape for large breasts requires considering factors like support, adhesion, and comfort. Here are the best boob tapes for large breasts:

  • Nue Breast Tape
  • Good Lines Party Pack Boob Tape Kit
  • Kmboobies Boob Tape
  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets Body Contour Tape

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How long can you wear boob tape?

Boob tape can generally be worn for up to 12 hours without causing any harm to your skin.

However, the exact amount of time will vary depending on the brand of tape, your skin type, and the activities you are doing.

Is boob tape better than a strapless bra?

Boob tape is a double-sided adhesive tape that can be used to lift and support the breasts. It is generally considered to be more comfortable than a strapless bra, as it does not have any straps to dig into your shoulders or back.

On the other hand, Strapless bras are specifically designed to provide support without straps. They come in a variety of styles, from balconette bras to plunge bras, to accommodate different breast shapes and cleavage preferences. Both are used for creating a lifted and supported look without straps

Is it okay to use boob tape every day?

While boob tape is generally safe for most skin types, it can irritate the skin if used too frequently. So, it is not advisable to use breast lifts everyday.

How to use boob tape plus size

To use boob tapes for plus size, follow the steps above. However, consider the following tips:

  1. Use Wider Strips: Opt for wider strips of boob tape to provide broader coverage and support for larger breasts.
  2. Multiple Layers: Consider applying multiple layers of tape, especially in areas that require extra lift and support.
  3. Adjust Angle of Strips: Experiment with the angle of the angled strips to achieve the desired cleavage level while ensuring adequate support.
  4. Prioritize Comfort: Choose a hypoallergenic boob tape that is comfortable and gentle on your skin.
  5. Test and Adjust: Practice applying the tape before an event to ensure a smooth and confident application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse boob tape?

No, you cannot reuse boob tape. Once you remove it, it will not be sticky enough to reuse.

Can I wear boob tape with a bra?

Yes, you can wear boob tape with a bra. However, it is not necessary. Boob tape is strong enough to support your breasts on its own.

Where can I buy boob tape?

You can buy boob tape at most drugstores and department stores. You can also buy it online.

How long does boob tape last?

Boob tape can last for up to 12 hours. However, it may last longer depending on your skin type and the activities you are doing.

Is boob tape safe for my skin?

Boob tape is generally considered safe for most skin types.


Boob tape is a safe and effective way to lift and support the breasts. It is a popular choice for women who want to wear low-cut or strapless tops without having to worry about their breasts falling out.

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