50 Free High School Textbooks You Can Get Online

In high school, one factor that contributes more to the skyrocketing cost of studying is the cost of textbooks. Getting a high score during any academic session requires effective studying.

And it’s at this point that you can agree with me that scaling through high school studying without high school textbooks is almost impossible. Now, the truth is that as you go through several textbooks, the cost can add up quickly.

This can be terrible, especially if you’re not financially buoyant.

Fortunately, some platforms offer textbooks for high school students. These high school textbooks are in different fields- accounting, business, Economics, Music, etc.

This article is a complete guide to a comprehensive list of 50 green high school textbooks arranged by topic. Once you find textbooks that interest you, click that link, which will take you down to a list of related textbooks.

Free Accounting Textbooks for High School

Here are some free accounting high school textbooks:

1. Principles of Accounting 

Principles of Accounting is one of the free online textbooks for high school students. This textbook is from Larry Walther, Professor and Head of the Utah State University School of Accountancy offers fundamental accounting instruction for students. Another exciting part of this textbook is that it is updated regularly.

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2. Principles of Business Writing 

This is Ilja van Roon’s online textbook that teaches high school students how to apply seven essential principles of business writing. Note you can download a PDF version of this textbook freely.

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3. Financial Accounting: A Business Perspective 

This is a thoroughly updated textbook from Professors Roger H. Hermanson and James Don Edwards. It focuses on using accounting information for making business decisions. However, you can purchase this online textbook or download a free ebook.

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4. Principles of Economics 

This free high school textbook introduces them to the principles of economics. Macalester College’s Timothy Taylor wrote it.

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5. Economics Made Easy 

This free economics textbook was written by Professor Les Livingstone, MBA Program Director at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). The book is short and easy to understand.

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6. Free Computer Science and Technology Textbooks for High School Students

A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science 

This accessible textbook was written by David Reed and published by Prentice Hall. It offers an introduction to the field of computer science and the fundamentals of programming.

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7. Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation 

Used by more than 30 universities and some high schools, this programming textbook can be downloaded as a free PDF file. Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote the entire text.

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8. C# Programming 

This textbook from Wikibooks offers extensive information on C# programming. The test also includes links to other educational resources.

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9. Advanced Linux Programming 

This free textbook is designed for advanced learners and contains 368 pages of Linux instruction.

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10. Java Programming 

This computer science textbook can be read for free online through Wikibooks’ open textbook collection. It offers extensive information on Java programming for beginners and advanced users.

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Free English and Writing Textbooks

To learn English speaking and writing as a high school student, here are some of the free high school textbooks that can help you:

11. Grammar Etc. 

Considered to be both practical and authoritative, this free textbook from English professors Gerald J. Schiffhorst, Ph.D., and Donald Pharr, Ph.D., offers grammar instruction and exercises.

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12. College Writing 

This composition handbook and textbook is a full-length textbook that you can read for free online. It is helpful as a complete reference to basic writing and AP style.

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13. Writing Exploratory Essays 

Steven M. Strang, who directs The Writing and Communication Center at MIT, wrote this free English textbook. The textbook is designed for first-year students.

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14. Technical Writing

This online technical writing textbook from David A. McMurrey instructs students on everything from business correspondence and resume design to audience analysis and the writing process.

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15. The American Heritage Book of English Usage 

Although this is more of a reference book than a textbook, it does offer a rigorous introduction to grammar, style, and diction. Perfect for writers and English students.

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Free Medical and Health Textbooks

Here are some of the free medical and health textbooks for high school students:

16. Health Encyclopedia

This searchable medical textbook is a great reference for medical students and everyday people.

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17. First Aid 

First Aid is among the many excellent health and medical resources available through Wikibook’s open textbook collection. It covers all of the same information you would get from a first aid course and links to additional resources.

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18. HIV Medicine: A Medical Textbook

This medical textbook offered freely over the Internet, has been downloaded by thousands of people. It provides information on HIV medicine and prevention and is available in multiple languages.

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19. The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology 

The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology was written for trained clinical dermatologists but can now be read for free online. The textbook is well-organized and covers more than two dozen topics in detail.

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20. Gray’s Anatomy 

This classic medical reference can be read online at Bartleby.com. The book includes 13,000 entries and 1,247 engravings.

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Free Science Textbooks

Below are some of the free science textbooks for high school students:

21. Online Biology Book 

Hosted by the Estrella Mountain Community College, this online biology textbook offers a basic introduction to biology. The textbook was written by Michael J. Farabee, Ph.D and is updated regularly.

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22. Physics Textbook 

This high school level (grades 10-12) textbook was created to give students in South Africa a quality science education. The textbook is now free to anyone who wants to explore the subject.

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23. Chem1 Virtual Textbook 

This general chemistry textbook can be read in its entirety online. The book introduces students to chemistry and acts as a basic chemistry reference.

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24. Biochemistry 

The second edition of Garrett and Grisham’s popular Biochemistry textbook does not contain all of the updates made to the latest edition, which is now selling on Amazon for more than $200. Still, it does offer comprehensive biochemistry instruction.

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25. The Origin of Species 

This classic textbook from Charles Darwin resides in the public domain, which means it is freely available to anyone who wants to read it. The textbook is known for its ease of use and straightforward instruction.

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Free History Textbooks

Here are some of the free History textbooks for high school students:

26. American History

One of the best free textbooks available online is American History. This digital textbook provides an engaging, interactive, and multimedia history of the United States.

27. U.S. History

This open textbook from Wikibooks provides extensive information on U.S. history and links to additional resources.

28. Outline of United States History

Although the United States Department of State refers to this publication as an outline, it is more of a textbook than anything else. It contains 15 well-written chapters on American history.

29. European History

This Wikibooks textbook provides an in-depth examination of modern European history and links to additional resources.

30. Europe in the Past

This free European history textbook, available through Brittania.com, provides a concise history of the last 200 years. Raymond Betts of the University of Kentucky wrote the textbook.

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Free Biology High School Textbooks

31. Anatomy and Physiology – Edited by various profs at OpenStax

32. Biology – Edited by various profs at OpenStax

33. Biology Pages, John W. Kimball, Harvard University

34. Biochemistry Free and Easy – Kevin Ahearn and Dr. Indira Rajagopal, Oregon State

34. Botany Online: The Internet Hypertextbook by multiple scholars.

35. Cells: Molecules and Mechanisms. Published by the Axolotl Academic Publishing Co.

36. CK-12 Biology I (Grades 9-12) edited by Douglas Wilkin, Chair, Dept of Science, Los Angeles Unified School District

37. CK-12 Life Science (Grades 9-12) edited by Douglas Wilkin, Chair, Dept of Science, Los Angeles Unified School District

38. Concepts of Biology – Edited by various profs at OpenStax

39. Guide to Getting into Med School – Kevin Ahern and Dr. Indira Rajagopal, Oregon State

40. Life on Earth (iBook) – E .O. Wilson, Harvard

41. Rediscovering Biology by multiple authors, UMass Amherst, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Portland Community College.

Earth Science Free Textbooks for High School

42. CK-12 Earth Science for Middle School by multiple authors.

43. Earth Systems, an Earth Science Course (Grades 9-10). Published by Curriki. It covers the California curriculum.

44. Introduction to Physical Oceanography by Dr. Robert Stewart, Texas A&M University

Economics & Finance

45. Principles of Macroeconomics by Libby Rittenberg and Timothy Tregarthen, Colorado College


46. Educational Psychology by Kevin Seifert and Rosemary Sutton, University of Manitoba and Cleveland State

Electrical Engineering

47. Digital Circuit Projects: An Overview of Digital Circuits Through Implementing Integrated Circuits by Charles W. Kann, Gettysburg College

48. Electromagnetics and Applications by David Staelin, MIT


49. Beyond Slonimsky: Melodic Patterns for Guitar – by Rich Cochrane (Find alternate version here)

50. Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and Keys – by Terry B. Ewell, Towson University

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Although there are still tons of high school textbooks and other readable materials you can access online, the above-listed books are some essential free textbooks for high school students that can help you get good grades.



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