Best Universities in Cyprus for International Students 2023 | Ranking

Cyprus is not a very popular city. However, they keep making the right decisions when it comes to education. Cyprus currently has some of the best universities for international students and we’ll look at them.

According to the Cyprus Profile, more than half of Cypriots aged 30-34 have completed their tertiary education.

Hence, this statistic of 55.8% makes Cyprus the second-highest among educated countries within the EU.

To further prove their interest in education, Cyprus actually allocates 6% of their GDP on education.

Therefore, this also makes them pass the EU average of 4.7%. It is safe to say that Cyprus is an educated nation under smart leadership.

The table below contains all you’ll learn about the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

What are the Best English Universities in Cyprus?

As an international student, your decision to study in Cyprus is one great decision you will make.

Why? Because many universities in other parts of the world have actually extended their campuses to Cyprus.

Indeed, this extension has largely been a great move on the part of the partner universities.

Among these universities, there are English universities which are extremely good. However, they’re not all on the same level and we’ll need to outline the best.

So, the best English universities are the University of Nicosia, Near East University, The University of West England and European University Cyprus.

How many universities are in Cyprus?

Cyprus is the coming years will compete with the U.S and U.K when it comes to the best universities in the world.

It will definitely happen because of their interest and steady commitment to progress in every area.

As they consistently fuel their research passion by building more research centres, their breakthrough gets closer by the day.

By 2025, an estimated 78% of the Cyprus population will be educated. Indeed, this is a huge number which will bring forth an educational revival.

However, before they can achieve this, they need to build more universities and a stronger educational structure.

Cyprus currently has 20 universities including both private and public universities.

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Best Universities in Cyprus for International Students 2023 | Ranking

As an international student who wants to study abroad, you need to find a university that will accommodate and give you a quality education as well.

Indeed, making a good choice is hard, so we have carefully outlined the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

Our ranking factors for the best universities in Cyprus for international students are their accreditation, number of programs, and acceptance rate.

  • Cyprus International University (CIU)
  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Near East University (NEU)
  • University of Nicosia
  • The University of the West of England
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • European University Cyprus (EUC)
  • Frederick University
  • European University of Lefke
  • Girne American University
  • University of Kyrenia
  • American College Cyprus
  • The University of the West of Scotland
  • Casa College

1. Cyprus International University (CIU)

Location: North Nicosia

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Founded in 1997, Cyprus International University is an English-language private university located in North Nicosia.

Due to the lack of English-speaking universities, this University eventually started off.

The whole idea behind this school was the need to start up foreign languages in the Cyprus educational system.

CIU has 11 faculties. And some of its best faculties include; Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Engineering.

Furthermore, they have institutes wherein students pursue Master’s and Ph.D. programs and also different schools.

CIU’s acceptance rate is within 60-70% and this makes them a high-priority institution for students.

Many research centers have their homes in CIU which also possess an astounding library with many materials.

International and local students get to interact through their social associations on campus.

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2. University of Cyprus

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Founded in 1989, the University of Cyprus is a public research university located in Cyprus.

The Ministry of Education and Culture usually accredits and organizes entrance examinations for interested undergraduate students.

The official languages in this University are Turkish and Greek although English has gradually become very important.

Programs in the University of Cyprus are based on student hours. Therefore, every student must complete at least 120 credit hours of study.

The acceptance rate for international students at the University of Cyprus is 100%. So, why don’t you fill in your application form?

There are currently eight faculties at the University of Cyprus. Some of the faculties are the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

The research center of the school is a beehive of activities as 200 types of research are carried out simultaneously.

With a library containing thousands of printed and electronic files, you can understand why students study hard at the University of Cyprus.

Hence, if you choose to enter any of the programs, you just signed up to be in one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

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3. University of Nicosia

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

The University of Nicosia is the largest in the whole of Cyprus. Additionally, it has study centers in other parts of the world.

This university currently partners with Hellenic Open University, the University of Padova, the University of Zagreb, and other schools.

Historically, they’re the first university in the world to offer a Master of Science in Digital Currency.

As an international student, this university has a unique academic structure and environment you need.

University of Nicosia’s acceptance rate is within 90-100%.

Indeed, this is a true reflection of their desire to help international students access quality education.

Some of the exceptional schools in this university include; School of Business, School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and School of Law

The campus of UNIC is exceptionally astounding. Over €100 million has been invested into the campus to make it stand out.

In summary, for a university to invest this heavily, it not only makes them one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students but also makes an academic giant in the whole world.

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4. University of Central Lancashire

Location: Larnaka

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

The University of Central Lancashire has its parent branch in England, United Kingdom.

However, they keep expanding and have also opened up a branch in Cyprus called the University of Central Lancashire.

As the only private university in Cyprus, they accept a lot of international students.

The University of Central Lancashire has an acceptance rate that ranges between 70-80%. Therefore, this increases your probability of gaining admission.

This university has undergraduate, postgraduate, professional courses and distance learning programs.

Hence, your choice of program will depend on how well you’re able to pass other requirements plus your interest.

There are three schools and one institute at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus.

The schools include; School of Law, Business & Management, and Science while the institute is the Institute of Professional Studies.

This university has a lot of research centers wherein they carry out proper research regarding all their course areas.

Student life is awesome due to the comfortable accommodation, lively campus, and much more.

Indeed, when it comes to the best universities in Cyprus for international students, CIU makes the list.

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5. Near East University (NEU)

Location: North Nicosia

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Founded in 1988, Near East University is a private university located in North Cyprus.

It is currently the largest university in the whole of Northern Cyprus.

Near East University’s acceptance rate is between 40-50%. Indeed, this is clear communication of their desire to educate and train students.

This university currently has 16 faculties, 98 departments, and 4 vocational schools among others.

Furthermore, the Near East offers undergraduate and graduate programs in all its courses.

In research, this university stands strong as they possess a supercomputer that ranks 13th in the world and first in the region in terms of computation speed and capacity.

In Near East University, students get to study and engage in campus activities simultaneously.

A strong student support system in addition to sports facilities ensures students are physically and mentally healthy.

Conclusively, we can credit the leadership of the Near East for their efforts. Because this has made them among the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

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6. The University of the West of England

Location: Larnaca

Tuition: £4,500 per annum

The University of the West of England is a university with its origin and headquarters in England, UK.

However, we’re going to be focusing on one of its main campuses in Cyprus.

UWE Bristol is one university that boasts of its strong international reputation.

Hence, UWE Bristol’s acceptance rate is between 70-80% as of today.

Some of the awesome faculties in UWE Bristol include; Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education, Business & Law, Environment & Technology, and Health & Applied Sciences.

In research, they keep breaking new grounds as they move to higher heights in every area.

They usually express their strength through their amazing paper/journal publications.

In this University, English is one of their popular languages thereby making communication easier for certain international students.

Amazing campus, rich library, and so many other assets make this university one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

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7. Cyprus University of Technology

Location: Limassol

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Established in 2004, Cyprus University of Technology is a public university located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Tassos Papadopolous, a one-time president of Cyrus inaugurated this university in 2007.

Today, Cyprus University of Technology ranks among the 200-350 range according to Times Higher Education.

CUT has six faculties and a language center. Some of the faculties include; Faculty of Management, Faculty of Geotechnical Sciences, and Environmental Management.

Students in this school have access to their amazing research centers wherein they carry our research.

Cyprus University of Technology’s acceptance rate is within 10-20%. Indeed, it is low compared to other universities in Cyprus.

To gain admission into CUT, students will need to fulfill the eligibility requirements which differ per program.

Generally, you need to present letters of recommendation and a personal statement for college.

Awesome facilities and exceptional student support make CUT one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

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8. European University Cyprus (EUC)

Location: Engomi

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

European University Cyprus is a private university that stems out of the oldest institution in Cyprus.

Today, over 6,500 students are currently enrolled under their graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate degrees.

European University Cyprus’ acceptance rate is 50%. It is a university that accommodates local and international students equally.

In essence, the university is structured to accommodate students from all parts of the world.

When you combine academic strength, good educational culture, and comfortable accommodation, EUC tops the charts as one of the best universities in Cyprus.

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9. Frederick University

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Founded in 1965, Frederick University is a private university in Cyprus.

This university offers graduate and undergraduate programs in its different courses.

Additionally, Frederick offers teaching and research in the fields of science, technology, letters, and the arts.

Today, Frederick concentrates on its nine business schools and technical institutes.

They continue to make a tremendous impact on education and character development.

Frederick University’s acceptance rate is 55%. Their tuition is also affordable for students from low-income families.

On the other hand, this university has scholarship programs wherein students can leverage to help them do well.

International students enjoy student support, faculty engagement, and cooperation in addition to social activities on the campus.

Indeed, Frederick University is one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students.

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10. European University of Lefke

Location: Gemikonağı

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

This is a higher learning educational institute located in Northern Cyprus, Nicosia District.

Turkey’s Council of Higher Education (YÖK) accredited this institution.

This university currently has 77 undergraduate and school programs and 38 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs.

With over 9,200 students and growing, this university continues to push forward as a university.

European University of Lefke’s acceptance rate is 45%. Indeed, this is a reflection of their interest to train students.

International students enjoy this university because they don’t have language barriers like other Cyprus universities.

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11. Girne American University

Location: Karmi

Tuition: €8,000 per annum

Founded in 1985, Girne American University opened up as an American-style higher education. They are also a member of the Caucasus University Association.

They have two research centers in this school. The first is the Research Centre for Applied Science, Engineering and Technology while the other is the International Center for Heritage Studies (ICHS).

Girne University’s acceptance rate is within 70-80%. Of course, they gracefully open their gates to all students.

These students will then study at one of the best universities in Cyprus under their awesome faculties.

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12. University of Kyrenia

Location: Karakum

Tuition: €7,000 per annum

Founded in 2013, the University of Kyrenia is one of the youngest universities in the whole of Cyprus. Hence, this university largely focuses on maritime studies.

There are a total of 58 programs in this school. In addition, there are 12 faculties, 3 vocational schools, 3 graduate schools, and an academy.

Today, the University of Kyrenia’s acceptance rate is 57%. It has remained steady over the past few years.

Admission requirements at the University of Kyrenia differ depending on the course, program, and faculty.

International students enjoy studying at this university because of its awesome offers.

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13. American College Cyprus

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: €8,000 per annum

American College is one of the best colleges in Cyprus for international students.

The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education accredited this university’s programs and courses.

Hence, they have courses such as Business Law, Hotel Management, Computer Science, and Human Resource Management.

Most of these courses take between 2-4 years to fully complete and English is the language of instruction.

Research interests and opportunities are one of the most discussed matters at American College Cyprus.

Because it will equip students with the knowledge they need moving forward.

Today, American College’s acceptance rate is 55% as they also welcome international students to study.

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14. The University of the West of Scotland

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: £4,500

The University of the West of Scotland has one of its major campuses in Cyprus.

This university makes the transition process for international students very easy.

UWS has awesome art festivals, a huge country market, and free in-school transportation.

Additionally, cinemas get to charge students less for watching movies.

UWS in Cyprus has a lot of faculties such as Engineering, Law, and Arts. In the same vein, they have undergraduate and postgraduate programs for interested students.

Admission requirements at UWS differ by program but they generally demand that you present a personal statement for college and two letters of recommendation.

So, you can study at one of the best universities in Cyprus for international students when you pick up the enrollment form.

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15. Casa College

Location: Nicosia

Tuition: €2,600

Casa College seeks to be accepted as an experienced provider of quality education at an affordable cost.

Their motto connotes that knowledge and education are a privilege for everybody.

Hence, they seek to inspire students to achieve excellence by providing an independent, cross-cultural, private, and advantageously small-scale learning environment.

This College serves a highly unique and culturally diverse student body and endorses both academic advancements and personal growth among its students.

Therefore, they take pride in meeting the needs of each other no matter the country they come from.

As an international student, this is a place where you’ll seek to be true.

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The citizens of Cyprus have a serious interest in education, hence, they continue to learn consistently.

Their universities compete on a continental level but they’re gradually threading into the globe.

Hence, international students can pursue awesome courses under the amazing programs at universities in Cyprus.


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