20 Free Spanish Courses Online With Certificates

It might be tough to find good Spanish classes online that are free or inexpensive, but if you’re willing to put in the effort needed to be a pro in the language, you can sign up for one of the free Spanish courses online with certificates.

If you want to learn Spanish for school, a job, or just to be able to communicate in a foreign language, beginner Spanish courses online will help you get started. All free Spanish courses online include interactive lessons, audio snippets, instructional videos, and other language-learning resources and tools.

Look up these free online Spanish courses, do your due diligence, and enroll.

Why Study Free Spanish Online Courses?

Learning Spanish as a second or third language can lead to many fascinating work possibilities. Companies want staff who can speak Spanish and understand the country’s culture in which they operate as international trade and globalization develop.

Many of these positions require effective communication across geographic and cultural boundaries, and fluency in multiple languages can be a valuable asset to your resume.

You can also work as an interpreter if you learn a new language. With over 2,000 job openings, a recent search on Indeed.com revealed strong demand for interpreters in various languages.

Can I Take Free Spanish Online Courses?

Spanish is the official language of 21 nations, and about 500 million people speak it as their first language. These free Spanish online courses are becoming increasingly popular to master the essential skills needed to communicate in the world’s second most spoken language.

These courses are split into fun video modules that lead you through various approaches and practices while allowing you to expand your Spanish knowledge and skills quickly.

To sign up for a free online Spanish course, check out any of the courses below.

How do Online Courses Help me Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish is simple with online courses because they fit into your schedule. You can take them with you anywhere, provided there is access to the internet. Also, you can repeat any of the free Spanish online courses to master the language.

This level of devotion speeds up your learning, allowing you to master pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar more quickly.

20 Free Spanish Courses Online With Certificates

#1. A Travel by Spanish America: Spanish for Beginners

Learn basic Spanish terms and communicative tools to prepare for a trip to any Spanish-speaking country while learning about important parts of Spanish American culture. Teachers from the Universidad del Rosario’s program of Spanish for Foreigners (PEPE) created this free Spanish online course with a certificate.

During this online course, you’ll:

  • Develop skills to act in basic communicative settings during a trip in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Learn how to ask for and provide personal information during travel procedures or situations.
  • Purchase goods and services.
  • Order food in a variety of places and situations
  • Inquire about destinations and how to locate the places
  • Understand the most important features of Spanish-American culture.

#2. Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started

This introductory language course for English-speaking will teach you Spanish and allow you to explore Spanish culture. The 7-week Spanish free online course will help you who want to learn conversational Spanish from scratch.

The course introduces the common language and contains exercises that allow students to practice all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

At the end of this free Spanish online course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Essential conversational abilities
  • Numbers and alphabet
  • What words best describe your nationality, interests, and your family?

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#3. Foundations of Medical Spanish

This beginning Spanish course will help you improve your communication skills as a doctor or healthcare professional to better engage with Latin and Hispanic patients.

This training not only teaches you how to meet patients, but it also teaches you how to interview them to find out what their main problem is.

The course focuses on the core introductory language that allows students to communicate with colleagues and patients professionally. The course eventually progresses to being entirely taught in Spanish to establish an immersion environment where you may become comfortable with the language.

#4. Learn Practical Spanish Online

Learn Practical Spanish Online is a self-paced digital course on conversational Spanish and grammar. Learners can access practice texts, ebooks, and audio files at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Different categories are grouped into subtopics at each level.

The course offers audio, video, and textual assignments to match each student’s preferred learning approach. You’ll learn Latin American Spanish; a Colombian local will voice all audio files. Use of all resources is free.

#5. Spanish Vocabulary: Meeting People

This free online Spanish course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and pronunciation and help you create a working vocabulary of basic Spanish phrases and idioms.

Through a series of films and interactive activities, you will converse about yourself and explore the cultural backdrop of the Spanish-speaking world.

Interestingly, you can reset deadlines according to your schedule and get a shareable certificate at the end of this free Spanish online course.

#6. Spanish Vocabulary: Cultural Experience

This free online Spanish course will expand on the basic terminology and develop the ability to communicate your likes and dislikes orally and in writing. A visit to the marketplace will also allow you to discover some of the shared cultural experiences of the Spanish-speaking world.

A series of interactive exercises and movies will provide possibilities for practice and further research of the Spanish-speaking world’s cultural backdrop.

#7. The Spain of Don Quixote

This MOOC focuses on Spanish history from the Renaissance to the Baroque periods, when Spanish culture dominated the Western world.

Spain’s monarchs established the world’s first global empire. Things you’ll learn include:

  • Spanish Golden Age History, with Don Quixote as a common thread
  • Everyday life in the 16th and 17th centuries through society and culture
  • Don Quixote’s period as if you lived then, through written and visual sources
  • How values of the Spain of Don Quixote have evolved over the History

#8. Introduction to Spanish – Revised

This free Spanish course online will walk you through the fundamentals of the language and help you learn how to count and use dates in Spanish. You need the basic knowledge to make successful purchases and bookings in Spanish.

Gradually but steadily, this course will take you to the next phase, where you will have a firm grasp of basic Spanish, be the key to understanding the rest of the language, and will make your next conversation with a Spaniard a little more pleasant.

#9. CoffeeBreak Spanish

Radio Lingua Network’s CoffeeBreak language-learning program comprises podcasts and online courses in seven languages: French, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, English, and Swedish.

This free Spanish online course is a podcast series with four seasons of about 15 to 20 minutes, told by an instructor named Mark and a Spanish learner named Kara. With this free online Spanish course, you will receive all the feedback and support you need through the six modules in this class.

#10. Complete Spanish for Beginners

Do you want to learn a new language but aren’t sure where to begin? This course is an excellent place to start if you are new to the Spanish language. You will begin with the fundamentals, such as greetings and numbers.

As you learn, you will be introduced to Spanish sentence structure, making communication easier. In a matter of hours, you would speak Spanish, but that’s if you follow the lessons in this free Spanish course online.

To begin, you’ll be exposed to common vocabulary that will aid in communicating what you’re attempting to translate.

#11. Spanish for Successful Communication in Healthcare Settings

This free online Spanish course is divided into four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of the physician-patient relationship.

Each module contains four lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, spoken interaction dynamics, and sociocultural elements. Unlike traditional “lectures,” in which you listen, the video lessons are interactive. 

Rather, consider them virtual classes where you are expected to reflect, complete assignments, and practice independently. The videos serve as a roadmap for completing the exercises listed on the student handout.

#12. Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization

Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language, after Mandarin, and it is becoming more popular daily. This specialization is for those new to studying a second language and who wish to read, write, and speak Spanish for personal, travel, or business purposes or to learn a new language and gain cultural knowledge.

The specialization comprises four courses that build on previous skills and end in a project that allows students to apply their knowledge and language skills.

#13. How to Speak Well in Public

Every day, it becomes increasingly critical to communicate effectively in public. Contrary to popular assumption, effective public speaking skills are not limited to select professional groups; everyone should conquer stage fright and talk well in front of others. What explains this?

Communicating the desired message effectively, whether for professional or personal goals; presenting personal projects; improving communication with people.

This free Spanish online course takes approximately 11 hours to complete and requires a shareable certificate.

#14. Learn

Do you want to know what resources you have and how well you’re doing in your learning process? Do you want to improve your learning skills so that you can learn more and better?

In LEARN, you will learn and apply the latest study findings on reading processes, information storage, memory retrieval, and processing speed in a straightforward and practical manner. As a result, you’ll be able to apply effective tactics and techniques in your academic, professional, and everyday lives.

Interestingly, this free Spanish online course is subtitled, which can help you understand what you’re learning.

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#15. Correction, Style, and Variations of the Spanish Language

Are you interested in the Spanish language and concerned about its correctness, style, and variations?

Do you want to learn more about the Spanish, Argentine, and American Spanish dialects covered in readable reference texts?

This course aims to activate or improve interest in revising one’s and others’ writings; for the stylistic variations in two versions of GV Higgins and the peninsular and Argentine or American types of the Spanish language in the many versions of JD Salinger.

#16. FluentU

FluentU uses real-world films to immerse students. This Spanish course depends significantly on video-based content, such as music videos, movie trailers, and news, as opposed to typical language-learning systems that mostly use written transcripts and audio.

Quizzes are also available on the platform to help you quickly gain Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation.

This free Spanish course online provides activities and videos for learners of all levels, even though most of the content is above the basic level. Before purchasing a monthly or annual plan, you can join up for a free 14-day trial.

#17. Learn Practical Spanish Online

Learn Practical Spanish Online is a self-paced digital course on conversational Spanish and grammar. Learners can access practice texts, ebooks, and audio files at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Different categories are grouped into subtopics at each level.

The course offers audio, video, and textual assignments to match each student’s preferred learning approach. You’ll learn Latin American Spanish and get access to all audio files. The use of all resources is free.

#18. Duolingo

For English speakers, the popular Duolingo app offers free language learning courses in over 34 languages, including Spanish.

Because it is unlikely to lead to fluency, this app is best suited for those who want to brush up on a language or use it as supplemental learning.

Duolingo is popular among users for its simple, gamified framework. As you finish lessons, you will collect trophies allowing you to progress to the next set of modules. Each module focuses on a different theme, such as grammatical (reflexives, imperfect tense) or thematic (reflexives, imperfect tense) (Arts, Food).

You’ll improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and writing skills as you continue.

#19. Live Lingua

Learners can connect with certified teachers through Live Lingua, a language-learning portal. This online platform provides a personalized experience and offers one-on-one virtual classes with native-speaking teachers who customize curricula for each student.

Learners can also browse ebooks, listen to pre-recorded audio files, and use an online recorder to perfect their pronunciation.

#20. Rosetta Stone

One of the most well-known language-learning programs is Rosetta Stone. Its method entails an immersive curriculum miming a naturalistic approach to language learning through real-life dialogues.

You can work quickly and access lessons from your PC or mobile device.




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