Top 15 Best College Football Uniforms| 2022 Ranking

While winning is the first goal of any sport, including college football, young athletes are increasingly concerned with not only winning but also looking good while doing so.

Looking at the college football landscape, you can get a sense of a program’s history by looking at its uniforms.

During recruiting visits, updated college football uniforms and other threads are proudly displayed. These are often the first things prospects see when they step foot inside the football building.

For uniforms, a popular phrase that has stood the test of time is “look good, feel good, play well.”

In this article, we’ll take a good look at the 15 best college football uniforms of all time. Before that, let’s get to know more about college football. Enjoy!

What Is College Football?

College football refers to gridiron football played by teams of student-athletes from American universities, colleges, and military academies. It can also be Canadian football played by teams of student-athletes from Canadian universities. 

The American football rules first gained popularity in the United States through college football. Unlike most other sports in North America, American and Canadian football have no official minor league farm organizations.

As a result, they commonly regard college football as the second tier of American football in the United States and Canadian football in Canada. It’s one step above high school competition and one step below professional competition. 

The performance of a player in college football has a direct impact on his chances of playing professional football.

After three to four years of college football competition, the best players mostly declare for the professional draft, with the NFL holding its annual NFL draft every spring.

The NFL selects 256 players during this period. Those who are not chosen can still try to make the NFL roster as undrafted free agents.

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The Rules Of College Football

The following are the rules of college football below:

  • College football cannot end in a tie. 
  • Contact is not required in college football.
  • In college football, a completed pass requires only one foot to be down.
  • The clock in college football stops after the first down.
  • A defensive holding penalty in college football is worth 10 yards.
  • College Football reviews all plays.

How Can You Get Recruited For College Football?

To get recruited for college football, you must first determine which division level you qualify for athletically. Also, determine which schools you find interesting to attend. You should begin proactively reaching out to the coaches on your target list once you’ve created your target list of schools. 

College coaches are more open than ever to digital recruiting and online communication with you. If you embrace this new recruiting environment and stand out from the crowd, then you’re more likely to benefit.

Even though the D1 football recruiting dead period continues until June 1, 2022, recruits can still connect with their coaches virtually.

They can do this by sending their football recruiting video, explaining why they’re interested in that program, and a few key stats.

Again, the recruits should keep in touch with those coaches, sending them updated highlight videos and new combined stats and scheduling campus visits.

Throughout this process, the recruit should begin to focus on around five key schools in which they are interested. The coach should be interested in the recruit as well.

Recruits should expect to receive offers from interested schools late in their junior or early senior year, and they will sign with their top choice. 

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Overview Of The Best College Football Uniforms | 2022 Ranking

College football can’t feel so good without the beautiful uniforms associated with it. College players don’t want to only play well; they also want to look good while doing it.

Here’s a list of the top 15 best college football uniforms:

  • 1. Cincinnati Bearcats
  • 2. Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 3. Georgia Bulldogs 
  • 4. Michigan Wolverines
  • 5. Florida Gators
  • 6. Clemson Tigers
  • 7. Florida State Seminoles
  • 8. Texas Longhorns
  • 9. Ohio State University
  • 10. Oklahoma Sooners
  • 11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • 12. Oregon Ducks
  • 13. Penn State Nittany Lions
  • 14. Miami Hurricanes
  • 15. Auburn Tigers

What are the Best College Football Uniforms in 2022?

#1 Cincinnati Bearcats


Cincinnati Bearcats have one of the best college football uniforms of all time.

While you may be paying extra attention to Cincinnati because of their upcoming playoff appearance, the truth is that they have always had sick uniforms.

The Bearcats look great in red, white, or black. Following the success of this season, we anticipate that more fan uniforms will be available for purchase. 

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#2 Alabama Crimson Tide


Another team with one of the best college football uniforms is the Alabama Crimson tide. This is an obvious choice.

Alabama has always had some of the best college football uniforms in the history of sports, not just in the history of college football. 

The Crimson Red never disappoints. Alabama’s uniforms are the epitome of tradition. The two colors and numbers on the helmets go back to the days of Bear Bryant when championships were routine.

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#3 Georgia Bulldogs 


You can’t deny the power of the Bulldogs fanbase, College Football Playoff spot or not. They sell out games whether they are having a good season or not.

A glance at the crowd will reveal that everyone is wearing UGA uniforms and apparel.

Again, the Bulldogs’ dominance makes them suitable to be on our list of best college football uniforms.

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#4 Michigan Wolverines


Michigan has a lot to celebrate after a record-breaking season, and their fans will be right there with them.

The Wolverines are known for their classic dark blue uniforms that are easily identifiable.

Their uniforms stand out among the best college football uniforms you can find.

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#5 Florida Gators


The Florida Gators uniforms are a tried and true classic that fully represents school spirit.

The colors complement the lovely Florida weather.

It is one of the best College football uniforms to watch out for.

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#6 Clemson Tigers


The Clemson Tigers will always be wearing their iconic uniforms as they look to finish each season on a high note.

Clemson’s uniform is arguably one of the best college football uniforms in the game.

They make excellent use of the orange. Their purple alternates are jarring, but they’re wise not to rely on them too heavily.

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#7 Florida State Seminoles


Florida State Seminoles is another team with one of the best college football uniforms of all time.

The Seminoles’ helmets are top-of-the-line, and the rest of the uniform looks great thanks to an elite color combination of wine and gold.

Every time the Seminoles take the field, they look great. Nobody has ever been hurt by a little wine and gold.

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#8 Texas Longhorns


Texas Longhorns have had the same burnt orange, white helmets, and simple longhorn logo for a long time.

The football program as a whole may not have returned, but Texas’ uniforms have.

Our list of the best college football uniforms of all time would have been incomplete without the Texas Longhorns on it.

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#9 Ohio State Buckeyes


The Buckeyes have an iconic garnet and silver color scheme, as well as a helmet that is always covered in decals.

This indicates that only the best players in the country attend that school.

Their amazing uniform look can’t be left out of our list of the best college uniforms of all time.

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#10. Oklahoma Sooners


College football has a lot of red and white color schemes, and the Sooners have one of the best college football uniforms.

They’ve even thrown in a few other uniforms that have proven to be useful over the years.

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#11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Notre Dame has changed its uniforms over the years to different repetitions of what they’ve had forever, but the gold helmets are hard to beat.

They are unparalleled. Every list of best college football uniforms must include the Fighting Irish. There are no other options.

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#12. Oregon Ducks


Green simply has a knack for bringing new life to the football field. The Oregon Ducks have done it numerous times.

Oregon may be the only Power 5 team in the country where the first thing that comes to mind when you think of their football program is their uniforms.

The Ducks have long reigned as the kings of the best college football uniforms in the game.

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#13 Penn State Nittany Lions


Penn State is another team that should be on every uniform ranking/best college football uniforms list.

The crisp blue is fantastic, and the white is also fantastic. 

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#14. Miami Hurricanes


The green stripes with a solid orange is a new look that screams “Florida.”

It doesn’t matter what uniform combination the Hurricanes wear as long as they have the patented “U” on the helmet.

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#15. Auburn Tigers


Auburn has one of the best college football uniforms of all time.

They’ve got the best uniform combinations in the game, and they rarely deviate from their primary colors.

They may underutilize the orange in their school colors, but their uniforms are strong.

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When Does Recruiting Start For College Football?

If you want to know how to get recruited for football, you must first understand when the recruiting process begins. Before we get into the specific dates, it’s important to understand the difference between when athletes should begin the recruiting process and when they should expect to hear from college coaches. 

The recruiting process technically begins when the athlete commits to play college football. They should begin researching schools, creating their highlight video, and laying the groundwork for a successful recruiting process once they’ve made this decision. The majority of this work should be completed during the athlete’s freshman and sophomore years of high school.

College football coaches will contact the top athletes as early as middle school. High-level D1 programs will begin seriously recruiting football players in their sophomore and junior years of high school for the vast majority of recruits. Recruiting classes are frequently filled by the end of the recruits’ junior year of high school or early in their senior year. 

D2, D3, and NAIA coaches will wait until a recruit’s junior or senior year of high school to see who did not get recruited by a D1 program. The earlier your family begins the recruiting process, the greater the number of opportunities available. This is especially true if the athlete wishes to pursue D1 programs. They must get their information in front of coaches before those coaches fill their rosters for the upcoming recruiting class. 

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The Difference Between Professional Football And College Football

The number of teams

College football is a big league with 130 teams from colleges, universities, and academies. These teams are divided into ten conferences. The NFL has 32 teams divided into eight divisions.

The difference between professional and college football determines the ease with which seasons can be followed and accurate predictions can be made. A larger number of teams in college football makes it more difficult, whereas a smaller number of teams in the NFL creates a clearer formula for determining the postseason.

The number of players

In the NFL, each team has 53 players, with 46 of those players playing every Sunday. College rosters can number in the hundreds. 

Unlike professional teams, where highly-trained players are carefully selected to play their position, college football relies on a large number of players to take the field when needed. While players on college teams are also highly skilled when it comes to player rosters, quality trumps quantity. (lyrica)

Jersey numbers

Numbers on uniforms have significance in the NFL. Players in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, for example, are offensive running backs and defensive backs, while those in their teens and 80s are wide receivers. 

It allows you to see the field and quickly deduce what’s going on. This streamlines the critical process of identifying what is happening on the field for coaches and signal-callers. It also gives them more time to strategize. 

Jersey numbers are assigned at random in college. A player in any position can wear any number, and some numbers overlap, as previously mentioned.

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There are multiple NFL playoffs. Then there’s the College Football Playoff, which has only one game. If your team is bad, you don’t get a shot at the playoffs in college football. 

With only one playoff in college football, it is easier to predict the winners of the major tournaments. In the NFL, on the other hand, a 7-9 team can make the playoffs if they win their division. Each has a different level of predictability, which can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on your football viewing (and football sports betting) style. 

The length of career

The length of a college education is 1-4 years in college. This gives them time to hone their skills and, hopefully, earn a longer-term NFL contract. 

A quality starter’s career in professional football lasts 8-10 years. Pro football allows you to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the players over time. This can help you place bets and predict future games. Long-term contracts are what make iconic players like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Tim Tebow so popular.

Importance Of Star Rating In College Football

All of the major football recruiting websites, including, ESPN,, and, display star ratings. While each of these organizations uses slightly different criteria to evaluate and rank high school athletes, they all use film footage, live games, camps and combines, and overall athleticism to make their decisions.

Just as the methods for assigning star ratings differ, so will the meanings they represent from platform to platform. These star ratings are intended to indicate how a recruit is expected to contribute to a D1 football team. 

Here’s a general breakdown of what the star ratings mean:

Five stars

These are extremely rare, elite prospects that will almost certainly make a difference as a true freshman on a D1 college team.

Four stars 

As young college football players, these recruits are expected to make significant contributions to their team’s success.

Three stars 

These athletes are good prospects, but they may need a little more development before they can make a significant contribution to their college team.

Two stars 

Two-star recruits require the most time to fully develop their skills, but they have the potential to be a major contributor later in their college career.

The star ratings serve several functions. They make it simple for the general public to see who the top recruits are and track their recruiting journeys. The ratings also assist college coaches in identifying athletes of the appropriate caliber for their program. 

However, star ratings are not an exact science and are only useful to a certain extent. Many three-star, two-star, and no-star athletes have gone on to have successful college and professional careers.

If you receive a ranking, use it as a starting point to help you target the appropriate programs. But don’t let that stop you from contacting coaches at schools within your reach.


College football uniforms are a big deal in sports, and most times there are a lot of arguments about which team has the best college football uniforms of all time.

These types of rankings are hard to make because the best college uniforms are also the highest selling uniforms and we’ve many topping the list. 

Also, you can get to tell a team’s history by looking at their uniform. They get to display these uniforms during recruiting visits. They are the first thing prospects see when they visit any football building.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best College Football Uniforms 

Does college football consume time?

Football, no matter what division level your athlete competes in, will consume a significant amount of time. On top of classes and homework, there will be early practices, training sessions, games, film studies, and travel. Before beginning the recruiting process, ensure that your athlete is prepared for this level of commitment.

Is it possible for me to play college football?

To answer this question, you must critically evaluate your current skill set and athleticism. You should also forecast how much you will be able to improve by the time you are a freshman in college. This is an excellent time for you to contact your current coach to discuss your college football goals and to have an open discussion about the recruit’s skill level. As an Athlete, you can also be evaluated by a third party, such as the NCSA.

What division(s) am I eligible to play in?

Softball players have hundreds of opportunities at Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, and junior college levels. Inquire with your current coach, a qualified third-party such as NCSA, or college coaches themselves about which division levels you might be eligible to compete in. Discover more about the various division levels.

Who makes the uniforms for college football?

However, Nike may be the real answer. According to Zach Barnett of Football Scoop, Nike entered 2015 with contracts for 68 of the 128 FBS schools—just over half. This is more than double the number of the second-largest brand, Adidas.

What does the letter G mean in football?

A guard (G), also known as an offensive guard (OG), is a player on a football team’s offensive line who lines up between the center and the tackles on the line of scrimmage and is primarily responsible for blocking. 

What is the most difficult college football stadium to play in?

The Tiger Stadium is college football’s toughest venue, with a capacity of over 100,000, a deafening crowd, and outstanding on-field success.



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