4 Great European Distance Learning Universities

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic implemented such measures as social distancing, rigorous hygiene, and the obligation of wearing a mask, but it also left its footprint on education.

It goes without saying that a vast majority of educational institutions had to close their doors for students not to jeopardize society with new cases of infected people.

However, it doesn’t mean that students don’t have classes nor do they have different home assignments. There is still a research paper writing service ready to serve regardless of what is going on worldwide.

If you strive for obtaining a degree and want to remain risk-averse, have a glance at the top-notch European Universities that offer online studies.

Selinus University Business School

Located in Bologna, Italy, the university is dedicated to the certification of obtained managerial abilities for those who want to proceed with their learning in the branch of business.

Selinus University’s Business School is an autonomous remote learning higher organization offering versatile liberal and global education at the university level for Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Business Administration that encompass all areas of Business and Management.

The aforementioned titles, issued by Selinus University upon completion of a final thesis or dissertation, are widely agreed to be professional and excellent certificates issued by Roseau Wally headquarters through the European Institution, based in London, which proves to be accepted by a variety of universities in Europe as well as overseas.

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Presented programs tend to be tightly connected with Management and Entrepreneurship, and they remain fully compatible with the international educational systems.

For instance, at this university, one may study Bachelor of Business Administration online, brushing up relevant skills used in Business Administration.

Moreover, to help working candidates accomplish the goal of a Bachelor’s degree, the university has utilized the validation system by the Accreditation Prior Experimental Learning, which assesses applicants’ skills, taking into account the general profile and previous activities, and the incorporation of other crucial things.

The University of Law Business School Online

London has made a large step further in education, which means that when there is a demand for online study, the UK provides remote courses at the drop of a hat.

The University of Law Business School received a Gold and a Silver with regard to the methods of undergraduate teaching, learning, and outcomes in the Government-led Teaching Excellence Framework.

Being accredited by an honored Chartered Management Institute, members of the Online Business School are rewarded with the free subscription to this Institute for the duration of the program, and one year after graduation.

Plus, the subscription gives a great opportunity to deploy access to one of the best, substantial, and largest UK management libraries, which indubitably enriches one’s area of expertise. You can embark on either BA or MA in this Business School.

Schaffhausen Institute of Technology

Being in the heart of Europe, you cannot just ignore SIT. Switzerland is widely encountered for its chocolate, dairy products, and the overall high living standards.

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The same goes for higher education. SIT offers a plethora of on-campus courses, but there are lots of disciplines that can be conducted online. For example, a Master in Computer Science and Software Engineering is among online programs.

After completion, you will gain management skills that will give a clear picture of the product vision, strategy, innovation, and marketing. Also, you will get familiarized with leadership skills, precisely with agile leadership and strategic management.

SIT gives the freedom of choice when it comes to the modules one has to select. For instance, a student might choose subjects from the following list:

  • Software Engineering;
  • Software Verification;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Cyber-Physical Systems;
  • Distributed Trust & Blockchain;
  • Mobile and Wearable Computing.

What is more, the university has essential links with organizations, such as Acronis, Parallels, Plesk, Runa Capital, Acumatica, et cetera. Evolving tight connections with the aforementioned companies can allow you to be assigned with various scholarships, internships, and even job offers.

Cork Institute of Technology

Even though CIT offers only the Master’s programs, it is still worthy of consideration. Ireland seems to be a dark-horse in the world of education, yet it possesses splendid disciplines one may want to undergo.

Called CITonline Masters, it is an internationally-recognized program constructed to support your intentions of online learning. Dozens of courses, after which you will become the Master of Arts or the Master of Science, ensure developing your knowledge through an intensified formal qualification, and establishing your existing skills.

By choosing the program related to Cloud Computing, you are likely to learn more about developing in the cloud. Cloud Computing means to share the Internet-based computer and data. It would be reasonable to say that the required abilities allow maintaining secure space, especially when companies outsource their IT-functions.

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Needless to say that after graduation, students are firmly able to fulfill a multitude of roles as a service engineer, solution engineer, cloud architect, IT manager, or cloud developer.

As to the skills per se, you will obtain networking abilities, virtualization, security skills, cloud developing skills, and a strong command of data analytics. The entire course is hosted by CIT’s own private cloud infrastructure and recorded in order to have 24/7 access to the separated classes.

In Summary

Universities, as mentioned above, are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the educational institutions that offer online studies.

Indeed, there is the bulk of prestigious colleges that are not included in this list. However, these universities are an upward trend that is currently being in a haze because, for such a reasonable price, they offer great courses with flexible and full-fledged curricula that are no worse than those that are considered to be the best.

Furthermore, the degrees’ prices are way lower than it is thought to be, which may well stimulate picking universities from the list. After all, this is remote learning, which makes you impressively mobile and lets you work, study, travel, and develop your pastime anywhere.

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