What is Kevin Durant’s Real Height?

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Kevin Durant, one of the most iconic and prolific basketball players of our generation, has always been a subject of curiosity and debate regarding his height. While many NBA players have their heights scrutinized, Durant’s case is especially intriguing because of the varying measurements that have been reported over the years. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the mystery surrounding Kevin Durant’s real height and explore the factors contributing to the confusion.

Official NBA Height vs. Public Perception

The National Basketball Association (NBA) typically provides official player heights, but these figures aren’t always consistent with public perception. When Durant was drafted in 2007, he was listed at 6 feet 9 inches, which seemed accurate. However, as his career progressed, fans and analysts began to speculate that he might be taller than the listed height, and these speculations have persisted throughout his career.

The 6’10” Controversy

In 2016, Durant made a seemingly off-hand comment about his height during an interview, stating that he was indeed 6 feet 10 inches. This statement caused a stir among fans and media outlets, as it contradicted the height listed on official NBA rosters. The NBA did not officially change his listed height, but Durant’s assertion fueled the belief that he was taller than initially stated.

The Confounding Factors

Several factors have contributed to the confusion surrounding Kevin Durant’s height:

  1. Shoe Height: One of the main factors is the discrepancy between Durant’s height with or without shoes. The NBA typically measures players with shoes on, which can add an inch or more to their height. Some fans speculate that Durant might have been calculated without shoes during his 6’9″ listing, and with shoes during his 6’10” claim.
  2. Posture and Measurement Methods: People’s heights can vary slightly depending on their posture and the method used to measure them. With measurements being taken in different settings and under other circumstances, variations can occur.
  3. Self-Perception: Durant’s perception of his height plays a significant role in the ongoing debate. People often have a personal image of their height, which can influence how they present themselves.

The Verdict

So, what is Kevin Durant’s real height? The answer remains elusive. Currently, the NBA officially lists him at 6 feet 9 inches, but Durant himself has claimed to be 6 feet 10 inches. The truth likely lies somewhere between, possibly around 6 feet 9.5 inches when considering footwear and measurement variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Kevin Durant’s official height listed by the NBA?
  • Kevin Durant is officially listed as 6 feet 9 inches by the NBA.
  1. Has Kevin Durant ever claimed a different height?
  • Yes, Kevin Durant has claimed to be 6 feet 10 inches, causing some height-related controversy.
  1. Why is there confusion about Kevin Durant’s height?
  • The confusion arises from variations in measurement methods, posture, and whether measurements include footwear.
  1. What is the likely reason for the height difference?
  • The difference in height listings is likely due to whether measurements are taken with or without shoes.
  1. Is Kevin Durant’s precise height critical in the context of his basketball career?
  • While the debate about his height is intriguing, Kevin Durant’s talent and impact on the basketball court far outweigh the significance of his exact height.


Kevin Durant’s height remains a subject of fascination and debate in the basketball world. While the discrepancy between 6’9″ and 6’10” may not seem significant in the grand scheme, it showcases how even minor details can become intriguing mysteries in sports. Ultimately, what matters most is Durant’s incredible talent and impact on the game of basketball, regardless of his exact height.



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