13 Best Online Geography Classes for Beginners & Advance 

Geography is the study of climate and individuals’ connection with their immediate environments. With the availability of online geography classes, you can find out pretty much about the actual properties of the earth’s surface and the human social orders spread across it in what seems like the snap of a finger.

The online geography classes will walk you through the significance of legitimate usage of assets and the development of waterways and mountains, as well as how significant changes in the developed countries positively contribute their quota to the world.

Below are indispensable classes that you can comprehend for the eventual fate of our planet, so enroll today!

Why Should I Study Geography Online?

There are several reasons why you should take online geography classes. Most of these are beneficial, and if you don’t know some, see why you should take online geography classes.

  • The classes shape your perspective.
  • Equips you with transferable skills
  • Prepares you for International career opportunities

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13 Best Online Geography Classes

#1. Our Earth: Its History and Processes

This Coursera fee online geography course makes you better appreciate how the earth’s components have interacted for a long time.

This 14-hour free course has a shareable certificate that you can get upon completion, and the interesting thing is you can reset the deadlines so they fit into your schedule.

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#2. Statistical Problem in Solving Geography

Cost: $14.99

To do well in this Udemy online geography class, you should at least have background knowledge of what basic arithmetic and software do.

If you battle with statistics and want to gain a broader knowledge of the use of statistics in geography and environmental science, this online class will walk you through carrying out statistical analysis.

By the end of the class, you should have known better how to love this subject to the extent that you may have to reconsider whether to channel your career focus on quantitative geography.

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#3. Conservation Geography

Cost: Free (Paid Certificate)

Organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and NPTEL, you will, through this course, know the concepts behind the ecosystem, water flow, water security, etc.

Through extensive coursework, you can cover many things you didn’t think were possible.

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#4. Understanding Cultural and Human Geography

By enrolling in this geography online class, you avail yourself the opportunity to look the world’s biggest fear in the face and devise a means of solving these issues.

  • Political ecology
  • New global economy
  • Geography of Knowledge
  • Cultural commodification
  • Importance of place
  • Global land change

This class is 12 hours long and delivered to you in English. It may also interest you that you can readjust the time to suit your schedules.

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#5. Learn Geographic Information Systems course

Cost: $13.99

You must not necessarily be a guru to want to acquire more knowledge. So, one of the many reasons why you should enroll for this course is if you’ve wanted to learn how to use an open-source GIS product and don’t know how to.

So, Arthur Lembo, who’s the instructor, will ensure he introduces you to the possibility of engaging in real-world exercises using a QGIS.

Wondering who this online geography class is for? It is for students whose interests are solving spatial problems.

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#6. Geography – Geology of Earth

Cost: $24.99

To become familiar with the operations of the earth, this is the best online geography class for you.

Learning this course will benefit you such that you can begin to have a business idea just like;

Knowing the Earth and how to Startup a business of mining;

Knowing the Geophysicist and discovering covered resources, hidden material, and secret minerals;

Realizing the mountain structure and discovering fossils;

Gove Lee, the instructor, has ensured to help you understand geographical myths by increasing your wisdom level and to motivate your creativity.

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#7. Introduction to Meteorological Instruments and Atmospheric Pressure

This online class makes one understand the different steps through which atmospheric pressure can be measured.

So, if you have ever wished to become a sailor, going through this course will help you to tailor the instruments and modes of heat transfer.

You must try to complete the class, which is about 3-4 hours long. Enroll and start this learning curve.

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#8. Fundamental Principles of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

This free online geography class on Alison takes you on the road to knowing the mechanical properties of soil and how important it is to recognize them.

Also, you will learn how to apply certain equations to understand soil behavior better.

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#9. Introduction to Wind, Clouds, and Weather Services

Cost: Free

There’s a lot that this online class coursework covers. This 3-hour geography class enlightens you on how best to measure the speed of the wind.

Again, it helps you point out tools to assist marine vessels and keep them safe.

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#10. Political Geography

This online class concerns itself with being a systematic way of allowing determining factors at different levels.

The Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the most renowned institution for humanities, brings it to you and is accessible on Coursera.

By enrolling in this class, you learn the following;

  • Territorial aspects of international relations and world politics
  • Geographical organization of states and lots more

However, it takes about 16 hours to complete.

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#11. Ecosystem Services: a Method for Sustainable Development

Cost: Free and offered by the University of Geneva

This MOOC will cover logical (specialized), financial, and socio-political elements of the idea through a blend of hypotheses, contextual analyses, interviews with trained professionals, and a simple game.

Before the finish of this course, you would have been empowered to;

  • Understand the key components of water through reading contextual findings.
  • Appreciate the possible dangers of adapting biological system administrations.
  • Define the idea of environmental benefits, its standards, and hindrances.

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#12. Physical Geography

Cost: 3520

This course is intended to give you an understanding of climatic and oceanographic wonder.

Aside from that, the Heat financial plan, Insulation, Air masses, Fronts, and Ocean flows are other intriguing subjects that edify the possibility of having a total picture of the environment and hydrosphere.

This paper additionally clarifies how intently these two are related to one another to decide the world environment and, thereby, the life on this plan.

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#13. Introduction to the Arctic: Climate

Cost: Free and offered by the University of Alberta

Offered in French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, English, and Spanish, this online geography class gives you an overall view of regional geography.

While the Arctic is very cold, it is important to know how it connects to the world. You will also learn how to study and learn; the new day change in climate and processes that push it. You can enroll for this free Coursera online class through the link below.

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Above are geography online classes that you can enroll for and gain additional skills to what you already have. Some courses are offered on Coursera, Alison, Udemy, etc. While the paid courses take a longer time to complete, the free courses also have a certificate of completion that you can get upon completion at a fee within a short time.

Go through the list and enroll for one that suits your schedule. Good Luck!



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