15 Free Online Cocktail Classes in 2023

What do you do when you attend an event, and you’re being served that heavenly wine mix? If all your heart races to figure out how it was made, you can obtain practically whatever you need in just a few clicks.

You could learn from virtual events organized by bartenders and other great online cocktail classes.

These 15 online classes cover a wide range of topics that can come in handy to shake up your happy hour.

What is an Online Cocktail Class?

An online cocktail class is a virtual technique of teaching whoever will learn the specifics of making beverages to improve their skills.

In terms of necessary skill level, most are simple. However, there are plausible options for the more advanced home mixologist.

There are many alternatives to pick from if you’re searching for something fun or trying to get some accreditation.

Are Online Cocktail Classes Worth It?

In cocktail mixing, there’s still so much to learn. These things range from mastering dilution to more advanced aspects of cocktails. However, while many online classes aim to equip the beginner, there are undoubtedly courses for the experienced.

This is so that you get the value for what it’s worth.

What are the Benefits of Online Cocktail Classes?

Basically, you get many benefits from engaging yourself in an online cocktail class as it helps you make better drinks.

Also, you stand to have a pleasant sense of cocktail components and how they are put together in proportions and balance.

The following are other benefits.

  • It helps you gain more confidence
  • Develops your taste buds to identify various flavors that others cannot identify
  • Get new ideas to implement on your next cocktail
  • Allows you to shake things up at an event

15 Online Cocktail Classes

#1. Bar Essentials | Basics with Babish (Udemy)

This online cocktail class serves you weekly with delicious hacks that can make your drinks outstanding.

This class takes you through the basic tools and ingredients needed to make those heavenly-tasted drinks and a few other recipes.

#2. Cocktail Service (Ananas Academy)

This learning cocktail class is another renowned free on Ananas Academy. It will teach you the fundamentals of cocktail mixing.

Cocktail sales generate high-profit margins and the more knowledgeable you are in this niche; you will sell your product confidently.

#3. Learn to Bartend like a Pro (Skillshare)

Cost: Free

This beginner online cocktail class will teach you how to create world-class cocktails that will impress your folks.

In this 36-minute online session, you’ll master the skills and elegance required to create show-stopping cocktails and presentation strategies ranging from glassware selection to pouring as entertainment.

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#4. VODKA – Essentials in Bartending and Cocktails (Udemy)

Cost: $29.99

If you are looking for how to perfect the act of making vodka cocktails, this online cocktail class is ideal for you.

Your instructor, Carlos Batista, will bring you years of experience in the hospitality sector and guide you on how to mix vodka cocktails, how it is manufactured, the types of vodka cocktails, and so much more.

This beginner-level class is designed for those who do not know of alcohol and do in any way, support underage drinking.

#5. Bar Smarts

This online class offers you and anyone in the hospitality industry knowledge and certification. Bar Smarts provides a plethora of learning paths based on your skill level.

Some of these online classes cover spirits, cocktail mixing, and things you should expect from an inexperienced bartender to an advanced bartender.

This intermediate to advanced-level cocktail class includes on-demand videos, downloadable papers, and a 25-question test for each session. Each test must be passed in two attempts, and all parts must be completed.

#6. Cordials & Liqueurs – Essentials in Cocktails & Bartending (Udemy)

Cost: $49.99

Cordials and liqueurs can be stand-alone drinks, but they are frequently combined with other alcoholic beverages as a supplementary ingredients.

This virtual cocktail class teaches you how to distinguish between such drinks and determine what works best with other ingredients.

The coursework for this class covers beginner mixers, intermediate and expert tips, and their instructions.
It gets interesting because it is hosted on Udemy, you will get lifetime access to the lesson and a certificate upon completion.

#7. Mix World-Class Cocktails – Secrets of a Champion Mixologist (Udemy)

Cost: $29.99
This online class is for anyone who wants to learn how to make exotic cocktails. It will walk you through the fundamentals and strategies for preparing fantastic drinks.

Things you’ll learn include; mixing techniques, making the best classic cocktails, the secrets of perfecting today’s most popular drinks, and how to make some show-stopping cocktail garnishes to give your drinks that ‘rock-star’ presentation.

At the end of this cocktail class, you will have mastered the most popular drinks, including making a flawless mojito.

#8. How to Cocktail Series: Classic Shaken Cocktails (Skillshare)

If you want to learn how to make vintage pre-prohibition cocktails, this is the online class for you. The instructor for this course, April Wachtel, will instruct you on making memorable drinks.

Also, few of the numerous lessons covered in the vast online training is how to prepare a daiquiri, margarita, whisky sour, Tom Collins, etc.

#9. Cocktail Secrets: Making Your Signature Drink (Skillshare)

This cocktail class is a course that will teach you how to make your own trademark cocktail from start to finish.

Here, you’ll study the foundations of cocktail making and presentation.
The instructor for this class, Ivy Mix, will let you in on developing your distinctive identity using a cocktail mix.

Even as a beginner, you will find it easy to follow while working with notes.

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Cost: $19.99
Yan will walk you through 23 of the most popular cocktail recipes in this online cocktail class if you are interested in making cocktails but don’t know where to start.

You will understand how to use ingredients, alcohol, cocktail tools, and utensils from around the house to produce a similar effect to what you get at luxurious restaurants.

This 2-hour-long class will help you understand the terms used in cocktail mixing to help you understand how they’re used in this niche.

However, as a bonus, you will also learn how to stock your bar with glassware, supplies, and alcohol.

#11. Mixology MasterClass with Lynnette Marrero & Ryan Chetiyawardana

Cost: $15

This 17-part hands-on lesson teaches you how to stock a home bar, identify your palate preferences, make classic cocktails to add to your repertoire for easy entertainment.

There is the part where you learn innovative ways to balance flavors with a plethora of spirits. A lot more is covered in the coursework for this online cocktail class.

#12. Gin Cocktail Classics

Cost: $25

In this online cocktail lesson, you’ll learn a plethora of bartender tactics while whipping up some great traditional beverages.

You will learn the value of muddling and balancing flavors as you mix a refreshing Gin Basil Smash with basil and lemon to introduce blueberry flavors.

This class is an interactive one.

#13. A Bar Above Mixology

Cost: $147

This pro online cocktail class includes two in-depth courses. You’ll begin by familiarizing yourself with the components of citrus, sugar, spirits, bitters, egg whites, and garnishes.

Moving forward into the class, you balance flavors and delve right into cocktail making.

When you’ve put the lessons taught into practice, only then would you require certification. However, it is clear that this online class covers just beverages.

So, it is an ideal option for both amateurs wishing to improve their cocktail-making skills and bartenders.

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#14. Crafted Cocktails at Home: Holiday Edition (Skillshare)

Cost: Free

Whether or not the holidays are approaching, this online cocktail class is incredibly dedicated to drinks.

Particularly, this Skillshare class teaches you how to create cranberry on ice and spicy cider. From the time you click on the play button, you will be eager to celebrate with a cocktail.

#15. Complementary Color Cocktails: Photograph Glass, Liquid, and Smoke (Skillshare)

You’ll want to photograph your drink once it’s been correctly assembled and worthy of being shared on Instagram.

It is important to enroll in this class to learn how to shoot amazing drink photos by surrounding them with a complementary hue or appropriately lighting the glass.

So, this cocktail class will undoubtedly mix up your normal happy hour at home and your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I learn in an online cocktail class?

An online cocktail class will walk you through balancing and mastering the preparation of a cocktail drink.

Are online cocktail classes worth it?

Of course, they are worth it. Because, there’s so much to learn, avail yourself the time to enroll for any of the skill level classes where you fit in.

What is an online cocktail class?

An online cocktail class is a virtual technique of teaching whoever will learn the specifics of making beverages to improve your skills.


The above listed online cocktail classes fall into categories of good time, crowd fun, and group gatherings. That is why you have to know what reason you want to learn cocktail making for and choose an appropriate class.

The point where it gets interesting is that they deliver these classes on time and they are easy to access.



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