Best Apps For Learning Spanish 

There are many good apps to learn Spanish. Most of these apps are free. You want to be a fluent speaker, the classes, video, audio, and games on the web and both app are bite-size.

Learning Spanish can open new doors of opportunities and allows you to communicate with Spanish speakers more freely. You can travel to any Spanish-speaking country and get to know their culture and atmosphere. You can consistently practice, listen, read, write and develop your speaking skills and very soon, you will be able to speak with one of the 400 million Spanish native speakers.

We’ll show you the best apps to learn Spanish in this article. They are addictive, fun, and free apps to download. Most of these apps will teach you common phrases, grammar, and vocabulary.

What are the reasons for learning Spanish?

1. World most common spoken language

Spanish opens new doors that allow you to discover the world of opportunities. It is the mother tongue of 400 million people around the globe.

Spanish has the official language in 20 different countries and more than 550 million people communicate with it more competently.

It has more ranking than English. It’s also a second choice language for the people in the United States; 15 percentage of the European Union take Spanish as their first choice of language.

2. It opens the world of your dreams.

The Spanish language improves the experience you will get during your journey. It shows respect to a native speaker in the country you visited and they love it. It makes your traveling becomes a whole lot easier.

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3. It helps to improve your English.

According to research from the University of Missouri, their English skills increase significantly when Spanish-speaking kindergartners have a strong understanding of Spanish letters and numbers. 

When learning your Spanish language, you will be amazed at how it will improve your vocabulary by mastering your Latin roots. For instance, the English word hello means holla, bad means mal. It always has a negative connotation in English.

4. It can land your dream job

These days global labor market understanding of the second choice of language has entirely improved asset to employers and employees.

Businesses choice of having workers who can help with their global business and the Spanish is valuable in the present climate. To get your dream job to beware of these skills.

5. You can enjoy music, tv shows, and movies

Having you be listening, seeing Tv shows without understanding what you see. It will be an amazing benefit to learn the Spanish language so you can enjoy the show you love with friends.

6. It opens a platform for easy learning of other Romance languages

Understanding Spanish makes it easier and faster to pick up any others, once they evolved from Latin and share grammar and syntax and lots of similar vocabulary, such languages are Italian, French, Portuguese, and Romania.

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

This question has been frequently asked (FAQs). There is no exact answer for it, it is up to you, from the publishing number of hours of US Foreign Service language institute.

Learning Spanish number hours is 480 hours, based on class instruction. Some factors influence how long it will take to learn a language.

Give it much of your time

When studying language, the progress you make depends on the time spent. Spend time reading, listening, speaking, or writing in Spanish.

It can be listening to podcasts, watching TV shows, listening to Spanish songs, or engaging in a Spanish conversation if you can spend 2 hours per day, the 480 hours amount to 240 days or less than 10 months.

The learning time actually depends on the individual.

Develop more interest

Your desire to learn a new language also has a huge influence on your learning. What inspired you, Tv shows, do you love watching Spanish movies? Do you love the sound? Or do your friends speak Spanish?

The earlier you answer these questions, the easier and faster you will learn.

Surround yourself with Spanish speakers

The environment has a very big influence on your language learning. Having people speak about a particular you are learning can improve your focus. You get together for hours at times, listen to them, maybe speak yourself.

Be confident that you can be a fluent speaker of Spanish

While you’re learning the Spanish language, your goal should be, I will be fluent like a native speaker. It is important that you have confidence that you can do it. Those who know how to speak other languages mostly do better in a new language. They have done it before so they have confidence that they can do it again.

Before you begin to learn, picture the ending result. Imagine yourself seeing a Spanish movie, listening to music, and communicating freely with Spanish speakers.

If you can be able to do all this, your Spanish language skills will take off. Your determination to succeed and commitment to learning depends on whether you can visualize yourself achieving fluency.

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What is the best way to learn Spanish?

1. Download the app on your phone.

You can use many good apps to study Spanish on your phone. Some of these apps make learning attractive and fun, and free learning app. You can use this app at your own convenient time. It also has a high influence on understanding.

2. Subscribe to any Spanish-language podcast.

By learning with some of these podcasts can help improve your pronunciation. The podcast helps when studying a new language on your own. Also, enable you to understand fluent in the language.

3. Use a Spanish English dictionary.

It helps improve your Spanish vocabulary. And help you understand the basic words and sink them into your memory.

Some of the dictionaries can be carried around, come in different sizes and shapes, and will not be a problem to keep near you every time.

4. Create a conversation group

Starting a conversation with your friends or family who are native speakers or trying to learn Spanish won’t be a bad idea. You can get them together for a weekly conversation or video chat if necessary.

Since your vocabulary may be limited, you may choose a conversation topic for each period related to the word you’re learning.

The best app for learning Spanish 2023


One of the best apps for learning Spanish. It is available in the Google play store and Apple store. Also allows you to learn for 5 minutes per day with a game lesson that makes it one of the best app and is free. It is a popular learning app for beginners.

You can enjoy yourself while learning with Duolingo, it’s was formatted to play a game course and is most popular. Beginners earn a point for correct answers. Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive.

Try to identify your learning goals before you start, for example, set how many minutes you will spend to learn per day. In Duolingo, you follow the procedure, the linear learning path. You can skip a bit with each class unit to do the particular exercise you want to complete but you can’t move to the harder level without finishing the beginners level.

It gives feedback to help you enhance your Spanish skills and it’s interactive. Duolingo breaks Spanish into a simple understanding level, giving about 1500 daily commonly used words.


Busuu beginners that used this App can choose the topic they’re interested in. This app offers all Spanish language courses with over a hundred units in the online Spanish course.

You can also learn with their AI-powered pronunciation exercise and the dialogue made by the Spanish experts. You can practice with their online community.

Busuu helps you improve your vocabulary with Busuu vocabulary trainer. Busuu also enables you to learn Spanish words and review the ones you learned.

Memrise: learn language free

It can be used to learn Spanish from the beginners to pro level. It is one of the best apps to learn Spanish words and basic grammar, phrases, and vocabulary. It helps a learner to speak the basic Spanish language as fast as with confidence.

It builds up your Spanish learning gradually.

Learn Spanish with

With this learning Spanish app, you can choose what you want to start with. will help you study Spanish at your own convince. Busuu has 80 units in their Spanish course, covering the content every learner needs to know. It made their class easy and understandable with a suitable level of daunting for each learner. teaches the most popular Spanish expressions that are mostly used in Latin American and Spain. Download and learn with a suitable and appropriate app.

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LingQ: Language learning

LingQ is listed as one of the best apps to learn the Spanish language. You can download and learn online; it guides the learners or users through language study in the real world. LingQ allows you to study and review the spaced repetition system.

It also has over 1000’s hour’s Spanish audio classes with matching transcripts. LingQ has an offline mode; you can learn with no internet.

This app has a podcast and authentic text which learners can listen to, and read at their convenience. Spanish learners can import their content and turn it immediately into an interactive course.

Beginners can enjoy this app by using LingQ mini-stories to listen to and read. They are recorded by Spanish native speakers and those also come with translations. After completing these stories, learners will begin to identify grammar patterns and learn the common Spanish vocabulary.


The apps listed above will help you accomplish your desire to learn Spanish. So choose the right one suitable for you and get busy with it.



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