How To Become a Certified Health Coach  | Full Step Guide

Just like sports coaches help athletes excel at soccer or swimming, health coaches assist humans in excelling at their fitness. Whether it’s for relieving a chronic clinical condition or incorporating extra greens into their diet, fitness training may be a sport-changer in transforming a person’s existence. Hence, the various programs and certifications to help prepare you for this career path.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about health coaching so that you can make an informed decision about where to start your journey toward becoming a certified health coach.

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Who Is A Health Coach?

A health coach is a professional who advises people on meeting their health and wellness goals. This can include helping you create a plan that works for you, but it’s different from getting a doctor’s diagnosis or treatment.

A health coach won’t be able to diagnose you with an illness or recommend medications, but they can suggest what kinds of food and exercise suit your body type.

They’ll also help guide you through choosing which supplements would best fit into your lifestyle before recommending anything else—and then negotiating those purchases with insurance companies if necessary (which often happens).

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How To Select A Certified Health Coach?

Coaching is a great way to get the most out of your running and fitness journey. It can be difficult, however, to find the right coach for you. The first step is deciding whether you want a certified coach—and if so, what makes one better than another?

Below are some tips for selecting a certified health coach

Find Out About the Coach’s Background

The first thing to look for is the coach’s educational background. This will give you an idea about the coach’s knowledge and expertise in the field.

If your coach has a Master’s degree, they have studied more about coaching than just one subject area. It also shows that they’ve researched what works and what doesn’t, so it’s safe to assume their advice will be practical too!

Ask Questions About Their Experience

You should also ask the coach a few questions about their experience. This can help you decide if they are suitable for your business and what type of person they are.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • · Have they worked with people in your industry?
  • · Have they worked with companies similar to yours (or, even better, more equal)?
  • · How long have they been coaching?

Ask About Their Training

After you’ve found a coach, ask them about their training and certifications. Does the coach have any certificates or degrees in coaching? Do they have some accreditation from an organization like the National Coaching Association? A great coach can tell you how long it took them to achieve their certification and what kind of education they received.

How To Choose a Training School for Health Coaches

Choosing a health coach training school is one of the most important decisions you will make in a new career. Below are some tips for choosing a health coach training school.

Learn About Their Specialty

When considering a health coach training school, it’s essential to ask your prospective school about its specialty. What is their focus? What do they offer other schools that don’t?

If the answer is “a lot,” this may not be the right school for you. If there are too many specialties and weaknesses, then the health coaching program is not specialized enough or teaches students incorrectly how to improve their skills as coaches.

Ask About Their Training Philosophy

The health coaching industry is rapidly growing, and many schools offer training. However, some schools may have different philosophies about what it means to be a health coach than others.

For example, some schools focus more on nutrition advice, while others may teach more about exercise or stress management techniques.

You must know exactly how your school approaches these areas before committing yourself to them as part of your training program so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to select which one will best suit your needs!

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Check For Endorsements From Others In The Field

You will want to check out the endorsements from others in your field. They should be able to vouch for their training and course content quality.

Choosing the right health coach school is essential to your success in the field. You want to make sure that you’re getting a quality education and that your training program will help you achieve your goals as a health coach or nutritionist.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Health Coach?

Health coaching is a relatively new career, but it’s become increasingly important and popular with healthcare reform and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

As one of the fastest-growing careers in health care, demand for health coaches is on the rise. To become a certified health coach, you’ll need to complete a minimum of three to 24 months of training.

How Do I Become A Certified Health Coach?

Being a constantly growing and evolving industry, below are some steps to becoming a certified health coach.

Health Coaching program

You’ll want to look for a health coaching program accredited by any organization in your field. Some examples include ACA and ACEND. Choose a program that aligns with your personal preferences and career goals.

For most people, the first step to becoming a health coach is getting certified by an organization that offers a training program.

Consider all the requirements and services offered by each Program

The first step in choosing a health coaching program is to consider all the requirements and services provided by each Program. Here are some examples:

  • Cost of the Program: A health coaching certification varies from organization to organization, but most programs charge between $3,000 and $6,000.
  • Length of time required: Most programs take between 6 months and one year to complete; however, some require only three months or less than half that time (e.g., Life Coaching Institute).
  • What’s included in each course? Some courses include all materials needed for successful completion; others offer only a list of recommended books or articles you can find online at no charge (e.g., Life Coaching Institute).
  • What isn’t included in each course? Be sure you know what activities your training covers, so you don’t waste money on unnecessary things!

Create a study schedule and start preparing for your exam.

You will need to choose a study schedule that works for you. An excellent place to start is by thinking about how much time you have available and how much time you want to devote each day. Once you have decided on your study plan, ensure it stays consistent with the exam date and time.

Complete your required work experience hours and practice

  • · Practice your coaching skills with clients.
  • · Practice your coaching skills with friends and family.
  • · Practice your coaching skills by starting a blog or website (if you don’t have one).
  • · Volunteer at a local hospital, school, or clinic specializing in health care issues and would benefit from having an athletic trainer/physical therapist.

Take the exam!

You’ll be ready for the test when you’re ready. The first step is preparing yourself mentally and physically for a test day by taking a few practice tests from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

How Much Does A Health Coach Make?

Health coaches are experts at helping people with their overall health and well-being. They can help you get the most out of your workout, improve your sleep habits, or even prevent disease if you have a predisposition.

The job market for health coaches is booming, but what does that mean for your salary? The average salary for a health coach is $33k-$70k. This depends on your location and your experience, education, and certifications.

However, the more experience you have as a health coach, your earnings will be higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a certified health coach in 3 months?

Yes, some health coaching programs run for three months.

Can I find online schools for health coaching?

Some Health coaching schools offer online programs.

What is the average salary for health coaches?

Health coaches have an average annual salary of $51,000.

What does a health coach do?

Health Coaches help educate clients on areas of their health they want to improve and guide them through the process.

Can I become a health coach without certification?

To become a certified health coach, you must pass your certification exam at the end of training.


We hope this article has helped you decide which health coaching program suits your needs. Remember, many options are available, so do your research and determine what courses will best help you reach your goal of becoming a certified health coach.



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