20 Colleges with the Best Student Life in  

Even though parents hope their children will buckle down and focus on their studies, many worries more about their student life when they’re not in class. 

Most college-age children will leave for school soon, and some may already be there. 

There are always those colleges known more for the best student life, even though most schools strive to have an excellent reputation for academics. 

This article has compiled the best colleges with the best student life in 2023. Let’s dive in!

How can you choose the right college for yourself?

It would help if you first defined what your objectives are. Then, you’ll need to know the pathways to earn your degree, which requires research. 

When you are clear on your goals, search online for the top colleges and universities that provide the program you need. 

These educational institutions may be national, regional, or global in scope. First, create a shortlist, then assess each candidate on it. 

You should be able to reduce your options from hundreds to something manageable using this format. But, of course, you must also take your budget into account.

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Is it necessary to apply for jobs while in college?

No. Although it is not required, applying for jobs while in college is advisable. 

You gain essential knowledge and experience regarding the employment market when you work part-time or freelance for various businesses—enabling you to understand better what to expect after earning your bachelor’s degree. 

Additionally, many internships and part-time employment will pay, allowing you to cover your living expenses while earning some extra cash to enjoy your independence.

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What are the Colleges with the Best Student Life? 

#1. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Whatever it is, it’s probably here. Many student organizations, services, customs, and events may be found at the University of Illinois to enhance students’ college social life. 

Identify with the school’s strong division one teams in sports like men’s basketball and women’s volleyball by showing your Illini Pride. Or, you might take part in the vibrant Greek community on campus. 

If that’s not your thing, the leisure center offers plenty of other activities that will suit you, like cooking classes, wellness seminars, ice skating lessons, and more. 

Additionally, there is quick access to adjacent taverns, such as the Illini Inn, where guests can partake in the renowned Mug Club tradition and celebrate a significant victory (or drink away their sorrows).

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#2. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Do you want to discover why students should choose Michigan? It is because it is one of the colleges with the best student life and makes meeting fantastic, compatible people so simple! 

However, you can meet many interesting people at a get-together dinner or during an engaging team-building activity. 

To make your spare time more valuable and exciting, you can also attend one of the many activities at the Center for Campus Involvement or join one of the 1,600 student clubs at UM.

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#3. University of Wisconsin at Madison

At UW-Madison, being a student in a college that has the best student life is on another level. There is much more to the campus than its academic standing, even though you might think it’s only a successful research school. 

One of the 900 student clubs will allow you to follow your passion, and you can show your school spirit by cheering on the varsity teams. 

Also, students who prefer drinking choose to go to Der Rathskeller or the Memorial Union Terrace, where they may unwind with a chilled beverage, live music, and their friends. 

Even if you’re only stopping by for a quick visit, you have plenty of nearby famous local attractions and historic buildings to keep you busy. But after you’re accepted and get a taste of this college’s social scene, you’ll be even more eager!

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#4. The University of Georgia at Athens

Because the University of Georgia truly offers something for everyone, there is nothing like the whole college town experience! 

Suppose you wish to combine your love of travel with your academic interests. In that case, there are over 750 student clubs, including 62 Greek organizations, 80 study abroad programs, and clubs for honorary, particular, and multicultural interests. 

Suppose you want to unwind or maximize your study breaks. In that case, you might also visit nearby eateries or schedule time to go to the AthFest, a weeklong arts festival honoring Athens’ booming music, art, and cinema scene.

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#5. The University of Texas at Austin

You will experience growth on this campus if we sum up your time here in one word. All while having fun, Austin has been designed to support students in realizing their best potential. 

Additionally, it would help if you didn’t worry because the college still has a lot to offer its pupils. You have over 70 fraternities and sororities, a plethora of campus events, Shakespeare productions, and several arts and cultural societies.

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#6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As we all know, students at MIT work hard, but are they also permitted to play hard? 

Of course! The MIT campus offers fantastic chances, like water wars and cutting-edge covert pranks, to enhance your collegiate social life despite the demanding and stressful curriculum. 

Additionally, there are plenty of choices available here! Choose from over 500 student clubs, 40 Greek organizations, 30 varsity sports, and more. 

Finally, the school recognizes engineering and the physical sciences, but MIT also hosts yearly art events and has a lively creative community.

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#7. Washington University in St. Louis

Thanks to its dedication to fostering student expression, the various Washington campus is home to many happy and engaged students because it provides them with the best student life that is sought after by most. 

The student union, 26 officially recognized Greek chapters, and the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement on this campus all work to foster an active way of life-based on student involvement. 

Also, monthly gatherings, the school’s renowned Assembly Series, or having coffee or a meal at one of the many on-campus eateries are all great ways to meet other WashU students.

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#8. Pennsylvania State University

At Penn State, finding a college friend won’t be a problem because this university is home to students with various interests, from beer to Japanese animation. 

Whether you live on or off campus, immerse yourself in initiatives, including student leadership programs, community participation, volunteering, and more. 

You can check out the extracurricular activities at the Involvement Fair if you feel overwhelmed by the options. 

Additionally, you can meet incredible people here who will make attending college worthwhile. 

There is a student club eager to welcome you no matter what you’re into, whether it’s Dungeons and Dragons, brewing and fermentation, or anime. You can find something here if you’re interested in campus government or art lessons.

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#9. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia continues to be one of the nation’s most brilliant party schools, as described by Buzzfeed in the past. 

Also, thanks to the small class sizes at this institution, you will not only be intellectually challenged and supported, but you’ll also wake up to a stunning, lively, 396-acre college campus with many enjoyable and stimulating social events. 

However, around 800 clubs and organizations in Virginia cater to all interests, including 3D printing, aerial dance, and clean water campaigns.

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#10. The University of Florida at Gainesville

More than just a quality education draws students to the University of Florida. 

However, the college also features an active, upbeat campus community with many extracurricular activities (clubs, Greek life, and student leadership) to strengthen your résumé. When looking for adventure, there are many other things to do. 

Additionally, the state’s national museum, which is regarded as having one of the best collections in the nation, is a great place to visit with friends. 

Finally, you can also find exciting fitness classes like flying yoga. Near Lake Wauburg’s North Park and South Shore, you may also go swimming, bike, and relax.

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#11. Yale University

This Ivy League institution in Connecticut has little trouble making all kinds of students feel at home, no matter where they are from. Yet, it ranks as one of the colleges with the best student life. 

Yale is dedicated to offering support and opportunities in every way it can since it knows that its members have a variety of talents and needs. 

For Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American students, as well as other student groups, there are several multicultural centers where you can interact with others and socialize. 

Aside from that, living in New Haven is a great joy! Hungry? There are many fantastic restaurants to eat pizza, brunch, burgers, or have a few drinks. 

Also, you’ll be surprised by how many local seminars and workshops are available on almost any subject imaginable.

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#12. Ohio State University

The guiding principle of student life at Ohio State is to learn, play, serve, and belong. However, this explains why the campus is home to a vibrant student body that knows how to have a great time socializing in college. 

With a wide range of recreational sports programs—from adventure travel to group exercise and club sports—and so many diverse, multicultural resources to help students feel secure, heard, and understood, who wouldn’t have a full calendar? 

After leaving campus, you’ll have everything you need to let off some steam. Enjoy delectable cuisine at trendy eateries, catch the newest movies at nearby theaters, and fill up on distinctive brews at Columbus Ale Trail and Watershed Distillery.

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#13. University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California-Los Angeles is the West Coast’s representative. This campus has a stunning 400-acre botanical garden ideal for romantic strolls at night or fascinating nature-related events. 

Living on campus, sometimes known as “life on the Hill,” offers most undergraduate students everything they could want or need, including quick walks to classes, stunning sunset views, tranquil study spaces on terraces, healthy culinary options, and over 5,000 campus events. 

Support the school’s varsity teams (including baseball, soccer, gymnastics, and water polo) to make it more thrilling and take in the ferocity of university athletics!

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#14. Rice University

Rice University differs from the other colleges on this list partly because of the many student-run companies across campus. 

Because they are required to oversee all elements of their firm, students gain invaluable hands-on experience and the chance to develop strong relationships with coworkers and business partners. 

Rice Coffeehouse and The Hoot, a late-night meal delivery business, are two outstanding and highly successful examples of what this kind of endeavor might cause. You will always have top-notch dining options because there are so many! 

Rice University also offers late-night programming called Owls After Dark, which includes entertaining events like game nights and outdoor movies.

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#15. Stanford University 

Do you want to remember your first few years of college? Then, you might be a good fit for Stanford! 

Nothing compares to being a first-year student at our institution because there are many opportunities for you to become involved, including Frosh 101, admissions events, and introduction seminars. 

You might also enjoy so-called “meetups,” where students gather for outdoor gatherings or outings to improve relationships. 

A 6,700-yard golf course, a 17-court tennis stadium, and more are available because it is also a collegiate sports town. 

Colleges must increasingly provide students with access to vital mental health resources. Stanford is well-equipped to support students experiencing isolation, loss, loneliness, or their first time away from home.

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#16. University of Colorado Boulder 

The University of Colorado-Boulder, generally known as CU, is located in Boulder, Colorado. CU was established in 1876 and is a public flagship university with a space grant. 

However, CU has over 33,000 students. In addition, CU has received praise for its campus beauty thanks to the use of sandstone in building construction and the distinctive architecture of Charles Klauder. 

Also, the school’s colors are black, gold, and silver, and the Buffalos’ mascots are Ralphie the bison and Chip. The NCAA Division 1 Pac-12 conference is where the University of Colorado Boulder plays. 

Finally, Boulder is regarded as one of the most innovative cities, a popular destination for artists, and one of America’s foodiest places.

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#17. University of Iowa 

On the banks of the Iowa River in Iowa City, the University of Iowa is a leading public university with space-grant status. It is the oldest university in the state and enrolls over 33,000 students. 

The University of Iowa has consistently ranked among the best party schools. 

For nightlife, students go to Iowa City’s “ped mall.” Student life has a wide range of alternatives thanks to the active engagement in the theater, literary events, and student organizations on campus. 

Additionally, climbing walls, diving wells, and inflatable races are just a few of the top recreational and aquatic amenities available to University of Iowa students. 

However, sports events have a significant role in university culture, and student sections exhibit the highest levels of Hawkeye pride.

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#18. University of Missouri 

Public flagship land-grant institution The University of Missouri was established in 1839. 

The University of Missouri offers students an unmatched recreation facility with advanced exercise classes and high-end equipment. 

With waterfalls, a vortex, and a lazy river, the Mizzou Aquatic Center offers student-athletes some of the best training and competition facilities in the country. 

With over 70 active chapters, the University of Missouri has one of the nation’s oldest and largest Greek systems. 

However, whether playing on the court or field, Mizzou game days produce an electrifying environment.

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#19. University of Arizona 

The University of Arizona is known for its “Bear Down, Arizona ” catchphrase.” It is a public flagship research institution that was founded in 1885. The University of Arizona campus, which lies northeast of Tucson’s downtown, has buildings with distinctive red brick facades. 

There are many alternatives for students living in Tucson, both on and off campus. The University of Arizona provides a good recreation center with cutting-edge equipment, a variety of leagues, and fascinating course offerings. 

Through its Outdoor Adventure Program, it also provides excursions for students who want to explore the nearby desert and National Parks. 

Highlights of the UA campus include the vibrant Greek community, many specialty student organizations, and social outreach initiatives. These features keep students involved in Wildcat culture.

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#20. West Virginia University 

Morgantown, West Virginia, is the home of West Virginia University, or WVU. WVU was established in 1867 and is a public institution with a national reputation. 

West Virginia University, which includes several campuses, enrolls about 29,000 students and employs over 9,000 academic and support staff members. There are 15 different colleges involved, and 191 degree options are available. 

In fact, there are a variety of activities available to students at West Virginia University on campus. WVU maintains a vibrant campus with events, including Mountaineer Week, Greek Week, and the “Up All Night” campaign. 

Furthermore, another opportunity for students to experience challenges and the area’s natural beauty is the Mountain Adventure Program, which the particular Outdoor Recreation Center provides. The program allows students to camp, bike, whitewater raft, and fish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will college campus life be for me? 

Campus life is enjoyable when you are a college student. You get to interact with individuals from various ethnic backgrounds. However, while you adjust to your new surroundings, you will encounter your own unique set of difficulties. While some students may experience bias- and preconceived notions-free, easygoing university life, others can encounter more significant problems. Let’s say you’ve applied to a university in a different nation or city, or you typically live in a dorm on campus. 

What advantages come with applying to a college rather than a university? 

Applying to a college will be a better fit if you intend to start looking for a career as soon as you earn your bachelor’s degree. This is because the fastest path to a good job is through college, and a bachelor’s degree will frequently cost less than an identical program at a university. 
Additionally, applying to a university is significantly more competitive than applying to a college. Based on these considerations, you can apply for your degree at a university or a college.

How can I submit a scholarship application? 

During the application process, several colleges provide scholarships to deserving applicants. Right before the start of the term, applications for these scholarships are accepted. Check the scholarship area of the college you have chosen to apply to for the deadline.

Can I switch majors? 

Yes. If you are genuinely struggling or believe that your principal is not a good fit for you, most universities allow you to switch it.

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Wouldn’t it be better to have recollections of crazy dorm parties and extreme sporting events rather than only sleepless study evenings at the library when you reflect on your college years? 

Your education should come first, but now is also the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friends. Both are simple tasks at institutions with the finest social scenes listed above. Good luck!


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