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Here’s a deal for all students looking to broaden their career path! A deal that’s  very short and offered just for a year or two depending on the university or Higher institution of choice. This deal is having a diploma in nutrition. 

This is an ever growing career path that will never go extinct. Sadly, as the world population grows, ailments grow as well making the demand for nutritionists to grow. To join these band of professionals, a diploma in nutrition will suffice.

We’re going to address some important questions that will enable you know the way forward in earning your  diploma in nutrition.

Table of contents

What’s diploma in Nutrition? 

A diploma in nutrition is a program that tends to show the importance of nutrition and diet, the prevention and treatment of a variety of illnesses and diseases, and the promotion of health and wellness.

As a student, you’ll be introduced to the importance of different and complementary views of nutrition. You’ll learn how to assess and influence trends in the diet in communities, identify the toxins in an environment and their effect on health and evaluate client data to determine health-related strategies and eating practices.

Is diploma in nutrition worth it? 

Yes. A career in nutrition is ideal for those seeking to promote a balanced lifestyle and improve people’s diets, while helping them to keep a healthy weight, boost their immune system, increase their energy levels, and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

Nutrition has been playing a big role in our lives, affecting daily habits and health behavior. 

Why earn a diploma in nutrition? 

The present-day and age are full of opportunities. Not only are the students picking unsual career options but there are plenty of sectors which are widening due to these choices.

One of such fields which have gained momentum in recent years is building a career in Nutrition.

Is a diploma in Nutrition worth being earning? YES. The most attractive fact about Nutrition is that it cuts across both the medical and fitness sectors, which makes it quite promising and goal-oriented.

What can you do with a diploma in nutrition? 

Increasingly recognised as a vital part of public and individual health, nutrition graduates use their skills to help people and communities make the right dietary choices.

A Student can take up the following career upon graduating with his/her Diploma Certificate. Jobs directly related to your Diploma include:

  • Animal nutritionist
  • Community education officer
  • Food technologist
  • Health improvement practitioner
  • International aid/development worker
  • Medical sales representative
  • Naturopath
  • Nutritional therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Dietitian
  • Herbalistealth service manager
  • Personal trainer
  • Product/process development scientist

Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any diploma subject, so don’t restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.

How much can you earn with a diploma in NUTRITION? 

These are the Salaries of Nutritionists in the United States.

1. Salary of a Dietician

As a Dietician in the  United State of America, you can earn an average salary of  $64,073 monthly, but this depends on the following; your level of education, certificates from other fields of study.

Additional skills from other fields and the number of years you have spent in your profession. 

2. Salary of a Natural Health Nutritionist

One of the most interesting parts of been a nutritionist is that you’re open to getting a high-paid job. On average, a Weight Loss Consultant, Nutritionist, and Dieticians are paid an average of $60,370. You can see it’s a huge sum of money.

3. Salary of a food technologist

A food technologist is paid an average salary of $63,834 annually. This average salary is generally huge. 

4. Salary of an Educational Assistant, Culinary Art, and Educational Assistant-Baking and Pastry

As an Educational Assistant, Culinary Art and Educational Assistant-Baking and Pastry you’re paid $19.61 – $22.65 an hour. As a school cook in Culinary Art you’re paid $3,947 a month. Assistant Operation manager nutrition service you’re paid $41,500 – $49,147 annually In United State.

4. Salary of a Dietetic Service Supervisor  and Nutritional care specialist

If you’re in the United States of America you’ll receive an average salary of $59732 as a dietetic Service Supervisor  and as a Nutritional care specialist you’ll receive an average salary of $41,830

5. Salary of a weight loss consultant/ nutritionist and Dieticians

The annual expected Salary of a weight Loss consultant/ nutritionist and Dieticians is $60,370 (2018 median annual wage for nutritionists and dieticians). It’s huge.

6. Salary of a Food Service Worker

As a Food Service Worker, you’ll also be paid an average salary of $24,493 and hourly pay of $12 as an employee in the United States of America.

7. Salary of an Environmental Scientist and a Natural Resource and Environmental Specialist

Environmental Scientist and a Natural Resource and Environmental Specialist can earn a monthly income of $730.83 in the United State of America.

How long does it take to complete a diploma in nutrition program? 

A diploma is typically one of the shortest courses of study. Most diploma programs are offered to teach students specific work-related skills. Students tend to develop career competency in a single subject. A diploma can act as a stepping-stone to a full degree. At most it takes 2 years to complete a program in diploma.

How much does it cost to get a diploma in nutrition certificate? 

Because different schools have different diploma requirements, the cost of admission may vary quite a bit from one program to the next. It is recommended that you do thorough research before committing to any one offering.

As of recent, these are the current cost of a diploma program in these top Colleges;


The cost of a diploma program in Natural Health(Nutrition) in this Institute is just US $1197 which you pay upfront or on a weekly basis to a tune of  US $39.


The cost of study here in Food, nutrition and health Transfer is just 3195CAD for students in both levels 1 & 2 in the College.


You’re expected to pay an average fee of $632 per session. But this generally varies if you’re a residence in United Kingdom or from any European(EU) country. 


To Study in Swiss group Education, you’re to pay a full tuition fee of 62,370 CHF upon being admitted for a session


As an international candidate, you will pay a school fee of $20840. While as an indigene, you pay USD 70307 for the whole session 


You’re to pay a fee of $4,102.19 as a Domestic Student and as an International Student you pay $16,414.00 for the period.


As a Domestic student, you have to pay $2,450. International students pay $22,900 for the session.


As an international student, you pay a fee of $5,603 – $31,256. Domestic students College fees are set in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ policies.

GD Goenka University

The cost of having your diploma here is INR 2,500 to INR 35,000 and after successfully completing the course candidates can earn an average salary of INR 2-4 LPA which increases with increment of experience and knowledge in India. 


The cost of this program is 54EUR for Six weeks periods

Step-to-Step Guide on How to Earn a Diploma in Nutrition.


STEP ONE – The Enrolment Process

Select the course that interests you. The International Career Institute website offers course overviews; course outlines, course fees, student testimonials, and information on career services for graduates.

When you are ready to enroll in a program, complete the online enrolment form or call our toll-free number to speak with an enrolment adviser.

STEP TWO – Begin Your Studies

Upon enrolment, students receive a welcome letter with instructions, course materials, and assessments. You will not be required to purchase any further materials.

Courses are divided into modules, with assessments located at the end of these modules. Assessments (written assignments) are based on what you have been learning about. No exams are involved. Study at your own pace.

One of the many great benefits of our courses is their modular format creates an easier and more effective way for you to learn. And with no need to follow a fixed timetable, you get to study each module at your own pace.

STEP THREE – Getting Help When You Need It

The course design is such that you can study independently. However, contact one of the industry-based tutors if you have a question about anything in your course. Contact details are provided in your welcome letter.

Your tutors are industry professionals ready to answer any questions about the course, assessments, and industry you are training for.

STEP FOUR – Get Assessed

At the end of modules, you are asked to complete assignments. With no fixed assessment dates, ICI students can submit their assessments anytime.

This allows students to progress through the course at a pace that suits their needs. They also can choose how they want to submit their assessments, online or via post.

FINAL FIVE – Graduation

Graduates of the Institute are eligible for assistance under the Graduate Career Services Program, which includes assistance in job searches (by career and region), preparing cover letters, tips on interviewing, and much more.

As part of your graduation package, they offer a Certified Professional Resume Writer free of charge to help you compose your resume.

All graduates receive a certificate of completion at the relevant level (Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma), transcripts, and a letter of recommendation


  1. STEP1: Explore programs and apply early
  2. STEP2: Research your program
  3. STEP3: Check admission requirements
  4. STEP4: Check deadlines and apply early
  5. STEP5: As soon as you submit your application, log in to to track your application
  6. STEP6: Submit transcripts and other documents as will be provided later here
  7. STEP7: Complete additional admission criteria and watch for your admission decision
  8. STEP8: Accept or decline your offer of admission
  9. STEP9: Pay your admission confirmation deposit and begin your studies
  10. STEP10:Upon completion, you’ll be accessed.
  11. STEP11: Graduation 


STEP 1: To apply, follow the link above. It takes 5 minutes, and you can also book an interview date to suit you.

STEP 2: Once you’ve applied you will receive an email confirmation which allows you to book a date to suit you. Places fill up quick over the summer, so don’t delay! Once you’ve attended your interview 

STEP3: If you have been offered a place at University College Birmingham, you will receive an online pre-registration email during the summer.

STEP4: Upon filling and submitting the form, you’ll be notified of the program’s commencement date. 

STEP5: Get accessed and graduation follows up


STEP1: You’ll  have to apply online using the link above

STEP2: You’ll receive a provisional acceptance

STEP3: Receive confirmation of acceptance and apply for your visa

STEP4: Start your program. upon completion, you’ll get the certificate.

STEP5: Graduation 


STEP 1: When applying to Long Beach City College, you will need to create an account on CCCApplyThe CCCApply application allows students to complete an application one time and submit it to Long Beach City College. Once you complete the CCCApply process, you will be issued a CCCID.

This unique student ID number will allow you to access your Viking Student Account for the first time and set it up.

Your LBCC ID will issue the certificate 24 hours after you apply. Save this number because you will need it to log in to your Viking Student Account to enroll in classes, view financial aid awards, make payments, and access additional services. 

STEP 2: Commencement of your study, assessment, and then graduation.


STEP 1: Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1.

You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program.

To check program availability, refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber’s program.

STEP 2: After your application and approval, then commencement of your study, assessment and then graduation.


STEP1: Selection of faculty for the program

2: Course Selection

STEP3: Personal Information and preferences

STEP4: After your application and approval, then the commencement of your study, assessment, and then graduation.

Read How Can I Get A Diploma In Mechanical Engineering In 2023? Schools, Cost, Salary, Career.


STEP1: Applicants who wish to apply for a program must complete an application form through An application fee (payable to of $95, and an official transcript, must accompany your application form. receives and records applications and applicant responses to offers of admission from the college(s). After your application and approval, then the commencement of your study, assessment, and then graduation.

Procedure for International Students

STEP 2: International Students: If you are studying in Canada on a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you must complete the International Student Application at After your application and approval, then the commencement of your study, assessment, and then graduation.

9. GD Goenka University

STEP 1: Fill out the application form 

STEP 2: Pay the application fee. After your application and approval, then the commencement of your study, assessment, and then graduation.


STEP1: Selection of faculty for the program

STEP2: Course Selection

3: Personal Information and preferences

STEP4: After your application and approval, then commencement of your study, assessment and then graduation.

What are the Requirements for a Diploma in Nutrition Program?



  1. You must have completed Grade 12 or its equivalent, or be 19 years of age or older. 
  2. You should first apply for the Associate of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition for approval in Canada.
  3. Must complete all of the courses identified below with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 within the two calendar years immediately following the start date of the program: Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, English Language, and Mathematics 



  1. Students admitted here are; High School Graduates, University students and graduates, and Hospitality Management students & graduates.
  2. B. But you’ve to provide the following; O-Level, IGCSE, equivalent, English IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 



  1. You must prepare your Social Security Number (SSN) for Financial Aid and tax purposes.
  2. You must have your unofficial transcripts from high school or previous colleges for English, Math, and Reading placement.


To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent 
  2. All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.
  3. Canadian citizens or permanent residents with international education will provide a WES or ICAS evaluation.



  1. As a domestic student, you must have qualified for Year 12 (Australian secondary school certificate) or equivalent.
  2. You must also have completed your Vocational qualification (AQF Level 4), or above OR successfully completing a Higher Education qualification.

Note that this program is not available to foreign students unless you satisfy the requirements for Domestic students.



  1. You need to show Proof of Ontario Secondary School Grade 10 General Level English or equivalent, as assessed by Algonquin College.
  2. Emergency First Aid with Heart Saver Certificate – St. John Ambulance Standard recommended.
  3. And also, good health and up-to-date immunization are recommended.

 GD Goenka University


  1. Mark sheet and pass certificate of your Class X or XII examination.
  2. Proof of date of birth.
  3. School leaving certificate
  4. Transfer certificate
  5. Domicile certificate/ residential proof or certificate
  6. Provisional certificate
  7. Character certificate scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Caste certificates
  8. Proof of disability (if any)
  9. Migration Certificate



  1.  There are NO previous work or education requirements for entry into any course level


The requirements for a diploma in nutrition are;

  1. Applicants must have at least three years’ life experience outside of formal education gained since completing formal education. Experience does not need to be in a subject-related field.
  2. A minimum of GCSE English Language and maths at grade 3 (grade D) or Functional Skills Level 1, or achieve a Level 1 in the BKSB assessments at interview.
  3. Applicants will also submit a reference from a previous or current employment role. 
  4. There may be the opportunity to study GCSE English Language/maths or Functional Skills English and maths alongside the course as part of your studies.

A Brief Summary of All the Schools


The International Career Institute (ICI) is an independent and private online education provider in the United States of America. It offers a Diploma program in Natural Health(Nutrition) regardless of your location or prior experience and education. 

As a student here, you’re given skills to change your employment opportunity and increase your importance to employers.

The best part of it is that in terms of requirements, you do not need any previous work or education requirements for entry into any course level. 


This institute is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s one of the best undergraduate institutes in Canada. Among the top best courses here is a branch of Nutrition known as Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer.

This diploma program in nutrition is completed within a year in College. No provision is made for Online or distance learning.


This college is located in Birmingham, the second biggest city in the United Kingdom. University College Birmingham is highly respected by employers and the industry for providing career-focused education and training.


This institute is located in Switzerland. Swiss Education Group (SEG) has nearly 40 years of experience in Culinary Arts Education, a branch of Nutrition. Programs are conducted in Institute. Online or distance learning isn’t available.


Long Beach City College (LBCC) is located in sunny California in the United State of America. This College provides students with a high-quality education.

It has over 100 programs and majors to choose from. This Certificate program offered in the institute aims to teach you the theory and principle of clinical nutrition care and how to manage a Healthcare Kitchen to industry standards.

Students will also learn how to develop and conduct a nutrition presentation within a community agency as identified by the American Dietetic Association.


Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is one of Canada’s leading educational institutions and is committed to student success through excellence in learning and teaching. It’s located in Canada’s largest city, Toronto. 

Humber prides itself on its academic reputation and the incredible life experience offered to international students. This Food and Nutrition Management diploma program prepares you for a supervisory role that combines the changing world of food service with the ever-increasing world of health care.

This is an ideal program if you love food. It’s just for 2years on the campus 


Suppose You’re naturally curious about Nutrition and Health science and want to know more. In that case, Torren University will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and help you make a positive difference at work and at home.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how nutrition impacts health. But note, it’s an online/distance learning for a period 2 years. 


Algonquin College offers an experience that includes personalized learning and industry-ready skills through fieldwork, work placement, and co-op. Employers value the combination of theory and experiential learning; at Algonquin College, you get it all. It’s located in Ottawa, Canada.

This program is just for two years in the College. If you are interested in being employed in the food service area as a Food Service Worker (Part-time) in the healthcare industry. This College Certificate program provides the practical techniques and communication skills required to make you well-suited for a position in this growing field.

Learn the theories of nutrition, sanitation, safety, hygiene, and institutional cooking techniques to function safely and competently as a team member in a short- or long-term care facility.

9.   GD Goenka University

If you wish to study in New Delhi, India as a nutritionist just for 1 year on Campus, this school is just the best for you. They offer a wide range of programs from Diplomas to Doctorates.

Students here are given a world-class education equipping them with knowledge and skills for excelling in this chosen diploma. 



Food and the Environment from the University of California, Berkeley will help you know the answer to this question: how do human populations organize and alter natural resources and ecosystems to produce food?

This program is strictly online for a period of Six weeks.


In conclusion, If you’re interested in improving your life and that of people around you, a career in nutrition may be a good fit for you.

We have totally dealt with the easy step guide to get a diploma in Nutrition In 2023. Taking into detail the guidelines and requirements we discussed above will surely bring you to the best Higher Institute to pursue your diploma in Nutrition. As we all know, the benefit of being a Nutritionist is many.




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