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monarch money review

Today, managing your finances has become more crucial than ever. Personal finance apps are a lifeline in helping individuals navigate the complex world of money management. One such app that’s generating buzz is “Monarch Money.”

But, before you dive headfirst into this financial tool, you might wonder, “Is Monarch Money the right choice for me?”

In this article, we will delve into the Monarch Money app, offering a detailed review of its features, functionality, and what you can expect in 2023.

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What is Monarch Money?

Monarch Money isn’t just your average budgeting app; it’s a comprehensive personal finance tool designed to empower you in navigating modern money management. With its fully customizable dashboard, Monarch Money equips you with the tools to construct budgets, monitor expenditures, and keep tabs on your investments.

Moreover, it offers expert financial advice to guide you toward your financial goals. Some standout features highlighted on Monarch Money’s website include:

  • Net Worth Syncing: Consolidate all your accounts into one convenient location.
  • Recurring Transactions: Easily track repeating expenses throughout the year.
  • Spending Insights: Keep an eye on your spending across all accounts and gauge your savings rate.
  • Expert Advice: Gain access to personalized financial advice from industry experts.
  • Transaction Lists: Access a single feed displaying all your financial transactions.
  • Customized Budgeting: Tailor your budget to align with your financial objectives.
  • Investment Insights: Obtain an in-depth analysis of your investment portfolio.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Customize your dashboard to display the information that matters most to you.
  • Financial Goals: Set clear goals, such as saving for retirement.
  • Collaboration: Invite other users to contribute to your dashboard.

Monarch Money is accessible both through the web and as a mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

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Monarch Money Review: Standout Features

Monarch Money offers numerous compelling reasons why it’s an exceptional fintech tool:

Complete Financial Overview

With Monarch Money, you can consolidate your various financial tools into one unified snapshot, making it simple to manage your financial affairs. You can also add other household members to the platform for synchronized financial management.

Ad-Free Experience

Unlike many budgeting apps, Monarch Money is entirely ad-free, ensuring a distraction-free financial experience.

No Upselling

Monarch Money doesn’t engage in the practice of recommending or selling additional products, providing you with a hassle-free financial experience.


Designed with couples in mind, Monarch Money allows you to invite other household members to access your shared financial data. You have control over which accounts and transactions are included in the shared information.


Monarch Money empowers you to customize the app to your preferences. You can reorder or remove the default categories, and even create custom categories to personalize your financial management further.

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Monarch Money Review: Areas for Improvement

While Monarch Money offers several advantages, there are areas where it might enhance its offerings in the future:


Monarch Money comes with a fee, which might not align with the preferences of individuals who seek free financial tools. However, the platform’s robust features and expert advice make the fee worthwhile. A 7-day free trial is currently available for those who want to explore the tool before subscribing.

Limited Options for Crypto Owners

Monarch Money primarily syncs with Coinbase, which might not fully cater to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who engage in buying, selling, or trading various digital assets.

No Credit Score Monitoring

Surprisingly, Monarch Money lacks the feature to monitor your credit score. While this might not be a deal-breaker, it’s an area that could be improved in the future.

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Monarch Money Competitors

Monarch Money faces competition in the fintech landscape, with notable alternatives like Empower, Mint, and YNAB:

Empower vs. Monarch Money

Empower is known for its extensive free tools and comprehensive financial projections, though it is associated with sales pitches once your net worth exceeds $100,000. Monarch Money stands out with its ad-free experience and calculators like the Financial Health Calculator.

Mint vs. Monarch Money

Mint offers a free and efficient budgeting tool with credit monitoring, making it an excellent choice for budget-focused users. In contrast, Monarch Money provides a more holistic financial overview and a distraction-free experience.

YNAB vs. Monarch Money

YNAB, while popular, has a learning curve. Monarch Money aims to offer a user-friendly experience and a more comprehensive approach to financial management.

Is Monarch Money legit?

Yes, Monarch Money is a legitimate platform with strong security measures, including read-only data access, bank-level security, and encryption. It is highly rated in both the App Store and Google Play.

Monarch Money offers a robust set of tools to streamline your financial management, and its commitment to ad-free, distraction-free finance makes it an attractive choice for users seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly solution.

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In personal finance, the right tools can make all the difference in achieving your financial goals. As we’ve explored in this article, Monarch Money is one such tool, offering a range of features to help you manage your money effectively.

However, whether it’s the ideal choice for you ultimately depends on your unique financial needs and preferences. Consider giving the free version a try to see if it aligns with your requirements, and if you find it valuable, explore the premium features to take your financial management to the next level in 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monarch Money, and how does it work?

Monarch Money is a personal finance app designed to help users manage their money efficiently. It offers features like expense tracking, budgeting, investment tracking, and financial goal setting. It connects to your bank accounts and credit cards, automatically categorizing transactions and providing insights into your financial health.

Is Monarch Money a free app, or does it come with a subscription fee?

Monarch Money offers a free basic version of the app with limited features. However, a premium subscription is available for a monthly or annual fee. The premium version typically provides more advanced features and customization options.

How does Monarch Money ensure the security of my financial information?

Monarch Money takes security seriously and uses encryption to protect your data. It often relies on bank-level security measures to safeguard your financial information. Be sure to read the app’s privacy policy and understand how your data is handled.

Can Monarch Money help with debt management and savings goals?

Yes, Monarch Money provides tools to help you manage and reduce debt, as well as set and track savings goals. You can create a debt repayment plan and get insights into your savings progress.

Is Monarch Money user-friendly and suitable for beginners?

Monarch Money is designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for beginners. It typically offers a straightforward interface, intuitive navigation, and guides to help you get started. Users often find it easy to set up and use, even if they’re new to personal finance apps.



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