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The Christian Schools in Philadelphia have all these requirements for students looking for a higher education experience that blends Christian faith and academic excellence.

In our era, if you don’t learn in an environment where Christian principles are highly respected, you already have a big problem awaiting you after school.

Nowadays, parents are mindful of the environment they allow their children to be raised, knowing that 85% of their character is taught through school.

Have you noticed that children have so much regard for their teachers? Students believe in what their teachers tell them 100%. As a parent, you must ensure that your children are in the right learning environment.

Now you see why you need to apply directly to any of the 17 Best Christian Schools In Philadelphia.

Let’s get started already.

About Philadelphia

The largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, also known as Philly, is the sixth-largest city in the United States.

The second-largest city in the Northeast megalopolis and the Mid-Atlantic regions after New York City, and the 68th-largest city in the entire globe.

In 2020, the city had 6.245 million inhabitants. One million six hundred three thousand seven hundred ninety-seven people were living in the city as of the 2020 census, while more than 56 million resided within 250 miles (400 km) of Philadelphia.

Is It Possible For a Non-Christian To Attend Christian Schools In Philadelphia?

Yes, a Christian School may be a good intellectual, financial, and cultural fit for a non-Christian, which is the main reason a non-Christian may enroll there, regardless of the school’s religious connection.

Choosing the appropriate institution or school could take a lot of effort. We consider several interrelated factors, including your desired degree, academic standing, instructor involvement, and class size.

The atmosphere on campus, the price, and the accessibility of financial help. Finally, this alignment of factors may lead you to a school with a Christian identity or tradition.

Cost Of a Christian Schools In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the cost of tuition is $6,068 on average.

Best Christian High Schools In Philadelphia

Since there are many schools in Pennsylvania, choosing the finest Christian schools might take a lot of work.

However, the most outstanding Christian schools can make your choice much more accessible.

Among these Christian schools are:

#1. Episcopal Academy

PreK–12, coeducational, independent day school The Episcopal Academy is situated in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

Encourages boys and girls to lead lives of purpose, faith, and integrity by challenging and nourishing their minds, body, and spirit.
Episcopal was founded in 1785.

The curriculum at Episcopal successfully integrates traditional and modern teaching techniques in a nurturing setting where students can attain meaningful results.

#2. Calvary Christian Academy of Philadelphia

In PHILADELPHIA, PA, there is a highly regarded private Christian school called Calvary Christian Academy.

And a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, it has 891 students in PK–12 grades.
The cost of yearly tuition for the top grade is $6,900. 90% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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#3.The Christian Academy

Christian Academy students can reflect Christ in every facet of society, whether they decide to attend college, a vocational school, or the workforce.

While the majority of our students at our private Christian school in Brookhaven, Delaware County, are college-bound.

The time they spend with us from Kindergarten through the 12th grade helps them identify their strengths and talents so they can pursue excellence while following God’s leading in their lives.

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#4. George School

George School, a coed boarding and day high school in Newtown, Pennsylvania, is a global institution with local roots.
The institution is situated on a beautiful 240-acre campus close to New York City and Philadelphia.

George School is a seasoned leader in education, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program and approximately 20 AP courses.

Students are fully engaged in learning across all subject areas through a demanding yet individualized program.


Boarding Students: $69,600 (covers tuition, housing, and some supplies/laboratory expenses)
Day students are charged $46,100, which covers tuition, meals, supplies, and lab costs.
$900 (estimated) in extra costs (books, materials, and program fees)

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#5. Coventry Christian School

Are you looking for Pennsylvania’s top Christian schools that will educate your ward in a Christ-centered environment?

In addition to providing its students with spiritual support, Coventry Christian School pushes them academically and develops their capacity for critical thought.

Attending Coventry Christian Schools is about $10,800 for private kids. Coventry Christian Schools’ admission rate is 60%, which is lower than the 86% national average.

Grades Offered: Preschool/Nursery to Grade 12.

2022–2023: Fees & Tuition

  • Each Semester, Every Year Item
  • 12–18 hours of tuition: $18,880, $37,760
  • For students $550, $1,100

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Girls Christian Schools In Philadelphia

#1. Linden Hall

In Lititz, Pennsylvania, Linden Hall is a private day and boarding school for female students in grades 6 through 12.

For its individualized environment, where girls are empowered to thrive academically and become global citizens, girls from 37 nations and 12 states travel to Linden Hall.

Sports, artistic and performing arts, and STEM courses are available at Linden Hall. All students are accepted into four-year institutions. The typical AP test score is 4.6, and the standard SAT score is 1316.

The cost of attending Linden Hall is roughly $26,800 for private students. Linden Hall has a 71% acceptance rate, lower than the 86% national average.
The admittance rate at Linden Hall is among the lowest of all private institutions in Pennsylvania.

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#2. Nazareth Academy High School

The only girls-only private Catholic high school in Philadelphia was founded in 1928, Nazareth Academy High School.

Nazareth is a close-knit community of young women who strive for academic success and want to be leaders of Christian service in the community.

It is situated on the same lovely campus as Holy Family University in the neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia.

Yearly Tuition is about 14,425 USD

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Christian High Schools In Philadelphia Near Me

Below is a list of a few Christian High Schools Near Me.

#1. Hunting Park Christian Academy

Hunting Park Christian school. This school aims to offer a high-quality, reasonably priced Christian education that celebrates community diversity and equips young people to know and serve the Lord.

All programs serves two hundred kids in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.
The equivalent of $6,100

Attending Hunting Park Christian Academy is roughly $6,100 for private kids.

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#2. The City School

The City School is dedicated to fostering young leaders who will work for the unity and prosperity of the city via education that cuts across socioeconomic and cultural divides

This school is a family and is lovely, colorful, and happy. One child at a time aims to educate students’ minds, disciple students’ hearts, and illuminate the city—one child at a time.

The City School is worthwhile if you have the money to pay the tuition of $10,680. Even if you have to stretch your budget to send your kid to school, it’s still worthwhile.

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#3. Plumstead Christian School

In Pennsylvania, it is a private, nondenominational preschool through 12th-grade college preparatory school.

Students at Plumstead Christian School are taught to think biblically, serve others effectively, and live their lives with Christ at their heart.

Are you looking for Christian schools in Pennsylvania that will educate, moralize, and spiritualize your children, so they are ready for life?
The graduates of this Christian school are guaranteed to have an impact wherever they go.

It is a recognized Christian school with a $16,710 tuition fee.

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#4. Delaware County Christian School

Kids in Kindergarten through grade 12 can enroll in this private Christian school.
They have a multinational group of outstanding professors to guarantee that the kids achieve excellence in everything they do.

Additionally, this institution prepares its students to impact the world for Christ through academics, the arts, and athletics.

With a $19,283 tuition, it is among the best Christian schools in Pennsylvania.

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#5. Westtown school

One of Pennsylvania’s top Christian schools is this institution. They make a remarkable effort to help their pupils discover their abilities, interests, passions, and sense of direction.

Furthermore, they collaborate with the students to help them discover these qualities inside themselves since they believe everyone carries a unique Light, particular wisdom, and a developing sense of purpose.

Westtown gives students the resources to continue their explorations with assurance, academic readiness, and passion.

As a result, their alums leave the institution with a distinct sense of purpose, well-defined interests, and the means to achieve it.
Furthermore, their tuition is $39,720 for the highest grade offered.

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Christian Elementary Schools Near Me

#1. Trinity School

In NEW YORK, NY, Trinity School is a highly regarded private Christian school. With a student-teacher ratio of six to one, it has a total of 001 pupils in grades K–12.

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $47,965. After graduating, every single student from this institution enrolls in a four-year university.

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#2. St. Mark’s School of Texas

A top-rated, private, all-boys Christian school called St. Mark’s School of Texas is situated in DALLAS, Texas. And a student-teacher ratio of 9 to 1, it has 911 pupils in grades 1 through 12.

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $35,821. After graduating, every single student from this institution enrolls in a four-year university.
This is purely a boys’ Christian School.

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#3. The Westminster Schools

The mission of Westminster, a coeducational, Christian, independent day school serving students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, is to develop leaders of conscience by providing them with a challenging education.

Yearly Tuition Fee

Lunch, all-student academic activity fees, and access to digital resources are all part of the tuition and fees.

Mainly while the students in grades three through twelve use MacBooks, pupils in Kindergarten through second grade have access to iPads. Any software licensing fees for individual courses are also included in the book fees.

While covered for Lower School students, the average cost of books for Middle School students is $400 to $500, and for Upper School students, the average price is $700 to $850.

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#4. Germantown Friends School

Germantown Friends School (GFS), a Quaker independent day school for preschool through grade 12, was established in 1845 and is situated in Philadelphia’s historic Germantown district.

GFS looks for kids who are bright and motivated, who can engage fully in an academic curriculum that is intellectually demanding, and who will contribute to a thriving school community.
$41,500 in tuition per year

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#5. Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell Friends School is a coed, PK–12 Quaker day school established in 1883. We push each other individually and collectively to strive for excellence in the classroom, on the field, and in the studio.

They are dedicated to the excitement of discovery and exploration. Our differences foster more profound empathy, broader understanding, and intellectual inquiry.

The School’s Quaker pillars encourage participation in service, civic involvement, and environmental care. Through introspection and group stillness, we grow stronger.

To prepare students and adults to “let their lives speak,” we place the pursuit of deeper truths about who we are and our shared humanity at the center of every endeavor.

$51,650 in tuition per year

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What is the most diverse school in Philadelphia?

Tacony Academy Charter School

How many Christian schools are in Pennsylvania?

182 Christian private schools in Pennsylvania will have 24,957 students enrolled for the 2022–23 academic year.

How much are private schools in Philadelphia?

The average tuition is $9,135, which is less than the $11,951 average for private schools in Pennsylvania.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 70% of private schools have a religious affiliation (most commonly Catholic and Christian.

What is the most prominent high school in Philadelphia?

Central High School of Philadelphia
Grades 9–12 teaching staff: 90.81 (FTE)
Student body 2,371 (2017–18)
26.11 students to every instructor ratio


Due to the high concentration of Christians and children passionate about serving God, Philadelphia is a great place to live and school.

It’s also a fantastic setting for education and social interaction.

We have placed many Christian Schools in Philadelphia to choose from to meet your need. We do hope you enjoy your new school.



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