15 Scholarships For Cameroonian Students To Study In Australia 

Do you desire to study in Australia? Do you fantasize about spending your student years enjoying barbeques, surfing, and studying at a prestigious Australian university? Now’s your chance, with this selection of Australian scholarships.

The list below covers government-funded, externally funded, and university-specific Australian scholarships for international students at bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels.

There are quite a host of scholarships available for Cameroonian students who wish to study in Australia, which cover, tuition, a living stipend, and other supplemental fees. Listed and explained below is a list of available scholarships for Cameroonian students.

You can start your exploration below and select the option that best suits your definition and which is within your financial capability.

Free scholarships in Australia for international students

Australia Awards Scholarships:

Australia Awards Scholarships are long-term awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

They aim to contribute to the development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements.

Host / Eligible countries: The scholarship is taken in Australia, and it’s available for international students for their bachelor’s, masters and PhD program in any Australian institution.

scholarships Benefits: It is worth full tuition, return airfare, establishment allowance, insurance, and other supplementary fees.

Application link: http://www.dfat.gov.au/people-to-people/australia-awards/Pages/australia-awards-scholarships.aspx

International scholarship in conservation biology at the University of Queensland:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship is available for master’s degree program at the Uni9versity of Queensland, Australia. It is a merit-based award granted for studies towards a Master of Conservation Biology.

scholarships Benefits: It is worth $10 000 Australian dollars granted to any student from all over the world.

Application link: https://scholarships.uq.edu.au/scholarship/international-scholarship-in-conservation-biology

Contact: biologyadmin@uq.edu.au

Application deadline: 28th April annually.

TFS Research Scholarship Scheme:

Host / Eligible countries: It is available for international students for Banking and Finance for PhD program at UNSW business school for full-time study and research leading to a postgraduate research degree

scholarships Benefits: It is worth $32 000 Australian dollars per year granted to any student from all over the world.  and it lasts for three years with a possible extension of 6 months

Application link: www.business.unsw.edu.au/students/scholarships/postgraduate-research/international-students

Australian Government Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme:

Host / Eligible countries: The scholarship opportunity is provided by the Australian Government Department of Health for students who have lived in a defined rural area for a minimum of five consecutive years or eight cumulative years from the age of five. The scholarship is for students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in Australia

scholarships Benefits: There are at least 30 scholarships offered annually, with a value of $10,000 per annum per student, meaning a student may be granted $40,000 over a four-year period.

Application link: http://6cpa.com.au/rural-support-programs/rural-pharmacy-scholarship-scheme/

University of Sydney International Research Scholarships:

Host / Eligible countries: There is a scholarship opportunity at the University of Sydney, Australia available for international students for Masters by Research program or Postgraduate research degree.

scholarships Benefits: The scholarship takes care of tuition, and stipend for living allowance for up to three years.

Application link: http://sydney.edu.au/scholarships/prospective/international_postgraduate_scholarships.shtml#usi

RTPs / UIPAs scholarship scheme:

Host / Eligible countries: The scholarship is offered to international students who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree in banking and finance at UNSW Business School full-time to study and research.

scholarships Benefits: It is worth $26 000 Australian dollars. It includes a cover of tuition fees plus stipends available for three years with a possible extension of 6 months. Beneficiaries are awarded additional $10 000 Australian dollars per year by UNSW Business School.

Application link: www.business.unsw.edu.au/students/scholarships/postgraduate-research/international-students

Macquarie University African Women in STEM:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship is open to outstanding female from selected African countries at any Australian university for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering, mathematics, science, and technology.

scholarships Benefits: The scholarship provides  50% part tuition.

Application link: https://www.mq.edu.au/study/international-students/scholarships/details/african-women-in-stem-scholarship

Curtin University in Australia offering Curtin International Scholarships – CRL Merit Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: The Curtin International Merit scholarship award is available to international students at the Curtin University in Australia for their bachelor’s masters and doctoral programs.

scholarships Benefits: It covers 20% waiver of tuition for their first year of study. It is based on high academic achievement from previous education.

Application link: https://scholarships.curtin.edu.au/scholarships/scholarship.cfm?id=3501.0

NFP scholarship:

The Netherlands Fellowship Program scholarship (NFP) is designed to aid the development of 60 pre-selected developing countries. The NFP scholarship for master students is intended for mid-career professionals who are nationals of and working and living in one of the NFP countries.

Host / Eligible countries: the scholarship is available for students from developing countries for 1-2 years to pursue a master’s program in all fields of study in all universities.

scholarships Benefits: The scholarship is worth tuition, visa, and travel expenses.

Application link: https://www.educationfair.nl/scholarship/show/nfp-scholarship/48

Australia Charles Darwin University High Achievers International Scholarships:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship is awarded in all fields of study for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

scholarships Benefits: It is available to international students and includes tuition waiver and accommodation.

Application link: https://www.cdu.edu.au/international/future-students/scholarships#p7AP3c1_1

Curtin University in Australia offering Curtin International Scholarships – CRL Merit Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship is available to international students at the university for their undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

scholarships Benefits: It covers 20% waiver of tuition for their first year of study.

Application link: https://scholarships.curtin.edu.au/scholarships/scholarship.cfm?id=3501.0

Health Workforce Scholarship Program:

Host / Eligible countries: The health workforce scholarship program (HWSP) offers financial support to professionals in medicine, allied health, aboriginal health, and nursing is not easily accessible areas. The Australian government department of health sponsors this program and is not eligible for health professionals employed by the government.

Scholarships Benefits:

The HWSP offers two types of funding:

  • Scholarship: a reimbursement of up to $10,000 per year (maximum of two years) for the cost of completing a postgraduate course leading to a postgraduate qualification, or
  • Bursary: a reimbursement of up to $10,000 per year for completing a short course or training.

Application Deadline: Applications for the HWSP are now closed. Follow us on Facebook for important announcements about the HWSP application dates in 2023.

Application link:  https://www.ntphn.org.au/hwsp

Adelaide Global Leadership Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship is highly contested and is given to Cameroonian students who are excellent in their academic

Scholarships Benefits:  The scholarship is worth 30% of what the tuition fee is, irrespective of the course chosen in the university. Also, this scholarship covers part living costs of the student, while studies are ongoing.

Application link: https://international.adelaide.edu.au/admissions/scholarships/the-university-of-adelaide-global-leaders-scholarship

International Water Centre Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: This scholarship scheme offers scholarships to both male and female students with a specific number of spots reserved for female students. The scholarship is of two types, type A & B, for different categories of students.

scholarships Benefits: Type A is worth 92 645 Australian dollars and will cover return travel, student visa, health cover, tuition fees, and living costs while type B is worth 52 500 Australian dollars and covers full tuition fees

Application link: https://watercentre.org/master-of-integrated-water-management/tab/pillar4/

Endeavor Awards Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: the Endeavour awards scholarship provides financial support to Cameroonian students participating in a master’s program of up to two years and a Ph.D. of up to 4 years depending on coursework and research.

scholarships Benefits:  Students will receive a stipend of 3 000 monthly and a maximum amount of 36 000 Australian dollars in a year, health insurance, and a travel allowance of up to 3 000 Australian dollars.

Application link: https://internationaleducation.gov.au/Endeavour%20program/Scholarships-and-Fellowships/Pages/default.aspx

The University Of Newcastle And Commonwealth Government:

Host / Eligible countries: The scholarship is taken in Australia, and its available for international students.PhD scholarships are for three and a half years and masters’ scholarships run for two years. All eligibility criteria must be met before application.

scholarships Benefits: This scholarship covers a living allowance of up to 27 082 dollars per annum, a free laptop for studies during the tenure of the scholarship, full tuition fee, and health cover for the Cameroonian students

Application link: https://www.newcastle.edu.au/research-and-innovation/graduate-research/current-students

Bond University HDR Scholarship:

Host / Eligible countries: The Bond university scholarship provides a high-level HDR experience to help Cameroonian students in their research and research training. It covers funds to support financial costs and also alleviate living stipends.

The scholarships are held twice a year, from February to March and then August to September, each lasting two months.

scholarships Benefits: The stipend rate is 27 596 dollars per annum

Application link: https://bond.edu.au/researchers/higher-degrees/scholarships-support/research-scholarships


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