15 Best Online Accounting Degree in Oklahoma | 2022 Rankings

You are probably, a fresh high school graduate who wishes to launch a career in the Accounting department. Or you have already earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, currently, wondering if you can earn a master’s online following the global crises.

Well, whichever best defines your intentions, this compilation of the best online accounting degree in Oklahoma in 2022 is an article you should read to the end.

There is definitely no department without an accounting department. Basically, accounting seems to be the backbone of any business. So, accounting degree holders are always certain of a job.

In Oklahoma, an accounting degree is required by most employers of labor. Depending on the position in the company, some companies may ask for just a bachelor of science degree in accounting while others may demand a master’s, especially, for managerial positions.

An interesting and most fascinating thing about an accounting degree is that one may earn it from the comfort of his/her home. That is to say, there are numerous online schools offering accounting degree virtual programs.

And, these degrees once from an accredited school is as relevant as an on-campus degree. So, let’s say you are currently, lockeddown at Oklahoma, you cannot travel and you are wondering how long this pandemic and global crisis will last. Well, the goodnews is while waiting, you can earn your accounting degree online from accredited oline schools in Oklahoma.

Even if you are dire bent on getting a degree from Oklahoma and you are not able to travel to that city at the moment. It is highly possible to earn an online degree in accounting from Oklahoma accredited online schools.

So, if you read this article to the end, you will, definitely, discover amazing accounting degree programs you can earn online, how much it may cost, and basic requirements for them.

A glance at the table of contents below is a highlight of all the vital information as regards earning an accounting degree in Oklahoma Online.

What is an Online Accounting Degree?

Most times, accounting sounds more like addition and subtraction of total income and expenses made by a company. While this may be a lay man’s understanding of an accounting, an accounting degree will prove this thoughts myopic and shallow following the wide range of courses taught in the program.

Basically, accountants are charged with the cumbersome responsibility to organize complex financial data into statements that they can easily explain to stakeholders which may be an individual client or a company.

Providing analysis on numbers which includes ways to cut costs and probably create efficiencies or up profits is more than mere calculation. It demands students spend some number of years in an accredited school studying the gimmicks and possibilities of advancing in this career.

Upon completion of all requirements which may be a thesis, project, internship, or even a capstone project, the institution awards an accounting degree.

So, an online accounting degree is a virtual undergraduate or graduate education program that prepares students to take up the challenging role of becoming accountants at companies or consultants to individual clients.

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Why an Online Accounting Degree in Oklahoma?

You are probably wondering why you should get this online degree form an institution in Oklahoma. Well, since it is an online degree, you may decide to earn it from anywhere in the world but you should however, consider an online accounting degree in Oklahoma.

Basically, The city of Oklahoma is home to numerous institutions for learning and enrichment. When it comes to accounting and breeding of notable accountants, these institutions in Oklahoma have earned a great reputation across the globe.

Also, education in Oklahoma tend to be cheaper when compared to most cities in the U.S. So, you should earn an online accounting degree in Oklahoma because most institutions in the city offer variety of prograams at a reasonable cost.

More interesting is the fact that, these degrees are offered as virtual programs. this basically allows students to enroll, study, complete their coursework, and earn their certificates online. While a few may require your physical presence from time to time, others offer complete remote programs to students all over the world.

What Online Accounting Degree are available in Oklahoma?

Another amazing fact about Oklahoma and accounting degree programs online is the fact that they offer a degree for all educational levels. This simply means that in Oklahoma, students can earn a bachelor of science in accounting, a master of science in accounting, or even a Ph.D. in accounting.

For preparation classes, some institutions in Oklahoma offer online associate accounting degree programs. For clarity, most associate accounting degrees online in Oklahoma can be completed within a year or two. It is usually offered a prep for a bachelor’s of science degree.

In summary, depending on your current academic level, Oklahoma city has a wide range of programs for students at all levels. There are online accounting degree programs for BSc, MSC, and Ph.D. in Oklahoma city.

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What are the Requirements for an Online Accounting Degree in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, education is a basic requirement for becoming a CPA. The aim of most online accounting degrees is to prepare students to sit for the certification exams and excel. However, to be able to achieve this feat, there are basic requirements for enrollment in schools. These requirements usually vary from institution to institution.

Hence, this article will identify general prerequisites for an online accounting degree program in Oklahoma.

Generally, most universities in Oklahoma will demand a minimum High school GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent, transcript application fee and language test results for international students.

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Most institutions in Oklahoma will demand evidence of completion of BSC from a reputable institution, a statement of purpose, application letter and fee an a graduate GPA of not less than 3.0.

To enroll for a Ph.d accounting degree online, most institutions will demand a BSC in accounting or related fields, an MSC in accounting or related field, a statement of purpose, well-crafted CV, official transcripts from your previous institution, and a certain GPA.

How Much Does it Cost to Earn an Online Accounting Degree in Oklahoma?

Basically, how much you pay to earn an accounting degree online from any reputable institution in Oklahoma is highly dependent on a number of factors.

First, the institution you settle for determines to a great extent it may cost you to earn a degree in accounting online. Generally, private institutions cost more than public institutions.

Secondly, the level of accounting degree will also influence how much you may pay. Basically, a Ph.D. usually costs more than a BSC degree in accounting. So, these factors may inflate or deflate the figures of your annual fees while studying at an Oklahoma university.

However, reviews stipulate that students who earn an online degree in Oklahoma pay on average about $125 Hours. So, the higher your credit hours the higher the cost of your online degree in accounting.

If that sounds expensive to you, check out these 10 Most affordable Online Accounting Degrees in 2022 here.

What are the Cheapest Online Accounting Degree programs in Oklahoma?

Most online accounting degree programs cost on average about 30% less than traditional on-campus programs. This simply means that studying online avails students the opportunity to save more money while completing a high-quality degree.

According to affordableschools.com, the cheapest Online accounting programs in Oklahoma are

  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • University of Oklahoma  online Bachelor of Science (BS) degree
  • Oklahoma State University Master of Science (MS) in Accounting

There are numerous scholarships to aid you to become an accountant. Apply to some of these scholarship opportunities here

What is the Best Online Accounting Degree Programs in Oklahoma?

A recent study stipulated that 1,207 of 107, 851 collected last year in the US was issued by institutions in Oklahoma. This signifies that Oklahoma accounting schools are definitely doing well. Hence, with so many great choice to choose from, it may become an upheal task for students to setlle for one.

Well, this compilation of online accounting degree programs has been carefully selected to ease the stress. These best online accounting degree programs where ranked based on the following criteria.

All programs here are duly accredited by the relevant bodies. This is a string consideration for us because earning a degree from an unaccredited institution is utterly useless,

Hence, feel free to choose any program and enroll for one as soon as possible as they programs here are all accredited.

Evidence of a good program is in how well its students perform in the job market. Hence, in compiling these schools, we took into consideration the graduation rate of students in these online accounting degree programs. This is basically, to avoid you being stuck on your journey.

Also, the fate students who graduate from these programs were of great concern to us. Our best online accounting degree have a significant employment rate of its students.

A golden fish is not hidden says a popular adage. In selecting these online programs, we put into consideration the overall ranking of the host school. The reputation of the school where you earn your degree matters a whole lot.

So, the host schools to these online accounting degree programs in Oklahoma all have reputable rankings in major sites and student reviews.

1. Oklahoma State University Online Masters in Business Administration

The university was founded in 1890 as the flagship college of the state’s university system. It offers one of the best accounting degrees online in Oklahoma. The Spears School of Business offers a Master of Science in Accounting.

Basically, the program is geared towards teaching students the skills and basic knowledge required for CPA licensure and also, aids students to adapt to a fast-changing global accounting industry.

The online masters accounting degree allows students to choose concentrations in external reporting, tax, entrepreneurship, and finance. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

 At OSU, students pursue internships in the field and can sit for the CPA. This is usually a part of their master of science in accounting plan. However, students must complete a bachelor of science program in accounting or related field as a prerequisite to pursue this degree.

Oklahoma State University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting

Oklahoma state university also offers a four program in accounting that awards BSC in business administration with a major in accounting. Students are required to complete 120 credit hours of which 27 classes must in accounting.

However, to satisfy the 150 hour credit requirement to become eligible for CPA exams , the university advises students to take extra classes or enter a graduate level program.

Basically, the program prepares students to be successful in accounting. The school offers this program with the help of new types of technology.

2. University of Oklahoma Online BSC in Accounting

The University of Oklahoma offers over 150 undergraduate programs. Established in 1890, the university of one of the three universities established for the study programs in mechanics, agriculture and teaching by the Territorial legislature.

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However, the University of Oklahoma offers an online accounting degree as Bachelor of Science in accounting. Interestingly, the university allows students to earn both a BSC and MSCin accounting in only five years.

The program allows students to complete the 150 hour requirement for CPA exam. And, it prepares students both for the workforce or a graduate program. The online accounting degree covers variety of advanced accounting concepts like taxation and auditing and other analytical skills necessary for an accounting entry level position.

The institution is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

You can visit John T. Steed School of Accounting of the University of Oklahoma at Adams Hall, 307 W. Brooks, RM 200 or click the button below to register for an accounting degree online.

3. The University of Tulsa BSC in Business Administration in Accounting

Tulsa university which was founded in 1894 by the Presbyterian Church has grown from 35 students in 1907 to 4, 300 recently. The institution offers an online accounting degree program as a BSC in Business Administration in Accounting.

The program allows students to complete the 150 hours requirements for CPA exams. Students are required to complete a total of 124 credits of coursework. This will prepare them to become productive members of the business community.

As a major in Accounting, students must take classes in Accounting processes and problem Solving, Financial Accounting Research Applications and Topics in Federal Income Taxation.

The institution is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

And, you can contact the Collins College of Business which is located at Helmerich Hall 215
800 Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104 through (918) 631-2164. Or simply clicking the button below to visit the website.

4. Northwestern Oklahoma State University Online (BS) degree with a major in Accounting

The University offers an Online Bachelor of Science degree in accounting through its Business College. Interestingly, students are allowed to take online accounting courses on their own schedule.

The program covers major accounting fundamentals which include Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, International Accounting, and Government and Nonprofit Accounting.

To complete the 150 hours requirements for CPA exam, students usually take general education classes at accredited two or four years schools then, transfer the academic credit.

Simply visit the schools official online programs website to enroll for an online accounting degree.

5. Oklahoma Baptist University Bachelor of Professional Accountancy in Accounting

The university offers a bachelor of Professional Accountancy in accounting degree through its paul Dickinson college of Business. Generally, the course is designed to allow student meet up with 150 hour requirements for CPA examination.

Graduates from this program proceed to work in many different organizations like accounting firms, international and regional businesses, and non-profit organizations. The program instructs students on basic accounting skills through courses like Cost Accounting, Tax Accounting, Not for Profit Accounting and Auditing.

As a Christian University, they seek to prepare students to fill God’s calling in their lives by providing them with the skills to achieve their goals. However, the institution is duly accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Other Accounting Degrees in Oklahoma

6. Oral Roberts University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting

Oral Roberts University Oklahoma is one of the largest, most influential Christian liberal arts universities in the world. The institution through its College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Many graduates from this program proceed to work as analysts, consultants, government employees, and public accountants.

The BSC program in accounting allows students to meet the 150-hour requirement for the CPA examination by applying for Oral Roberts’ fifth-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Students must take courses in the Principle of Financial Accounting, Quantitative Analysis, accounting Information systems and Tax Accounting to complete the program.

7. Oklahoma City University Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting

This is a private university historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church and located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Through its Meinders Scool of Business, the institution offers Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.

The program curriculum explore a business-related liberal arts score and students must complete business classes and specialized accounting classes. Students are required to take classes in Cost Accounting, Auditing, Advanced Accounting, and Individual Taxation.

Basically, the program is geared towards equipping students with technical accounting skills and knowledge in auditing and tax regulation. The university emits graduates who excel in creating businesses and marketing plans.

8. East Central University Bachelors in General Accounting

East Central University is recognized as one of Oklahoma’s premier regional universities. The institution prepares students to measure and communicate financial information about profit and non-profit organizations to interested persons.

For this reason, the institution curriculum is designed to churn out accounting professionals who can work in a broad environment. Courses in computer technology and information systems, business communication, management, marketing, finance, business law, and economics are taken by all accounting majors.

The program allows students to become familiar with such fields as taxation, financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, and governmental not for profit accounting.

Students who graduate from the program proceed to gain entry-level professional positions or proceed for a graduate degree.

9. Metro Technology Centers Online Associates in General Accounting

Metro Technology Centers is a career and technology center district with six locations, serving the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

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The institution offers an online associate degree in accounting that prepares students for immediate employment and allows them to further education.

Majorly, the associate degree in general accounting focuses on maintaining critical business, financial and payroll records. It also teaches students to interact with banking professionals and conduct cash transactions.

The associate degree also teaches students to use a wide range of powerful software applications, strategies and techniques.

10. Northeastern State University Masters in General Accounting

The Northeastern State University through its College of Business and Technology offers a Masters in accounting program. Basically, the program seeks to satisfy educational and professional development needs of accounting and finance students as well as the busienss community.

The master’s program in Oklahoma City is a 30 semester hour program that integrates the areas of accounting and finance. Students must complete courses that cover financial accounting, nance, information technology, management accounting, taxation, international business, and investment analysis.

To earn the degree , students must enroll for an accounting and Finance Analysis Seminar II before the end of the program.

11. Oklahoma Panhandle State University Associates in General Accounting

Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) is a public college in Goodwell, Oklahoma. The institution is a baccalaureate degree-granting institution.

An accounting degree from this Oklahoma Panhandle State University prepares students to work in public accounting, private accounting, and governmental accounting areas. However, the program offers only 124 hours hence, it does not qualify students for the CPA exam which requires 150 hours.

Basically, students taking Accounting and AIS majors in this institution must complete macroeconomics, microeconomics, and college algebra for graduation. A grade of C or better is required for each course in the common Business Core and all business, accounting/AIS classes. A GPA of 2.0 for School of Business electives and an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

12. Oklahoma City Community College Associate degree in Accounting

Oklahoma City Community College is one of the top colleges in the region. It offers associate degrees classes that count toward a Bachelor’s Degree.

Basically, the institution offers a two year associate degree program in accounting/finance. The program prepares students to enter job market immediately after graduation.

The accounting degree is best for students who intend to transfer or complete a bachelor’s in accounting and finance.

13. Mid-America Christian University Master of Business Administration – Accounting Emphasis

This is a private Christian university in Oklahoma City.Its School of Business Leadership offers four bachelor’s degrees and nine master’s degrees, all of which teach business theory and practice from a Christian perspective.

The institution is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC). And, the course prepares students for the corporate accounting sector. By implication, graduates of this program can work as an acountant in ay sector of the economy.

Basically, the course is designed to provide students with a foundation in overall business concepts and allow them to take specialized advanced classes. To complete this program, students will take Advanced Auditing and Modern Corporate Finance that can be tailored to students’ particular interests.

14. Oklahoma Christian University Master of Accountancy

OCU is a private school in Edmund north of Oklahoma City. The school is rated #46 in Best Value, #47 in Regional Universities West, and #26 in Best Colleges for Veterans by the U.S News & World Report.

As a Christian school, the Graduate School of Business incorporates Christian teachings into each class and offers flexible schedules to help all students achieve their goals.

It offers one of the best Master’s of Accounting Degree programs in Oklahoma. The program allows students to choose how to attend classes. That is to say there are online, on campus, or hybrid modes of attending this graduate degree program.

Students can complete this course within two years and will cover 18 credit hours in accounting classes. Upon graduation, students become eligible to sit for the CPA examination. In addition, students will complete coursework in courses like Ethics, Decision Making, and Communication, and Advanced Auditing to prepare graduates for real-world situations.

15. National American University Masters in Accounting

Through its Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School, the National American University in Tulsa Oklahoma offers a Master’s degree program in Accounting. To complete this program, students must complete a series of nine core classes that include Managerial Accounting and Financial Management.

In addition, students must complete three specialized courses in advanced accounting topics. The master’s in accounting program teaches student leadership, building a corporate culture, and driving change in an organization.

The program is fully accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) and Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Best Online Accounting Degrees in Oklahoma FAQs


A great way to work and earn is to enroll for an online degree program. Its flexibility makes it the foremost desire for working class students.

In Oklahoma, most schools offer virtual programs to distance students. Each of these school have its specific requirements which must be met by students before enrolling.

This article on the best online accounting degree in Oklahoma has been carefully collated to aid you make a choice. considering finance and other personal needs, one of these best online schools for accounting may be all you need right now to earn an online degree in accounting.



Does this article meet your immediate needs? if yes, please kindly share with your friends and please do well to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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