Cabarrus County Schools Review 2022| Admission, Tuition, Requirements, Ranking

Cabarrus County Schools as Institutions of learning are well known as Good Moral Intellect for breeding up responsible Kids.

Below Is a table of what to expect in this Review.


Located In the South Central Part of the U.S state of North Carolina, Cabarrus’s population as of the 2010 census was 178,011. Cabarrus, A County of Unity has always provided a diversified community where they embrace the growth and quality of all of Its members.

Cabarrus county Is a fairly decent place. There Is no violent crime rate In the county. It also has a large selection of recreational centers to hang around.

The North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, Home-cooked BBQ, Historic Reed Gold mine. It can also be known as “Where Racing Lives”.

Cabarrus County Is safer In the 74th percentile. Meaning 27% safer. 


Cabarrus County is on the northeast edge of one of the country’s most vibrant urban regions. It offers easy access to Charlotte’s big-city excitement while providing real-world attractiveness and charm, and a relaxed and uncomplicated lifestyle that just the right bit of distance provides.

Not only does it have beautiful features but It encourages the mind of It students by creating a conducive environment and good facilities. Good test scores are achieved.

Previous years has shown that students from cabarrus get more selected In Interviews than their peers In other schools.  Smart brains  are made while In the four walls of a classroom. 

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Cabarrus County Schools strives to inspire minds, engage hearts, and shape futures. The 
Cabarrus County School (CCS) district is the eighth-largest school district in North Carolina 
with 42 schools and over 34,000 students (37% of whom are eligible for free or reduced-price 

CCS serves a diverse student body in terms of race, ethnicity, and exceptionalities: 
48.9% White, 21.4% Black, 17.9% Hispanic, 6.7% Asian, 0.3% American Indian, 0.2% and others

Within Cabarrus County Schools, 99.5% of teachers are licensed, and 92.8% have three or more years of experience. The student-to-teacher ratio is higher than the state average, at 17:1.

The district has 53 full-time counselors on staff.


Below are what the Schools In Cabarrus share In common when It comes to admission and Requirements of It students.

Whether you are enrolling for the first time or submitted a required re-enrollment form, all enrollments must align with your assigned Cabarrus County school based on your home address. 

Here are The details of The High Schools Admission And Requirements You May Need.

  • Photo/ Identification Of Guardian or Parents. Sources may include: Driver’s License or Identification Card, Matricula Consular, Work Authorization Card and others. 
  • Provision Of At Least 2 Proofs of Residence Permit.
  • Source 1: Deed, current lease, closing, settlement statement or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school’s boundaries.
  • Source 2: Current driver’s license, medicaid card, motor vehicle registration, current statement (e.g. bank statement, utility bill ) showing correct address.
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Immunization Records: Students who do not have this medical information completed 30 days following the start of school will not be allowed to attend until the requirements are met. If your child has current immunizations please scan and email these to your school’s registrar or enrollment liaison.  
  • Health’s Assessment Form

Every child entering in a NC public school for the first time must submit proof of a Health Assessment within 30 days of the start of school

If your child has had a physical or well check in the last year and you can access your healthcare provider, please have them complete the form and return to you. Please scan or forward the health assessment to your school’s registrar or enrollment liaison as soon as possible. You must submit this form within 30 days from the return to school.


Details Of The Kindergarten Admission And Their Requirements

  1. Photo ID of Parent/Legal Guardian
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate with Parent name(s)
  3. Child’s Immunization Record
  4. Proof of residence permit .Two of this are required see the list below  settlement statement or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school’s boundaries. Current driver’s license, recent pay stub, Medicaid card, motor vehicle registration, current statement (e.g. bank statement, utility bill ) showing the correct address.
  5. Kindergarten Health Assessment and Immunizations: This is required by North Carolina Statute. Students who do not have this completed after 30 days following the start of school will not be allowed to attend until the requirements are met. All schools and local physicians are aware of the requirements and have the proper forms that are needed for documentation.        


In  Cabarrus County there are two categories of Schools. Which are Traditional and Non Traditional.

Traditional Category

some traditional K-12 Schools  In Cabarrus County are listed below

Harris Road Middle

Rank 27th of 733

No of Students:1,480 Ranking of Cabarrus County Schools Concord Public. Also known as The CCSCP


Cox Mill High School

Rank 92nd of 587

No of Students: 1925 Ranking of The CCSCP

Mount Pleasant High School

Rank 177th of 733 

No of Students: 718 Ranking of The CCSCP

Hickory Ridge High School

Rank 125th of 587 

No of Students: 1,375 Ranking of The CCSCP

Cox Mill Elementary

Rank 36th of 1471

No of students: 1,131 Ranking of The CCSCP

WR Odell

Rank 45th of 1471

No of Students: 1299 Ranking of The CCSCP

Hickory Ridge Middle School

Rank of 46th of 733

No of students: 1299 Ranking of The CCSCP

Harris Burg Elementary

Rank 81st of 1471

No of Students: 1043 Ranking of The CCSCP

Northwest Cabarrus High School

Rank 153rd of 587

No of Students: 1375 Ranking of The CCSCP

J.N Fries Magnet School

Rank 113th of 733

No of students: 852 Ranking of The CCSCP

Non Traditional Category 

  • Opportunity School – Glenn Center (alternative school)
  • MaryFrances Wall Center
  • Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School
  • Cabarrus Early College of Technology High School
  • PerformanceLearning Center
  • Lockhart Early Learning Center


The tuition fee for cabarrus county schools are In two categories and both are paid together. Academic Fee and Non-Academic Fee.

However For the payment of the tuition fee, If a child does not have the full payment he can request a half scale from the principal and only the principal have the authority to accept such.

The tuition fee varies per session. Here is a view of the 2019–2020 tuition fee.

  • Academic Fee–$586.3
  • Non–Academic Fee–$187
  • Total $733.3 excluding other charges.

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  • Total Enrollment: 33,089 in a session.
  • Kindergarten Middle Schools and High Schools are In Cabarrus County District.
  • Total Schools: 40
  • Percentage Of Teachers With 3-4 years of experience 92.8%
  • Percentage of Teachers with 4-5years of experience 94.8%
  • The Student to Teacher ratio is 17:1
  • 53 Full time counselors.
  • Schools Review: Best all round.
  • Tuition fee cost is well affordable. 
  • National and International Students are allowed In every year.


You can check out for more on their website 

FAQs on Cabarrus County Schools

With 65% of the test scores both In Math and other related fields. Cabarrus schools are considered as one of the best In North Carolina. 

  • Medical Statements 
  • Proof of Residency
  • Utility Bills
  • Photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • Means of Identification and others

Of course yes. North Carolina Ranking has also shown that the Cabarrus County Schools are one of the safest In the state.

It is affordable. With the Admission selection and Major Requirements that expenses were spent on. Tuition fees In Cabarrus County Schools can be paid.


Admission processes are fast and easy In Cabarrus County Schools. Tuition Fees are affordable and easily you can get the statement of what you are paying for. Cabarrus County Schools has what it take to develop wards.



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