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The world’s bestselling author after Shakespeare. Author of over 65 books. The most translated individual author. And then there were none, one of her books is one of the top-selling books of all time.

Pretty impressive.

This is all done by one name. Agatha Christie To many, Christie Agatha Christie remains the best mystery and crime, writer. And with good reason too. Having written over 65 crime books, and served in hospital dispensaries during both world wars‑ thereby gaining knowledge of the poisons she features in her novels‑, Agatha Christie is a household name. Her books, even so.

Meanwhile, the table of content is below.

About Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is a well famous author and novelist best known for the over 66 detective and mystery novels she has written, including 33 on the famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot, who appeared in 33 novels and numerous other short stories.

If you are looking for reasons why you should read Agatha Christie’s books, consider the following reasons.

According to a finding, she was the most successful crime writer after Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond. Most crime writers consider her as an influence, and she is referred to as the ‘queen of crime’ or ‘queen of mystery.’ Her novels were adapted into many movies such as murder on the orient express, and her works were translated into over 44 languages.

Agatha has also inspired numerous authors, many of whom have gone on to write continuation novels of her book. To date, Hercule Poirot remains the only character to receive a front-page obituary by the New York Times in 1975, which speaks of Agathat’s prowess as a writer.

Christie Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None is the best-selling mystery novel ever, with over 100 million copies sold. As of 2018, Guinness World Records listed Christie as the best-selling fiction writer of all time.

Agatha Christie has written over 66 books, many of which became international bestsellers. And Then There Were None is Christie’s best-selling novel with over 100 million sales making also the world’s best-selling mystery novel ever.

And Then There Were None is Christie’s best-selling novel, with 100 million sales to date, making it the world’s best-selling mystery ever, and one of the best-selling books of all time. Agatha Christie is second only to William Shakespeare as the best-selling fiction author of all time.

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In addition,

Born Dame Agatha Christie Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan in 1890 to a middle-class family in England, Her father died at the age of 11 thus making it hard for the little family. This however didn’t deter her and her interest in reading at writing. At the age of 18, she wrote her first short story, and a novel followed soon afterward.

Agatha Christie, a fan of the early Sherlock Holmes series was attracted to the crime and mystery genre making her entry into the field at the age of 26. And the rest they say is history.

Not even a divorce, a disappearance, two world wars, and suspicion of being a spy will deter her. Agatha Christie will go on to write 65 novels, most of which are crimes. She died at the age of 85 from natural causes.

Having written so many books, it is hard to narrow down 10 of her best books. But that is exactly what I will do.

Join me as I write on the best of Agatha Christie’s books in no particular order.

Best Agatha Christie’s books

1. And Then There Were None

And then there were none is often described as a stellar starting point to Agatha Christie books’

Christie Agatha’s best-selling book was published in 1939. The book tells the story of 10 people who were invited to an isolated mansion on an island by someone who fails to show. As the guests share their dark secrets, they each die.

Until there were none.

Sounds interesting? Watch out for the plot twists.

Get it here

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2. Murder on The Orient Express

This is the most famous of Agatha Christie’s books. It features the crime detective Monsieur Poirot as he tries to unravel a piece of a murder aboard the train, Orient Express.

This promises to be spell bounding page-turner as it features lots of twists and reveals.

What more do you expect from the queen of mystery?

Published in 1939, it remains a classic and has been turned into several movies and shows and remains one of Agatha Christie’s best books ever.

Get it here.

3. Death On The Nile

#17 on the Hercule Poirot Mysteries, One of the best Agatha Christie books, was published in 1937. This mystery novel tells the story of a wealthy lady who is on a honeymoon cruise to the Nile.

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The honeymoon turned sour, however, when Linnet is murdered on board and Poirot is forced to investigate everyone on the bound.

The book also draws inspiration from Agatha Christie’s trip to Egypt, making it all more magical and vivid.

A movie adaptation is slated for release in 2022.

What are you waiting for? Find it here.

4. The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Ah, the one that starts it all. To me, this is my best Agatha Christie book and my personal favorite.

Written in 1921, it is the first installment in the Hercule Poirot series which spans over 47 books. It is also Agatha Christie’s first published novel.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles tells the story of an elderly Emily Linglethorp who was poisoned at Styles Court. Poirot sets out to investigate a younger husband who stands to benefit, a hired help, the nurse, and even a specialist in poison in a truly dazzling manner leaving little to the imagination.

It is no wonder this became a bestseller, a precursor to so many other great works, and one of Agatha’s best books.

5. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)

Another entry from the Poirot series is also one of the best of Agatha Christie.

Poirot agrees to investigate the murder of a wealthy man stabbed in his study. Published in 1926full of controversies, twists, and stunning revelations, this is one of the best of Agatha Christie’s novels.

6. The ABC Murders

Even the title of the book shows one is in for an interesting ride and it doesn’t disappoint.

Poirot investigates a serial killer who murders people based on the first letters of their name.

Interesting? I think others will agree this is one of Agatha Christie’s best books seeing as it was already adapted into a TV series.

7. Five Little Pigs

Don’t let the title fool you, this is one of the best books written by Agatha Christie.

Some consider this to be the best Agatha Christie book. Do we dare disagree? The book combines the last attempt at justice by a dutiful daughter for her mother convicted of killing her father, a sorrowful love affair, and an incredible storyline.

8. Peril at End House

Sprung into action by mishaps and misfortunes afflicted to Magdala, Poirot became convinced that someone else is after her life. Poirot was then proven right when a murder occurs at the end house‑ and wrong when it wasn’t the one he expects.

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This is #8 of the Hercule Poirot series and was published in 1932. It has long been turned into a video game.

9. Crooked House

When a wealthy patriarch gets murdered in his family’s mansion, it raises a lot of eyebrows. Especially when there are multiples of generations in the house who stand to gain.

Referencing the nursery rhyme crooked house‑ this remains one of Agatha Christie’s best books and one of her favorites too!

10. Curtain

As the name suggests, this was the curtain to Agatha Christie’s long and impactful half-century in crime writing.

The curtain was the last and one of the best Agatha Christie’s novels released in 1975 (though written during World War 2)

This book sent many readers into mourning, as the beloved inspector Hercule Poirot dies, but not without a final fight.

It is an emotional, yet satisfying and befitting tribute to the character so beloved by many. (The New York Times even wrote a front-page obituary.)

It becomes even heart-rendering considering Agatha Christie died just three months after its release.

Rest in power.

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FAQs on Agatha Christie’s book

Q. What was the first book Agatha Christie wrote?

A. The first book she wrote was called the house of beauty while in her teens. It is unpublished.

Q. Is Agatha Christie the bestselling author of all time?

A. No, but she remains the second only behind Shakespeare

Q. What was the best Agatha Christie book?

A. many books could be considered as the best, but And then there were known, murders in the orient express and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd stand out.

How many books has Agatha Christie written?

Agatha Christie has written 80 books, 65 of which are novels.

Do you have to read the Poirot books in order?

No, you don’t have to read the Poirot books in order.


Agatha Christie remains a great writer, and each of her books is great on its own. This is however a compilation of her top 10 books. Which do you think I missed? Which is your favorite? Are you reading one anytime soon? Tell me in the comments.



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