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10 Best Books For SAT Prep in 2022

Preparing with any of the best books for SAT prep increases your chances of passing with a high score. With SAT preparation book, you will get a full insight into SAT designed by experts and SAT test-takers.

Interestingly, tons of these SAT preparation books are available on different offline and online platforms, including Amazon.

In this article, I have painstakingly put down a comprehensive list of best books for SAT prep that will help you master the skills, tricks, and hacks needed to get SAT high score.

Don’t forget, this is an in-depth guide that could avail you of the opportunity to expand your choice of colleges and universities.

Before I proceed, let me refresh your mind on what SAT test is all about and why you need it!

What is SAT?

SAT is a globally recognized college and university admission test. Most of the prestigious universities across the world widely accepted it.

Just like GRE and GMAT scores are prerequisites for business school admission, SAT score is a major prerequisite for getting into any of the top universities like Harvard, University of Florida, Oregon State University, etc.

Why You Need SAT Preparation Book

If you’re preparing to take SAT test without plans of studying any of SAT prep books is a waste of time.

Truth is, aside from your struggling to scale through, you might possibly not hit a high score that can give you want you to want.

This is my reason for saying that…

SAT prep books are elaborative, creative, and contain practice sets, guidelines, questions, and hacks to help get high SAT scores.

The books will assist you in handling conceptual problems, developing intellectual skills, and boosting your confidence in taking the exam.

Best Books For SAT Prep

Below is a list of the best SAT Preparation books that can help you pass SAT exam:

1. Kallis’ Redesigned SAT Pattern

Amazon Price: $35.95

Kallis Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy is one of the best SAT prep books specifically structured for students who want to take SAT tests. This SAT book has essential components that contain questions, practice papers, and guidelines for SAT preparation.

Studying this book has practice sets and questions that will help boost your morale and confidence. More so, you will help with the skills and hacks required for attempting questions strategically.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

2. SAT Prep Plus by Kaplan

Amazon Price: $25.49

Kaplan’s SAT Study Plus is one of the most comprehensive prep books on the market, including a wide review of the exam, how it works, and the questions you can expect to see across the three sections of the test.

It also includes many practice questions and five full-length practice tests, as well as extensive material review sections.

The book has almost 1,400 practice questions in total. Kaplan’s practice material was really realistic, and it was especially helpful in forecasting the patterns I’d seen on the actual exam. Online video tutorials are also available as online resources.

Kaplan is a well-known test prep organization that excels at being brief while still providing complete coverage.

If there is a drawback, it is that some specialists believe the book is lacking in challenge. Nonetheless, it covers nearly every SAT idea and topic you’ll come across on the exam, making it one of the best SAT Math, English, and Reading prep books available.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

3. Second Edition of the SAT Prep Black Book

Amazon Price: $28.03

The SAT Prep Black Book Second Edition, which is stuffed full of insightful information, techniques, tips, and tricks, has earned its spot among the 10 best SAT prep books.

In this SAT book, you’ll learn everything from the test’s design to the questions you might see and why they include certain questions.

You’ll get information on the test’s format and structure, as well as tidbits like how to avoid trick questions.

Also, preparing with this book will help you identify responses that were there to divert my attention away from the correct answer.

In short, the SAT Prep Black Book is an excellent resource for students of all levels because it may help you not only learn the tricks but also improve your perspective on the test as a whole. T

The only challenge you will face using this book is that you will have to look for all the practice exams online because the book won’t provide them.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

4. Barron’s SAT Study Guide

Amazon Price: $21.99

Barron’s SAT Study Guide is one of the best books to study when preparing for SAT tests. Between the covers of the book are four complete practice examinations, with two more available online.

That means you’ll have a better chance of going over the test and honing your test-taking skills. This book also includes a diagnostic examination that will help you understand how the SAT works, allow you to focus on your weak areas for improvement, and put you in the attitude to take the test.

This book can help you break down the content into digestible bits and provide you with the practice you need if you can engage with the text and stay focused and committed.

It also employs some of the same strategies as the real exam, so you’ll become accustomed to ambiguous wording and confusing responses.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

5. Cracking the SAT by Princeton Review.

Amazon Price: $25.99

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, a budget-friendly yet comprehensive guide to conquering the exam, is among the best SAT preparation books worth studying.

It’s comparable to Barron’s guide in that it gives you a comprehensive overview of the exam, including all the ideas you’ll need as well as time management and test-taking tactics.

It includes four complete practice examinations as well as access to additional practice exams online.

Each question comes with a detailed answer and explanation so you can think about how you want to respond.

This will assist you in putting yourself in the right frame of mind on exam day. An additional online component provides a handy scoring tool for the practice tests.

It also contains several test-taking tips and methods that will undoubtedly improve your approach to the SAT, as well as your final score and results.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

6. SAT Reading Practice Book: World Literature”

Amazon Price: $19.99

With SAT Reading Practice Book, you will get an insight into the important concepts of the primary idea, character development, storyline, and theme that they will need to master in order to pass the SAT Reading part. Note, you will face the same American and international authors in the text as they will on the exam.

Talking about the book’s content, the book contains 500 Reading practice problems, 50 reading passages, and 2,000 answer explanations.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

7. The 4th Edition of The Complete Guide to SAT Reading”

Amazon Price: $33.20

This guide by test prep specialist Erica L. Meltzer is designed for students who want to improve their SAT Reading scores. It includes important tactics for swiftly understanding complicated literature and discovering the information needed to answer related questions.

Studying this SAT prep book will help you uncover supporting evidence questions and chart-based data analysis ideas on the SAT.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

8. “SAT Elite 2022” by McGraw Hill Education

Amazon Price: $23.99

The McGraw-Hill Education Sat prep book is unique because it includes practice problems and methods and a thorough explanation of the test’s format.

It includes 8 full-length practice tests, reading comprehension hints, and challenge problems at the end of each section to test your understanding.

The practice problems are cognitive and similar to the real SAT exam, which we appreciate.

The prep guide will assist you in establishing a time frame for each component so that you know how to approach the exam. Progress reports, learning metrics, games, and quizzes are all included.

From algebra and trigonometry to geometry and complex number issues, this SAT practice guide will help you create a strong mathematical foundation.

It will also improve your data analysis and problem-solving abilities. The only challenge with this study guide is that its writing part isn’t discussed in depth. Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

9. The Official SAT Study Guide from the College Board

Amazon Price: $11.13

This is the only study guide that was produced by the test’s creators and has their approval. This implies that the practice questions you’ll see are quite similar to the ones you’ll see on the actual exam.

In addition, there are detailed explanations of why the correct answers are correct.

The book includes eight whole tests taken from actual former SATs, so what you’ll find isn’t just a sample of what you’ll encounter on the SAT; it’s exactly what students have seen on it in the past. As a result, it is one of the most comprehensive and accurate tools for people wishing to review practice questions and tests.

Seeing proper questions from actual tests was beneficial. Finally, the book includes a comprehensive review and introduction to the exam, including why the questions are framed and presented in the way they are, and how to spot the patterns and techniques used.

Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

10. New Math Problems for the SAT

Amazon Price: $39.99

This is SAT prep book provided by Dr. Steve Warner that gives a quick study of the SAT exam’s topics. Some topics here include algebra, advanced math, data analysis, geometry, and trigonometry.

The book, which provides answers to over 500 SAT math problems, is primarily designed for students who find SAT math to be challenging.

While studying with this book, you’ll get detailed explanations for most of the SAT mathematical questions. Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

11. SAT Math 3rd Edition by Dr. John Chung

Amazon Price: $4.27

Also on my list of best SAT preparation books is SAT Math 3rd Edition by Dr. John Chung. This book is for students who find math questions difficult, and it attempts to help you build a firm foundation in the mathematics portion.

In this study guide, you’ll learn about exponents, transformations, and linear functions. And once you have a strong mathematical background, you can benefit from the suggestions and practice questions. Click below to get this SAT prep book from Amazon.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the best SAT prep books available. You’ll almost certainly boost your grades if you pick up any of these books and devote time to studying each day.

Consistency in studying is more crucial than the quality of your study materials. If you’re looking for something a little more, an SAT prep course would be worth looking into.




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