Easy Certifications you can Get Online 

The availability of easy certifications to get online has made career life easier than expected.

We all know the fact that more education or training often leads to better job opportunities with higher pay. During the recession, when unemployment was at an all-time high, having more education was frequently the difference between getting a job and being passed over.

However, returning to school or attending school in the first place is not always an option. It’s costly and time-consuming, and deciding to attend college is a big step.

Fortunately, there is another option for people who want to advance their careers by furthering their education or get certification faster.

There are easy certifications you can get online. These online certifications are excellent options for professionals looking to advance their careers or change careers. With the certifications online, you can build or advance your career while also padding your paycheck.

In this article, we’ve put down a comprehensive list of the most common easy certifications you can get online that can help you build your career.

The table of contents below will guide you!

What exactly is Certification?

Certification demonstrates that you have an official document that proves your abilities and qualifications in a specific field or profession.

When you have a certification, it means that your skills and abilities in a specific field have been validated. Many employees include certifications on their resumes in order to demonstrate their experience and skills to potential employers.

Certifications can be obtained in a variety of industries and provide you with the opportunity to not only learn new skills but also gain advantages in your professional career.

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Advantages of obtaining a Certification

Earning a certification can be extremely beneficial when looking for a new job or advancing in your current position. The following are some of the benefits of obtaining a certification:

  • Increase your knowledge and abilities.
  • Increase your credibility.
  • Gain an advantage in the marketplace
  • Participate in a new community.
  • Boost your earning potential

Broaden your knowledge and abilities

Obtaining a certification can assist you in updating or honing your skills in your field. It will also enable you to learn new techniques that will help you broaden your knowledge in your field.

The more knowledge you acquire, the more efficiently you will be able to perform your job and the more likely you will be to land a new opportunity.

Establish credibility

A certification can also assist you in gaining credibility in your professional career. For example, if you’re a freelancer, many companies prefer to work with professionals who have certifications from recognized programs because it demonstrates your dedication to your craft.

Gain an advantage in the marketplace

If you’re looking for a new job or hoping to advance your career, the right certification can help you stand out from the crowd.

Employers want employees who have demonstrated knowledge in their field to be hired and promoted.

A certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities and excellence in your chosen profession while also giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Perhaps if you have a similar background to other candidates for the same position, having a certification on your resume may be the deciding factor in whether you are hired or promoted.

Become a member of a new community

When you get a certification, you’re learning alongside other people. Through the various classes and workshops required for completion, you will most likely interact with other professionals in your field. This can lead to numerous networking opportunities in the future.

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Enhanced earning potential

When you get a certification, you increase your chances of getting a raise. Many employers are willing to pay their employees more money based on their skills and knowledge in a specific field.

When looking for a new job, having a certification may also qualify you for a higher salary than the average employee with your work experience.

Easy Certifications You Can Get Online

Here are easy certifications you can get online that can help boost your resume:

1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals (Google)

Google Digital Garage provides a number of free online career courses, one of which includes certification in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

This training program contains 26 modules of self-paced video tutorials that will take you approximately 40 hours to complete.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a basic understanding of digital marketing principles that you can apply to your own business or career.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University have both accredited the program.

2. Certificate in Project Management

A project management certificate is an excellent foundation certificate that can be applied to a variety of fields. Courses cover topics such as time management, communication, risk assessment, and cost estimation and management, among others.

A project management certificate is available to anyone with such a broad base of knowledge. This includes those who have or have not previously earned college credit.

With this certification, you can advance your career whether you are in business, non-profit management, or a technical trade like plumbing.

3. Certifications in First Aid

Obtaining first aid certification is beneficial in a variety of industries. Even if you work in an unrelated field, employers can benefit from having a first-aid-certified employee on staff in case a CPR emergency arises. Employers may require you to have first-aid certification for certain positions.

This type of certification will teach you how to respond to and plan for specific situations. It provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to respond to a crisis before medical professionals arrive.

This type of certification can be obtained in one to two days and is even available online at a lower cost.

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4. Certifications in human resources

Consider getting certified as a human resources professional if you work in human resources. Though your previous work experience and education will demonstrate your qualifications, a human resources certification will give your resume the boost it needs to stand out among others with comparable work experience.

A certificate in this field will teach you the fundamentals of human resources as they apply to your coworkers, employers, and other stakeholders.

5. Language Certification

If you want to teach a new language or learn a different one, you can get a language certification.

If this is the case, non-native speakers who want to demonstrate their command of a language to their employers should consider this type of certification.

Because you’ll need strong communication skills at work, it’s important to think about which languages you’ll be speaking the most.

Language certifications can be obtained online as well as in a classroom setting. Online courses are typically less expensive.

6. Certificate in Active Listening

The ability to listen is a valuable skill both inside and outside of the workplace, and active listening is especially useful in the hospitality and service industries.

Seven Cups of Tea is a well-known mental health app that allows people to talk about their feelings in real-time with professional listeners.

Active Listeners are not technical clinical professionals and are not permitted to provide advice; however, in the workplace, listening is everything.

If you work in Human Resources, any training in active listening and non-invasive behavioral therapy can be an asset to your resume.

7. FEMA Training Certifications

Any type of training or certification from FEMA—the Federal Emergency Management Agency—looks great on a resume because it shows that you’ve put in the time and effort to learn about disaster preparedness and that you’re ready for anything.

There are currently over 195 active courses you can take to learn what to do when everything goes wrong. More so, it demonstrates to employers that you understand basic command structure and how to handle emergency situations.

Furthermore, depending on your college/university, you may or may not be able to transfer them to college credits.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Coursera)

Machine learning, which Coursera defines as “the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed,” is another valuable skill set in today’s job market.

Coursera offers a free training course called Machine Learning, which is taught by Andrew Ng, an adjunct professor at Stanford and co-founder of Coursera. When you finish the course, you will receive a free certificate.

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9. Certifications in Computer Programming

Consider getting certified if your job requires you to code. A coding certification will teach you the fundamentals of several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A programming certification will add value to your professional resume because this skill is in high demand.

10. Marketing Certification

Consider becoming certified in a variety of marketing tools and platforms if you work in marketing.

A certification in this field will teach you how to master your preferred marketing platform. Because of the numerous social media platforms available, a marketing certification is especially useful in social media marketing.

There are also several free marketing certifications available, making it an attractive option for many professionals.

11. Certification in Google Analytics

This Certificate is yet another invaluable free offering from Google that assists employees in gaining an advantage in a competitive job market.

The course, unlike Google’s Digital Garage, is centered on their Digital Advertising platforms and can help people obtain specialization certifications in things like Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Display Advertising, and Shopping Advertising, and will show you how to do it all, from start to finish.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to break into the eCommerce game, or you work in-house at an agency and want to make the best impression possible, this is a fantastic free tool that will help you.

What Is the Best Way to List Certifications on a Resume?

Now that you know which certifications to include in your resume, let’s go over how to properly list and format them.

Make a Special Section

At the very bottom of your resume, include a section for your certifications. It can be referred to as “Certifications,” “Professional Training,” or “Courses.”

Because hiring managers typically spend only a few seconds skimming each resume, your hard-earned certifications will be easy to spot.

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Certifications should be listed in reverse chronological order.

Your certifications section, like your work experience section, should include dates. Put the dates in parentheses and arrange them in reverse chronological order, with the most recent course at the top.

Dates, as well as the order in which they are listed, ensure that all information is correctly parsed by applicant tracking systems.

Important Information in Bold

A bold font can be used to draw attention to important details, such as the name of a well-known certification program or a follow-up project you completed as part of the certification process.


What are the easiest certifications to get?

First aid certifications
Project management certifications
Software certifications
Government certifications
Notary public certification
Forklift operator license
Computer programming certifications
Marketing certifications

Which online certification is most recognized?

Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)
PG Program In Management (PGPM)
Executive Program In Blockchain Technology Management
Product Management Certification Program
Global Master Certificate In Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM)

What are the easiest certifications to get that pay well?

Real Estate Sales Agent & Broker
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Fitness Trainer.
Computer Support Specialist
Medical Records and Health Information Specialist.

What certifications are in demand?

Data Science. Data Science has taken the world by storm and is one of the most in-demand career choices today
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Project Management
Business Intelligence
Software Development.



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