HI USA Explore The World Travel Scholarship 2022

At Hostelling International USA (HI USA), they think traveling should be a reason to change the world as they see it. That’s how they created the Explore the World Travel Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to residents of the United States. Fellows receive $2,000 to fund their international travel, provided that their itinerary includes an educational or service component.

In past years, up to 115 scholarships were awarded to young people across the U.S. so they could go learn Arabic in Jordan, volunteer in India and Vietnam, teach math in the Dominican Republic, or board a plane for the very first time to study abroad in Europe.

Hostelling International USA (HI USA) is a non-profit affiliate. HI USA promotes a vibrant community of world citizens who have the wisdom and humanity to make the world a better place.

Scholarship Worth

The total amount of the scholarship is $2,000. The prize is divided into two equal installments of $1,000.

The first payment will be made before the trip as soon as the pre-trip requirements are fulfilled.
The second installment will be awarded after the trip as soon as the requirements are fulfilled after the trip has been completed.

Eligibility for HI USA Scholarship 2022

  • To qualify for the Explore the World Travel Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • Be between 18 and 30 years old
  • A permanent and a legal resident of the United States
  • Have a permanent address or a school in one of the following metropolitan areas. The link is: https://www.hiusa.org/programs/travel-stolarships/explore-the-world-program-details#3
  • Have the desire and motivation to experience other people and cultures through international travel
  • Plan to travel to a country other than the 50 states of the United States by August 31, 2022, by integrating Volunteering or Service Learning.
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HI USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship is open to all residing students in the USA. 

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HI USA Scholarship is taken and hosted in the USA. There are other US Scholarships available for International students in 2022.

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HI USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship is open to USA legal or permanent residents.

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How to Apply for HI USA Explore the World Travel Scholarships 2022

In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants must complete the online form via the link provided: https://www.hiusa.org/programs/travel-stolarships/explore-the-world-application

HI USA Scholarship 2022 Application Deadline

The deadline for the Explore the World Scholarship is 15 May 2022.

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Contact information:

If you have questions that are not answered on the Program Details tab, contact scholies-at-hiusa.org

HI USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship Testimonials

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Trenisha Bennett

Trenisha Bennett

Los Angeles, CA

Tanner traveled to Berlin, Germany for a CIEE: Global Internship Program. He spent two months honing his marketing skills with Racemappr. In addition to making new life-long friends, he also enjoyed learning more about Berlin’s history and street art culture.

 Tanner Collier

Tanner Collier

Portland, OR


What is the worth of this scholarship?

The total amount of the scholarship is $2,000. The prize is divided into two equal installments of $1,000.

How can I get more information about this scholarship?

When is the last date for submitting this scholarship?

The deadline for the Explore the World Scholarship is 15 May 2022.

Who can apply for this scholarship?


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