15 Best College Football Student Sections | 2023 Ranking

If you are looking for the best college football student sections then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve covered what college football sections are all about, why it is important to college student as well as the best college football student sections.

College football student sections are the lifeblood of the college in-stadium experience. On fall Saturdays, those cheering for their classmates on the field are usually the loudest and craziest fans in the building.

A great college football student section can help teams greatly because they can use these lively crowds to turn the entire stadium into a lively atmosphere. 

While all the fans create the stadium’s atmosphere, it begins with the student section. Naturally, more giant stadiums have larger student sections, which can make a big difference. Even if there aren’t as many students, some student sections are loud and proud.

What Is a College Football Section?

According to Wikipedia, a “student section” or “student cheering section” is a group of student fans that supports its school’s athletic teams at sporting events; they are known for being one of the most visible and vocal sections of a sports crowd as well as for their occasionally raucous behavior.

They are most often associated with NCAA basketball and football games, but can be found in several sports in both college and high school. A student section is an important part of a school’s fanbase and a significant contributor to home advantage

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Why Is College Football Section Important To Student?

To summarize, college football is an essential part of the college experience, regardless of whether you’re interested in the game. The role it plays in students’ lives is enormous, and players can explore their identities, team-building skills, and athleticism within a safe environment.

Furthermore, college football section is important to student because it is a section where the student are able to figure out their individual talent and making the most out of it by playing the games they find pleasure in doing.

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15 Best College Football Student Sections in 2023

After looking at what a college football section is and it importance, let’s see some of the best college football section.

 The following are our best picks of the best college football student Sections.

1. University of Pennsylvania

The first on our list of best college football student sections is the University of Pennsylvania. This college football student section is the best in the country, and nobody comes close to what this student section has to offer for a night game that is also a whiteout.

Beaver Stadium is one of the country’s largest and loudest. The student section is a little bolder than the rest of the crowd, but they stand the entire game in support of their team and are never afraid to speak up.

If you are a student in the college that loves playing football, this will be an opportunity to show your talent and probably get picked to play in the professional football game. 

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2. Texas A&M University

If you are talking about the best college football student section, Texas A&M University is always part of the list. As the Home of the 12th Man, Kyle Field has a great student section.

This group’s support is perhaps more significant than anywhere else in the country. With the addition of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, the experience is as one of a kind as it gets.

These fans are so dedicated that they gather at the stadium at midnight the night before a big game and hold a “Midnight Yell,” which no one else in the country can claim. The student section here isn’t afraid to move around and annoy the opposition. 

3. Louisiana State University, LSU

This is one of the best game-day atmospheres in college football, and the student section helps to distinguish it from many other schools.

Not many fans live and die with their team like this group, and a game here is like one big party, especially on a Saturday night. You can hear numerous chants throughout the game. “Tiger Bait” is a popular one.

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4. Wisconsin

When it comes to the best college football student sections, few traditions are as loud and exciting as “Jump Around.” Every home game has this between the third and fourth quarters.

The student section is extensive and loud throughout all four quarters, but there is no more audible student section in America when “Jump Around” is playing.

5. Oregon

Autzen Stadium is a smaller venue, but it has so much energy, especially from the student section, that it cracks the top five.

This stadium is one of the loudest in the best college football student sections and has a reputation for having the toughest atmosphere in the Pac-12. With the Ducks’ recent success, few student sections are consistently louder than this.

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6. Florida

The Swamp is a daunting venue with one of the best home-field advantages in college football. Everything starts with the student section. This group arrives early and cheers on their team as much as anyone else.

They are not afraid to show up completely covered in paint. That “Gator Chomp” is never old. That is why it ranks as one of the best college football student sections. 

7. University of Virginia

There are few better entrances than Virginia Tech’s, and the student section rocks up and down when “Enter Sandman” is played. From the entrance song to the end of the game, the stadium and student section are deafeningly loud.

Many students in the student section shake their key chains during big third-down plays when the Hokies are on the defensive side of the ball.

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8. Ohio State University

While the student section at Ohio Stadium is not as good as at some top-tier schools, it is still one of the country’s best college football student sections. The group, known as “Block O,” is located in the end zone and can be heard throughout the game.

From the “O-H-I-O” chant to the band’s performance of Script Ohio, this student section is not only one of the best in the B1G but also one of the most entertaining in the country.

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9. South Carolina (SC)

This student section, located behind the end zone, is among the most intimidating in the SEC. Williams-Brice Stadium is one of the country’s loudest. The student section can become extremely loud, causing the stadium to sway and vibrate.

“If it ain’t swayin’, we ain’t playin’,” former head coach Joe Morrison once said. That couldn’t be further from the truth, mainly due to a rowdy student body; this uniqueness made it rank as the best college football student section.

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10. Clemson

When Clemson plays well, few places in the country can match the deafening roar heard here. The student section is located behind the end zone and can get extremely loud. There is so much history and excellent aspects to watching a game here that it makes the original ‘Death Valley quite intimidating due to the student section.

11. Alabama

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best in the country, with over 100,000 screaming fans and a large student section. No group in the country is more devoted than Crimson Tide fans, and the intensity level is on par with the best.

The students are extremely loud throughout the game, and the noise is deafening near the end zones, especially when a big play is about to occur, ranking as the best college football student section.

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12. Nebraska

There may not be a friendlier student section than the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The atmosphere in this stadium is one of the best in the country, and the chant “Husker Power” can be heard throughout the game. Wait for the Cornhuskers to score their first touchdown before releasing balloons. It is undoubtedly a sight, making them among the best college football student sections.

13. North Carolina (NC)

As one of the best college football student sections, North Carolina is unquestionably a basketball school, but they also know how to show up and cheer on their Tar Heels in football.

Keenan Memorial Stadium will be rocking on a Saturday, largely thanks to a rowdy student section. From start to finish, the group is intense, waving pom-poms and cheering on their Tar Heels. The big games are a little louder.

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14. Michigan

Michigan Stadium is the largest in college football, with nearly 110,000 fans attending every game. Many of those fans are students who, like the band, are loud and proud of their Wolverines. Before the game, the band gets everyone pumped up by playing “Hail to the Victors” and marching toward the student section, which begins cheering and seemingly never stops throughout the game.

15. Maryland

The Maryland Terrapins have a surprisingly strong home-field advantage. The student section does not consider sitting down for the game’s duration. This group is not only loud, but they also take their keys out and shake them at the opposing team during big defensive plays. The fans are not afraid to paint their faces or even dress up as Terrapins. These students are a rowdy bunch.

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1. Who is the best team in college football in 2022?

University of Pennsylvania
Texas A&M University
Louisiana State University, LSU
University of Virginia
Ohio State University

2. What is the student section in football?

A student section or student cheering section is a group of student fans supporting its school’s athletic teams at sporting events.

3. What is the Camp Randall student? 

The Camp Randall student looks towards the North end of Camp Randall Stadium.

The Student Section for Wisconsin football is on the lower level’s north side of the field. Most seats here are part of the Student Section.

4. Why is the student section important?

The support of the students fuels the athletes to perform at their best, and the uproar they produce makes the visiting team never forget their mistakes. College football would lose most of its flare and electricity without the student section.

5. What state has the most d1 football colleges?

With 12 FBS programs, Texas easily tops the list. The reason they are No. 1 is not the number of teams but the talent on those teams throughout the state.

6. Which college has the most NFL players?

Notre Dame has the most NFL players. Notre Dame has built a football pedigree over generations that still leads the pack in producing NFL talent, just edging rival USC in the total number of players taken.


A player’s performance in college football directly impacts his chances of playing professional football. What is a college football section? We’ve seen its importance and the list of the best college football sections. This content lets you know how important a college football section is to you as a college student.



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